Wooden Path


Wooden Path it’s a logic game mainly based on blocks’ sliding with many extra features such as teleports, switches, special blocks and more. It contains a tutorial and two maps of different difficulty with a total of 52 levels. The latest levels from adventurer’s map can be really hard to finish.

Wooden Path WalkthroughAnyone who has ever tried to ford a stream by heaving huge rocks into it will surely appreciate a drier and less strenuous alternative. Enter: Wooden Path, an attractive, isometric block-shifting puzzle game about patience, spacial skills, and not getting your feet wet. All you have to do is position the wooden blocks so that they form an unbroken path from one bank to the other.

Other types of blocks will mostly get in your way, but sometimes you'll need to use them for special purposes. Colored gates must be connected by pieces of the corresponding color in order to make blockades disappear. Golden star blocks will vanish when you bring all of them in contact with each other. Some levels feature independent regions linked by teleportation, and I don't know why, but it gives me a kick to see a long chunk of bridge slide into one portal and come out the other portal rotated 90 degrees. That's just neat.

Some levels can look overwhelming at first, crammed with dozens of blocks of different types and sizes. The key is to solve individual sections of the puzzle one at a time, and tackle problems in sequence. There aren't a lot of tricks after you learn the basics—just pure, solid puzzle-solving, with the incessant twitter of birds in the background... which I'm sure is meant to be relaxing, but after about five puzzles, I was grateful for the option to silence the little darlings.

Wooden Path includes more than 50 levels, divided into two difficulty maps and a score of individual regions. Whenever you reach a new island, you get access to all the bridges connected to it, which strikes me as a really clever and gratifying method of unlocking new levels. In the end, this is just a bunch of block puzzles, but the serene setting and the long, rectangular shape of the puzzles give the game its own character. A lovely way to while away some time indoors, and this way, you don't run the risk of slipping on some wet moss and ruining your "waterproof" cell phone. Waterproof, my Aunt Bethany's kiester.

Thanks to: Jay is Games

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  2. The wooden path game is very interested to play.Each and every level is very difficult to play the game.The logic of each level in the game is very difficult.well game well thinking.


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