Archiveroom Escape Walkthrough


Archiveroom Escape is a new point and click escape the room game.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Archiveroom Escape Walkthrough, solution, cheats, codes, helpArchiveroom Escape Walkthrough:
1. Go to room under camera. Click on last book (bookshelf on left, 2nd row.) Collect scissors.

2. Pick up chair in the same room.

3. Go out to main hallway where clock is, then click on the red box on the wall.. use scissors to collect key.

4. Go to hallway with tv. Use key on right cabnets bottom one. Collect remote.

5. Go to trashcan (same hallway as #4) collect video casset.

6. Go to hallway that has an exit door (says cikis) then turn the lights out. You see a white box on the wall. Turn lights back on. Put the chair underneath the white box. The click over the box and switch the tv control to on.

7. Go back to tv hallway then click remote then the tv. The tv turns on. Note the collors on the tv screen { yellow, light blue, green. pink, red, purple} remember those colors.

8. Go over to the locked room opposite the camera. Go to the keypad. Thent type the colors in from the tv. {140953}

9. Go in the room put the video casset in the vcr player. Then watch the video. See how the bookshelf moves creating a secret room.

10. In this room, click on right of bookshelf, (take hammer)

11. Click on hammer, then click on the door handle. To recieve door handle.

12. Go out to hallway, with clock. Click on clock and change the time to 7:25. The secret door opens. Go inside.

13. Click under bed. And you'll see between bed and trashcan you'll see a triangle. Click it.

14. Click on picture between bed and wall.

15. Go back to hallway with tv. Put handle on cabnet opposite tv. Collect light bulb.

16. Go back to secret room, anfd use hammer on trap door.

17. When you go in, it's dark. Use light bulb on ceilling.

18. Click on rod behinnd chest. Put rod up chimney. To collect another triangle.

19. Look in picture you see by the rod the bricks look diffrent than in the room. So take hammer and break the bricks above the chest. Collect another triangle.

20. Collect key from chest. Then go back to the hallway where the chair is, use key on door..

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