The Cliff Escape Walkthrough


The Cliff Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from Gamershood.

You are trapped in a cave and you need to find items and clues in order to escape.
Good Luck!

The Cliff Escape WalkthroughThe Cliff Escape Walkthrough:
get 2 stones from the left and the middle of the wall on the floor.

drag the big one on the skull.

get the pipe from the skeleton from the part of the skull'S

get the yellow bullet from the skeleton (click down of the chest)

get the flintstone from the left of the cave entrence.

on the cave screen there is a green emerald on the floor.

click at the right bottom of the same screen and get a knife.

combine knife and the flintstone.

burn the woods left side of the skeleton with knife and flintstone combination.

put the pipe on the fire.

add the bullet to the fire equipment.

you will hear a noise.

put the emerald on the hole at the wall.

put the stone too on the emerald hole and turn the valve.

click the valve several times to see the door on the cave wall.

click the door and get a parachute.

click the parachute an jump out of the cave.

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