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Brand new games were just published at CafeCafeGames. Enjoy playing the best free online games of the web.

Straw Hat SamuraiGame: Straw Hat Samurai
Category: Action games

A stylish samurai game where you attack enemies by drawing sword strokes with your mouse. Reminded me the Star Wars Force Unleashed for iPhone movements.

Talesworth ArenaGame: Talesworth Arena
Category: Adventure & RPG games

Gain experience and gold by defeating opponents in the Talesworth Arena. Use your gold to purchase new skills and artifacts that will help you defeat more powerful enemies. Extremely addicting game, be warned.

Blackbeards AssaultGame: Blackbeard's Assault
Category: Puzzle & Skill games

A pirate-themed arcade puzzler similar to Zuma. Use your multiple cannons to fire cannonballs into the moving chain of balls. Destroy balls by connecting three or more of the same color. You lose a life if any ball reaches the end of the path. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Switch between cannons by pressing space bar or clicking them.

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