Small Samurai Walkthrough


Small Samurai is a point and click adventure game created by Minoto who is also the creator of A Couple of Milky Way, Fireworks of the Summer and Bon Dance.

Small Samurai WalkthroughSmall Samurai Walkthrough:
1.go right and drag stick to the hammer
2.pick up hammer and go left
3.use hammer on all three moles
4.take shovel and go right.
5.use shovel on patch of dirt
6.go right twice and give dirt to the racoon
7.pick up oar and give it to the monkey
8.take pot and examine it to get a bag of pepper
9.fill pot with water
10.go left and pour water in bowl
11.pick up chopsticks from table and go right to pick up the bowl
12.go left twice and use shovel on dirt
13.go left and fill the hole with dirt (repeat until all the holes are covered)
14.go right and pick up needle
15.go left and use needle on boy bowl in water, give him the chopsticks and click on him on boy to put him in your inventory
18.go left and place boy on plate then give the pink monster the bag of pepper
19.pick up the magic hammer
NOTE: there are three endings
End #1 give magic hammer to the girl in front of the house
End #2 pick up small boy and place him next to the girl in front of house
End #3 pick up small boy and give him the magic hammer

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