Hostel Room Escape Walkthrough


Hostel Room Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from 123bee.

You are trapped in a room and you need to find the key to escape.
Search for clues and items.
Good Luck!

Hostel Room Escape WalkthroughHostel Room Escape Walkthrough:
1.Grab poster and 2 pieces of tape from back of mirror.

2.Get the envelope under the mat of the door with the key hole.

3.Get pushpins from flowers to by the couch (2 different decorations).

4.Get the silver key from right below the middle pillow on the couch.

5.Get candy wrapper from trash can.

6.Get gold key from the top left of the clock.

7.Use gold key on top left drawer and get paper weight.

8.Use silver key on bottom right drawer and get gift wrapping paper.

9.Put the poster, envelope, candy wrapper, wrapping paper, push pins, and tape together for collage.

10.Use the paper weight to smash the clock and get the needle.

11.Go to the door with the key hole and push collage under bottom left of door.

12.Zoom on key hole and use the needle to push key out.

13.Pull the collage back through and get key, open door

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