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Soul Core is a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Sphere Core.

The sequel to the Core escape games. This new adventure brings the whole story together, revealing the truth behind the core project, and that it is up to you to save the planet!
Good Luck!

Soul Core WalkthroughSoul Core Walkthrough:

- Press the Ready button after read the description.
- Turn left twice until you see a triangular statue, then go forward.
- Click the inner triangle. The statue will open and reveal an orb and a pattern inside. Pick up the orb.
- Take note of the pattern and what parts are and aren't filled in.
- Return to the courtyard and turn left. Move forward in front of the square statue.
- Input the same pattern you saw in the triangle onto the square by clicking on the little squares to make them change color. Once you have the correct pattern the square will open.
- Collect another sphere and the mallet from inside the square. Return to the courtyard.
- Turn left twice until you see a sphere statue. Approach it and use the mallet on the inner circle and it will fall in. Retrieve the last sphere.
- Return to the courtyard and turn right once until you face the building. Approach it.
- Place the three spheres in the three holes of the wall. Two slots have two lines coming out of them, and one has three lines coming out of it. Place the two spheres with right angles on them in the two slots with two lines coming out of them. Place the sphere with the straight line on it in the other slot.
- Turn the spheres until the lines on them connect with the lines by the slots. Now turn the inner and outer rings so there becomes a line between the two circles outside the grid. When you think you've got it, push the button on the right. The doors will open if you are correct. Keep trying if not.
- Once the doors are open go inside. You'll be faced with a little mini-map.
- Go to the office 1. Click and drag the plant to the right in order to gain access to the mirror. Look in it and you can note your eye and hair color. I'm not sure, but I think the clone you will make later needs the same eye and hair color to reach 100%, but then again I'm not sure.
- Open the drawer and read the memo. You'll need the date later so take notes. You can also browse the alien data on the computer if you wish. Animal data has an error and human data is locked.
- Go to the store room and retrieve the purple VR gem, a blue data crystal, and a power capsule. Read the memo and take note of the last two dates.
- Go to the office 2. Take the yellow VR gem off the shelf to the left. Check the computer and record the numbers for the canteen, the park, and the sphere statue.
- Go to the temporal lab. Use the canteen location you recorded and put it into the bar above. Then place the last date you recorded from the log you found in the store room. Please note that you place in the numbers as you found them, no extra zeros required.
- Activate the machine. You should see a piece of a room with a sink. Open the cabinet under it and grab the key. Reset the machine.
- Now place in the sphere statue location and the second date from the list in the storage room. Activate the machine and you should see the statue and a toolbox. Open the toolbox and claim the fuse. Reset the machine.
- Place in the location of the park and the date from the pad you found in the drawer in office 1. Activate the machine. There will be a tree and at its base, there will be a scrap of paper. Pick it up. Reset the machine if you want.
- Go back to the storage room and use the key on the toolbox. Retrieve the spare laser.
- Go to the office 1. In the computer terminal select 'human data'. You will be prompted to input a code. Click the paper scrap you found by the tree in your inventory. It will show up in the upper left corner. Put in the number you see and press the button to open the file. Click the piece of paper to make it vanish.
- Place your crystal square on the screen and wait for the information to download. When it does, pick up the crystal again.
- Go to the Soul Energy Generator room. Activate the machine. You'll see the lasers firing and eventually a ball of energy will appear. Open the slot in the bottom of the machine with a button and place in the power core. Close the slot and tell the machine to send the energy to it.
- Go to the clone room. Place the crystal square on the computer terminal. It will ask you eye color and hair color. I believe in order to achieve 100%, the clone must have the same features as you do, which you check by using the mirror in the office 1. Input the data.
- Zoom back out to view the whole chamber. Open the slot at the bottom of the machine and place the power core. Activate the machine. After a while you will see a clone floating in the water.
- Activate the machine again and the energy from your core will enter the clone. Wait a while and your clone will be awake and ready to receive orders. First, though, open the slot and take back your power core.
- Go back to the SE Generator. Click on the panel on the right side of the machine. Remove the blown fuse and add your new one. Rearrange the fuses so both power outputs = 70.
- Place the power core back in the machine and activate it once again. Put the energy in the core, remove the core, return to the clone room, place the core in the machine, activate the machine, wait, remove the core, and return again to the SE Generator.
- Click the broken laser to remove it. Replace it with your spare. Fill up the power core again and give the energy to the clone once more.
- Now that that's over, tell your clone to go to the VR chamber and follow after. Tell her to sit. After that lower the machine's visor and place in the purple gem. Activate the machine.
- (Optional) Doing this will net you an extra 5% soul. Soul is displayed on the panel in the VR room. When the clone is in the machine and learning, there will be a timer. Frantically look around the whole map, even outside and by the statues to find a glowing symbol. When you do, return to the VR chamber and give it to the girl. You have until the clock finishes to do this.
- After she finishes the first VR training, insert the yellow gem and repeat the process. Again, explore the map to find another floating symbol. Give it to the girl for another 5% soul bonus.
- Once she is finished, tell her to go to the Prism Lab. Follow her, open the door, tell her to get in, close the door. Before activating, note the observation room. Now, activate the machine. There will be another glowing symbol somewhere on the map. Find it, return to the observation room, and give it to her for that last bit of soul. When the timer finishes, return to the VR room. It will tell you her current soul level. If it's at 90%, congrats, when you talk to her outside, you will have a perfect ending. If not, try again.
- Go outside and face the triangle statue. You'll see the clone. Talk to her and tell her she's ready. If you got perfect soul, you will receive the 'cute end'. Otherwise the game is over and you've beaten it. Congratulations.

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  2. wtf... what year are you supposed to put in the coordinates?

  3. what year are you supposed to put into the machiene give us the number

  4. its 2733, it says on the memo note

  5. i got a glitch. when i finished the soul rating never stopped going up and i couldnt talk to her.i quit when it got to 1065 percent :/


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