German Room Escape Walkthrough


German Room Escape is a Japanese room escape game.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

German Room Escape WalkthroughGerman Room Escape Walkthrough:
get the blue big vase on the cabinet. (about item it there is "5" under it)

get a thin paper from th middle light green book on the bookshelf.

get the girl painting on the wall. (about item it there are chineese word on the right side of it)

enter "89" on the gray safe in front of the desk and get scissors. (for one moment you will see "4" after getting scissors)

cut the rope on the cabinet witrh scissors (left of the door) and get a key thing.

open the cabinet , on the right of the bookshelf with the key.

and get a knife.

cut the place on the wall which we got painting before.

see the code thing.

get the photo of the bookshelf on the floor.

put the vase on the game table .

you will see another code place on the bed screen.

there are 3 paintings in the room. numbers on it 17-6-9 but one of them is not upright.

so the code for the panel 1799.

get the lion and the 2nd part of the thin paper. (for one moment you will see "3")

enter the code "3745" on the safe near the door.

get a violin.

put it on the panel next to the door.

see the symbols.

switch the buttons of the symbol :

A looks like the P
G looks like the square
G looks like the square
E looks like up arrow
C looks like the 'n'

the door will open and you are free

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