Halloween Walkthrough


Halloween is a new point and click from Minoto.

In this game, you need to search for finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

Halloween WalkthroughHalloween Walkthrough:
get the shovel.

get the flower.

click the little hill on the next screen with the shovel.

get the paint.

get the flower

get the white wood.

get the 2nd white wood.

get the witch hat.

give the hat to the witch.

get the pumpkin.

put the pumpkin on the bear's head.

combine the white woods and get a cross.

put the cross on the hole we made.

put the flowers on the grave.

get the garlic.

paint the cat with the paint and get a lever.

put the lever on its place.

click lever 1 and 3 down.

get the chain.

put the chain on the coffin.

click the garlic on the vampire.

get his mantle.

give it to the bear.

click on the bear.

candy end

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