Basement Escape Walkthrough


Basement Escape is a new point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are trapped in a basement and you need to find items and clues in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Basement Escape WalkthroughBasement Escape Walkthrough:

Go to box on left, get hammer and code off wine bottle = 1341965

Open fridge and get screwdriver

Get floaties from under surfboard and put on top of water heater

Get key from under tv set box and unplug tv set

Put code in security box

Use key to get battery from clock

Immediately look on wall for a line, click it to get second key

Use screwdrive on tv to get bulb, put with battery

Use screwdriver to fry wiring until you get the lights off.

turn on lightbulb

put floaties on the floor

Use hammer in yellow part of pipe until is broken.

float to top use key on window.

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  1. Hi! Nice site. Exchange links here?


  2. i cant find the screwdriver!!!! help!!! what is it behind/infront/next to??!!!

  3. He is in the fridge behind/between the first and the second coke tin from left in the upper fridge!!! I hope that will help you.

  4. how do u get the code to the security box?

  5. where is the line for the secret door????

  6. heyy! nice site umm, bit stuk on the last bit, getting the battery from the clock, i inserted i but now what?!?! :-D


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