Turning Burning - TTC Episode 3 Walkthrough


Turning Burning - TTC Episode 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Zibumi.

In this game, you need to find items and solve some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Turning Burning - TTC Episode 3 Walkthrough
Turning Burning - TTC Episode 3 Walkthrough:
get knife, matches, pipe and gas can from the box near the house.

get some sand from the hole outside.

get the rose from the sheep. (if you put it on the pot you cant make the glass)

put gas on the woods and light them.

put sand on the fire then the pipe.

click the lower part of the pipe for a long time to pump the glass.

after 6th growing cut the glass with knife.

put the rose in the pot then the glass to enter the house.

2nd part (the room)

get plate .

get yellow candle on the shelf.

get the paper on the green books (first green book)

get tape and gloves from the tool box.

get the oil can.

turn on the little valve and click thee place with tape where the clouds coming.

dirt the gloves in the white paint can and click cactus to get the 1st form.

put the plate on the bunsen burner.

place the candle in the plate and light up the bunsen burner with matches.

the candle will melt. get the 2nd form.

put some pil on the big valve to come water from the sink.

put water in the plate and empty it on the glass vase to take the 3rd form. (you have to do this several times to bring the form on the surface.)

get the 3rd form from the vase.

break the light blue glass on the door and put the forms to the places on the door.

click yellow, blue, and red glasses in order to appear the key hole.

click on the bunsen burner with the paper.

see the symbols and note them.

count the symbols in the room.(ex: pyramid painting, sink pipe, painting cans, bookshelf, other painting on the left of the shelves, flower pots, black board, calender and tool panel on the wall.)

enter the code you found to the safe (everyone has different codes)

get the paper in the safe.

there are some hints to find the place of the key in the paper.

1.periodic calender
2.blue book
3.plant (left )
4.zibumi calender

find the key and click the key hole with the key.

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  1. Nice game. I like it. Need some more games.

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  3. i got to the bit where you blow through the pipe... i've been blowing for about 3 years!!! I need help... how long till something happens??


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