Truck Escape Walkthrough


Truck Escape is a point and click escape the room game.

"Some bad guys have kidnapped you and are going to bury you in the desert. You have to escape the truck before they get you out to the sand and kill you"
Good luck!

Truck Escape Walkthrough:
1. Click on the nail on the floor SEVERAL TIMES to unlock handcuff
2. Click on the little brown dot next to the left box to receive a hammer
3. Click on the right box to get a radio and a gun (you may ignore this item as you will not be using this in the game)
4. Then use hammer on those 4 nails to unlock the panel on the foor
5. Go down the panel. Use hammer on the lock on that long box undernath the truck to receive a bag and a bar
6. Open green bag and get a map, note the deadend sign
7. Turn on the radio and place it on the stairs
8. Use bar on window by moving it around the driver to get his netvigator and move red dot to that deadend place.
9. Now put the netvigator back to its original place
10. Switch the radio off and go back to the trunk by clicking on the X mark
11. Click on the small box to receive sumo suit.
12. Click on the window inside the trunk and watch the ending.
13. And you are now free

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