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Terra Realms - Let the Journey Begin is a beautifull game with with mechanical levers, buttons, sliding doors, and other contraptions to manipulate.

Terra Realms WalkthroughTerra Realms Walkthrough:
So, you're having a little trouble. Well you've come to the right place. However we would encourage you not to depend on the hints for the answers, as you will have much more enjoyment figuring out the puzzles for yourself. This page provides very basic help. For more extensive help, click on the subtitles below.

General Help
Start by being very observant. Look around. One of the best ways to find things is to just spin completely around (Don't get dizzy). Depending on where you are, it may require up to four clicks in the same direction to see everything around you. Watch the cursor carefully! It is a visual clue indicating how much you are about to turn, either 90 or 180 degrees. If you are at a dead end you may just back up a step.

The Forest
Have you found that there are two caves as well as the puzzle room? If you have found the table with the puzzle pieces, you must now know how to arrange them on the board. Did you look up in the small cave? Solving the puzzle will open the larger cave.

The Cave
There is more than one door here. One door is blocked, but has something you need to open the other door.

The Utility Room
This room provides temporary power so that you can enter the Mixing room. Can you find the breaker switch? You're getting warm when next to the water cooler.

The Mixing Room
The code is on the shelf. Count the pots.

When you get it right the pod stays on. Don't forget to turn on the last valve to irrigate the roots.

The Maze
Just wander around a little, you'll figure it out. Hey, you just finished the Mixing puzzle right, how hard can a maze be? It's really just a long hall with a couple of dead ends. You will eventually find an elevator.

The Secret Round Room
The power lever must be on to access the secret rooms.

That's it. You did it.

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