The Nymph's House Walkthrough


The Nymph's House is a point and click escape the room game.

Find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

The Nymph's House WalkthroughThe Nymph's House Walkthrough:
1. Open right side pink cabinet to get candle no.1
2. Go right. click on bread, plate and cloth (in middle). Collect puzzle piece #1. Click down on same table to get puzzle piece #2. Click on chair, you will find blue square no.2
3. Go right screen. On sink click in centre. Open right side drawer to find a cover thingy. Click about item to open it and whoa! you get a spoon.
4. Same screen open green cabinet and take soda. Click about item and click on spoon to get soda on spoon. Notice Milk with no.3. Click on left of green cabinet to get a big spoon and notice No.5 in Triangle. Also notice Oven where we need to put 5 signs.
5. Go right again. Click on dolls on top shelf. Notice the purple moon with no.1 on doll #1. Click on top of book shelf and get pliers and notice no.4 in red circle.
6. Go back left to sink screen. Click oven. Put signs in following order, Purple moon, Blue square, Yellow house, red circle and green triangle. Button flashes green. click door and get candle no.2. Click sink again. CLick gas stove and light both candles.
7. Go to right to bookshelf screen. click on candle stand in grey. put both lit candles on stand and drawer opens to given coin. also note the numbers on the other drawers. Put the coin in snowman and get sugar. Click on left side on bookshelf to know how to make key. Click on big spoon, sugar and soda. get key.
8.Use key on left cabinet to main door to get puzzle piece #3. Now go left to screen of girl and a fallen thing. Click on fallen thing. Click pliers and get rope.
9. Go to screen of witch and bird. Click on rope and tie the witch to get key to cage.
10. Open cage. Click on bird. Follow sequence of boxes on which bird sits. They turn purple if you have clicked right. Get the last puzzle piece #4.
11. Click on right screen of picture on wall. Input the code from drawer, in my case it was 5872531, dunno if its same for all. Put puzzle pieces and get key. Go to main door...Happy ending!

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