Mesiria RPG series


Mesiria is a very nice RPG online game with 3 released chapters so far. The graphic level of the game increased with every new chapter and the script is really interesting.

While we wait for Mesiria chapter 4, you can enjoy the previous incarnations of the game.

Mesiria walkthroughGame: Mesiria chapter 1
Category: Adventure games

Description: Play as a sailor on his journey from a humble village to a prestigious university. Creatively crafted story and game-play.

Mesiria RPGGame: Mesiria chapter 2
Category: Adventure games

Description: Continue the journey of Gustave as he survives in the previous part and arrives in a city called Plania, cold and tired.

Mesiria AdventureGame: Mesiria chapter 3
Category: Adventure games

Description: Gustav has now left Plania, where he has been witness of strange phenomenons. After having freed the train passengers who were abducted by a mechanic creature, he knew that he had to report this to the university as soon as he could.

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