The Sarah Connor Chronicles Review Episode 2-2


Cameron and Sarah take the initiative to investigate a nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, John loses interest in academics, but becomes more popular at school with a new friend’s help.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Review
John Connor cannot be trusted anymore. That is what Cameron tells him at the beginning of tonight’s episode. He risked too much by trying to save her life, if you can call her alive. She is a terminator robot sent back to protect. Last week, her programming malfunctioned, and she also killed John. All is well this week, but things have changed. John has changed this season, and it is easy to tell. He is becoming a harder character.

This week, we see the four move into a new home. They receive a surprise not long after they moved in, another resistance fighter travels through time to warn them about something that happens in two days at the power plant. His dying breath has one name attached to it, Greenway. This sends Derek, Sarah and Cameron to the power plant for research. John returns to school where he meets Riley, a new friend from one of his classes. We also see Dixon having to come clean to his wife about Sarah and the terminators. He is forced to leave.

Sarah soon learns that the reactor at the power plant is going on within the next two days. Sarah continues to talk up Greenway to find out as much as she can about the man. Cameron and Derek also do their own research. They all learn that Greenway is not well liked. He might stop the reactor going online. Meanwhile, John takes Riley back to his new home. When Sarah and the others return, they give a stormy reception to the girl, but John stands up to his mother and Riley stays. She even ends up staying the night.

Sarah returns to her new job at the power plant, and in her time there she ends up crapped up. This is the term they use for radiation poisoning. However, it turns out she wasn’t. The person in charge of the plant says it was a hiccup. While Sarah continues on at the plant, Derek goes to Greenway’s home. He finds Greenway there dead. The Greenway at the plant when the reactor goes online has to be a terminator.

Terminator Greenway sabotages something at the plant, which sets a series of events with the reactor in motion. It heads toward a meltdown. Cameron goes to fight Greenway, while Derek and Sarah try to figure out how to stop the reactor from overheating. Cameron and Sarah kill the terminator, and the meltdown is averted. In the process, Sarah runs through a radioactive room unprotected. This brings up questions about her pending death of cancer. The events at the plant lead to that plant and several others going automated.

Another good episode for this series. This one was a bit slower paced than the one from last week, but we have a new character in Riley who was introduced, and we had some great action in the scenes in the power plant. I am curious to see where this new attitude of John is taking us. We should see more of this in the week’s to come.

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