Escape Day 2 For Rescue walkthrough


Escape Day 2 walkthroughEscape Day 2 is the long awaited sequel to Escape Day online point and click Escape the Room game.

Finally we finished the walkthough for Escape Day 2. Enjoy.

Escape Day 2 - For Rescue walkthrough

1 - Open the bottom drawer of the blue desk.
2 - Take the drawer off.
3 - Get the pliers.
4 - Get the yellow thing from the board.
5 - Cut the wires of the refrigerator with the pliers and take a bottle.
6 - Get the glasses from the top drawer of the gray desk.
7 - Get the hose from the bottom drawer of the gray desk.
8 - Get a cylinder behind the printer machine.
9 - Take the water tank's covers off.
10 - Combine them with the hose.
11 - Take back the hose and click on the right tank.
12 - Get the cheese from the box.
13 - Click cheese and then the bottle to pour something on the cheese.
14 - Put the cheese in front of the mouse hole.
15 - Take a tour in the room and check the mouse hole again.
16 - Get the key from the hole.
17 - Open the top drawer of the blue desk and get a pencil under the pink book, and take the broken glasses.
18 - Take the coffee pot from the coffee machine.
19 - Write on the notebook at the desk with the pencil. see: flc8188
20 - Use pliers on both glasses. take off the glasses.
21 - Enter the code "flc8188" on the pc at the top. then write "orange" under. click enter.
22 - Go back to the mouse hole.
23 - Your mouse finished its dinner.
24 - Put the bottle in front of the mouse. go back from the screen twice.
25 - Get the tape from the hole.
26 - Combine 2 glasses with the tape.
27 - Combine ace glass with the yellow cylinder. then click it with the tape.
28 - Now combine the other glasses with the brown cylinder then click on it with the tape again. Now we have 2 cylinders with glasses.
29 - Click the brown cylinder then click on it with the yellow cylinder. We have a telescope now.
30 - Look out from the window with the telescope and see the paper on the tree closer.
31 - Go back to pc and open the "open" brief.
32 - Enter 5687 as code. the bathroom door will open.
33 - Click the coffee pot to the sink and put water in it.
34 - Empty the water to the coffee machine and get a white ball.
35 - Go back to bathroom and solve the puzzle on the wall.
36 - Click the switch under the puzzle to start working the air condition.
37 - Go back to the room and get the card on the water tank
38 - Put the coffee pot on the machine and have some hot water.
39 - Turn back to the bathroom door and turn off the lights.
40 - Click the hot water on the window and get a paper.
41 - Put the paper on the printer and click on the pc.
42 - Turn back to the printer and get back the paper with the codes on it.
43 - Click the card on the code panel in the bathroom.
44 - See the numbers on the window: 6,2 7.2 7.5 6,1
45 - The code for the door is 3258.
46 - Enter the code on the main door panel and escape.

Thanks to all the people at the spanish speaking site Juegos De Escape

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