T2B Escape 3 Walkthrough


T2B Escape 3 is the third chapter of T2B point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

T2B Escape 3 Walkthrough, solution, guideT2B Escape 3 Walkthrough:
take red coin from left side of fireplace
take sheep board and stick from right side of fireplace
go right and click left arm of knight
take elephant board from bottom right of screen
go right and click the right flower stand
take zebra board from behind flower stand
click above door and use stick to take hammer and monkey board from lamp
go right. click under drawer and take tree slices and lion board
use hammer on left side of fireplace. take brick and yellow key
use key on top drawer. take cat board from drawer and read book.
take red key from last page of book and notice the animals and shapes in the book
use red key on second drawer. take matches and put animal boards in box:
monkey-music note
take oil and pull off lid
put wood in fireplace and pour oil on wood
open matchbox and use match on wood
take sword. use sword on picture above fireplace and take dragon picture and blue coin
use matches on dragon picture
click on the left side of the knight and put brick on handle
take shield from knight and put sword in his hands
click his head and take key
take sword again
use key on bottom drawer and take blue coin and pill
open bottle and take out pill. put pill in vase below clock and take green key from flower
use key on clock. take red pill and swing pendulum left and right
left: 8:15
right: 9:00
go to the door and put the red coins in the left flowerstand in the 8:15 positions
put blue coins in right flowerstand in the 9:00 positions
open door and fight dragon
use shield on his fangs
use knife on his eyes and wings (turn on sound)
take paling from under dragon

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