Gym Escape Walkthrough


Gym Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from the creator of Office Room Escape.

You went to the gym to exercise, but unfortunately got trapped inside. You will have to find way out. Use objects found in the gym to escape.
Good luck!

Gym Escape WalkthroughGym Escape Walkthrough:
1. Take rods from the floor.
2. Catch the lines on the wall and click the end of the line.
3. Turn the shuts down.
4. Get the key from the treadmill.
5. Take a saw in front of the lad machine.
6. Open the cabinet with the key.
7. Take a cable and a knife.
8. Cut the heavy bag with knife and take second key.
9. Open the other side of the drawer and get a metal rod.
10. Combine saw with cable.
11. Cut the poster on the wall. (blue swimsuit man.) with the knife. (click upper right first then upper left of the poster.)
12. Shut down the switch.
13. Put the saw where the poster drop (left side)
14. Click the plug to charge.
15. Click the left side of the stationary bike (middle left)
it will move right and you ll see a vent.
16. Click the bars left side of the room
17. Turn on the switches we shut down before.
18. Cut the bars with the saw which seems right corner.
19. Click the rod on the fencing to break down. (break twice)
get a handle
20. Combine the metal rod with the handle.
21. Use your screwdriver on the vent and go out.

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  1. I love these games although they take some some serious time out of my day. Never a bad thing if I'm at work.

  2. i can't put the saw when i click on it the screen becomes big


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