The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 1 Walkthrough


The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 1 is the sequel to The Several Journeys of Reemus.

"Picking up where the prologue left off, Reemus and Liam journey to meet the King, but things don't go as smoothly as planned. There are two possible endings."
Good Luck!

The Several Journeys of Reemus Ch1 walkthrough, solution, cheats, helpThe Several Journeys of Reemus Ch1 Walkthrough:
Scene 1:
Click the blue tail in the left bottom corner : it’s a snake. Click the left fruit of the tree then the snake

Click the snake: you tie its tail to the root. Click the top green button on the tree : the weird animal move. Click the bottom green button : you re done.

Scene 2 :
Click the stick (bottom left) and use it on the green stone of the well.
Take orange flag on the floor. Take again the stick and put in the floor (bottom right). Click the tree (?). Click the green stone twice : you break the bell
Take the rope and climb the wall

Scene 3 :
Click the orange jumping fish then the green plant. Click the jumping fish again. The big fish should be attached to the plant.

Click the claw and the wall (bottom left) and the water-lilly. Click the claw again twice: the rope is attached to the bucket.

Click yourself and the fish. Click the leafs on the top left plant : the eat the big plant and the bucket goes down. Click the bucket

Scene 4
Click the axe and cut the barricade. Click the axe again and and use it on the chain. Take it.

Click the wheel. Take the axle, the wheel and the chain. Click the chain to attach it to the wheel. Click the wheel

Scene 5
Click the bag then the living chicken. Click a roasted chicken.

Click the small wheel once (the towel is over the wolf. Click the towel. Click the rope close of the wolf tail. Click the barricade and open the door.

Scene 6
Open the door and enter

Start the sharpening wheel. Take the sword put it in fire. Click the hammer. Take the sword and sharpen it. Use the sword on the hook.

Take the spear. Put it on the vise. Take the stick then the hook. Go out and open the way to the attic.

Look at the door at wheel. You can see : “the crow flies at red dawn”. Put crow, rising sun and red color under the arrow. Pull the lever. Take the rope and climb in the attic.

Scene 7
Take the spoon on the cage to release the bird. Have a look on the scroll. Click the box next of the tea pot. Click the bottle to start the cauldron.

Take cheese and make green potion and put it on the floor. The mouse flies on the shelf. Open the box and take pasta. Click the cauldron :you now have a rope.

Make purple potion and use it on the flower : it becomes huge. Make orange potion and use it on the big flower : the bird is now eating seeds on the floor.

Click the bird. Make purple potion and use it on the bird.

That’s it !

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  1. on the last section, you can also make a giant flying mouse by using the cheese and jam then green potion then purple potion

  2. I read somewhere that there is another alternative ending that relates to a switch. True? False? How? Explain your answer with a math equation.

  3. Your exploiting a glitch here. Start up the cauldron, then make the flower big so it knocks over the cage, revealing the switch, put the cheese on the switch, then make a green potion and put it on the mouse staring at the cheese, and then do the rest of the stuff you said. You'll see it makes a lot more sense this way. The alternative involves dipping the cheese in the glue.

  4. I think the gaint mouse is ausome otherwise i didn't quite get the part of putting the green potion on the floor it didn't word for me soi did the alternate ending with the gaint mouse.

  5. how do you do the altrnet ending with the mouse it gets eatted by the big cat.

  6. how do you get the snake?

  7. I cant get past the crow wheel puzzle part

  8. to get secret ending u dont make green potion u click cheese then blue jar. put it on the floor and the mouse will come. use green potion to give it wings then use purple potion on mouse and it grows big...... REALLY BIG.

  9. Couldnt figure out the whole green potion on the floor thing. So I started randomly clicking. and figured out the alternate ending on my own. took me a while but i guess i should have read other peoples comments first hahaha <3 the ending i found


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