Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough


Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 is the sequel of Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.3 point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough, solution, guide, cheatsTwelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough:
2. Click sofa. Collect black Card on right.
3. Click left cushion. Collect ball.
4. Turn Right
5. Click top ornament, click top of ornament. Collect Ball
6. Click middle ornament, click right pole. Collect Ball
7. Click bottom ornament. Collect Tail
8. Click top of left upright. Collect Green Key
9. Return to sofa. Under sofa collect key using tail.
10. Return to shelves, open box. Collect Globe.
11. Turn to door view. Click Statue. Collect Ball on right scale.
12. Click right box. Open. Collect Globe
13. Turn to Wall and Circles view. ‘Check Item’ the globes, match to boxes.
14. Door view, click top box, on wall on left (lightswitch)
15. Wall with Globes view. Collect Globe in Middle. Click Red Button.
16. Click light switch.
17. Add third Globe to remaining box.
18. Click Light switch. Turn to third globe. Click picture, Collect Key.
19. Sofa – far right corner, Collect ball
20. Click Light switch
21. Open Final box with red key. Collect Ball and Card (in lid on left)
22. Turn to wall with the two globes. Insert balls to picture (will only go one way)
23. Go to Door Type in ‘nebula’ press input. Door opens

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  1. I love these Escape-The Room Games!

    When you say "click top of upright" where on the bottom ornament do you mean?


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