Ely Walkthrough


Ely is a new point and click type escape the room game.

You are trapped in a House and you need to save the girl before escaping.
Good Luck!

Ely Walkthrough, solution, codeEly Walkthrough:
1. Turn left or right two times (jump over two screens by pressing triangle arrow).
2. On the right side of the door You can see a blinking point. This is a light switch. Click on it. It will be easier to find some items. :)
3. Turn around to start position.
4. Click on the poster in front of you.
5. Some scrap fall with the poster. Take it.
6. Click on the laptop.
7. On the left side of the computer you can find a paper. Take it.
8. Now combine two scraps.
9. OK, you have a password (aarah). Write it on the computer and press ENTER.
10. Take a white key.
11. Come back to view from center of the room and look on the wall with cardboard box, wooden box and "Crying boy" poster.
12. Click on the left corner of the room.
13. There is a blue hiding place. Take a blue key.
14. Move back and click on the cardboard box. Here is another key, red one.
15. Approach to the wooden box.
16. Take a key and click on the tie. There are four locks.
17. Put keys in sequence (from top to bottom) white, blue, green, red.
18. Take green diary and key. Come back to cardboard box.
19. There is a box inside. You can open it using a key you found.
20. Take the scrap.
21. Go to the blue hiding place, enter rhe code: 12011994 and click "OK".
22. Take the key and use it on the padlock in the door.
23. In the new room you can find a hatch with padlock. Click on the padlock.
24. You need a code again. This is the code: 23146.

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  1. :O So was she killed by her brother or her boyfriend? o-o

    I'm very confused.


  2. @Regal Banefield She was killed by her uncle. There was a picture that had "I love you uncle" written on it in green paint near the front door.


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