¿Dónde la cosa está? Walkthrough


Buscando also know as ¿Dónde la cosa está? is a point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by findin items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

¿Dónde la cosa está? WalkthroughDónde la cosa está - Buscando Walkthrough:
get the stone on the floor.

get the knife next to the green cabinet.

get the pen next to the trash can.

cut the place with lines in the drawer emptiness.

get the paper "asoleh"

paint the 2 cats with pen.

click the green cabinet's right side with stone. there is "cut" on it.

click the smiley face to see the code panel on the wall. (use knife)

"ASOLEH" is the middle 4 letters (think "SOLE" digital and backward.) means 3705.

enter 3705 on the wall.

get the case.

there are numbers in the safe like telephone numbers.

enter "911" then press #

... will be written at the bottom of the game.

go to the door and click with the case.

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