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Tactics 100 Live is an online multiplayer strategy game. Build a squadron of knights, archers, wizards, and mages, and take on your opponent in a true game of skill.

In Tactics 100 you can spend time carefully crafting your custom team, or jump right into the action with a default team. Tactics 100 is fairly deep, but not too deep. Just perfect for a flash game. Meaning there’s advantages to be had if you study the game’s mechanics, but you wont get destroyed by a pro player if you’re new to the game. There’s a lot to this game, so I’ll try to give an overview. Obviously, it’s one team versus another. The action works in turn-based format, where every turn you decide where your units move and what they do. Knights are good for close range battle, Archers for long range, Wizards for mid range, and Mages are for… well… healing. Each has their own set of stats regarding health, range, speed, and attack power. These can all be tweaked in the custom team screen. For example if you plan to keep your Wizard in the back, you can give him some extra range in trade for lower health.

Tactics 100 online game
What gives this game its depth however are the many circumstances that affect attack damage. If you hit from behind, or have already killed someone (veteran bonus) your attack will inflict more damage. However if you move before attacking (fatigue), have an obstructed shot, or are shielded, your attack will do less. There are also last ditch attacks (your character attacks while at low health), and chained attacks, which the Wizards can perform. So as you play, it’s very important to keep an eye on the whole board. Sure, you can sneak in to attack that archer, but will it leave you open to a back attack?

The graphics are detailed but slightly pixilated, making them look like a nice SNES game. Each character has a full range of animations and angles, so quite a bit of time was spent creating each one. It would have been nice to see some kind of background elements, but I suppose that helps keep it less cluttered. Music and sfx fit perfectly, and music can be toggled, so no complaints there.

Due to the game being so popular, finding a match/connecting to the server can be quite hard. It’s not too bad though, because you can play the single player mode (which has pretty good AI). However the problem there is that your progress isn’t tracked. So if you get to level 5 (of 10) and want to quit, you have to start all over again. If we could at least save progress I wouldn’t mind missing out on multiplayer matches, but it makes things a little repetitive. Aside from that though, this game is fantastic.

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