Phoenix Gate Walkthrough


Phoenix Gate is a new point and click escape the room game from the creator of Twelve Dragon's Room.

Again, you are locked in a room and you need to find items and clues in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Phoenix Gate WalkthroughPhoenix Gate Walkthrough:
1. Get the golden feather from the right side of the step.
Enter the other room.
2. Get a "h" ball from the right gray statue.
3. Get an orannge key from the left statue stand. (click left side of the stand)
4. Open the orande chest with the key and get another golden feather.
5. Click on the left arm of the left golden statue and get "x" ball.
6. Go to laser screen and get the "o" ball from the right food of the laser column.
Throw both feathers on the both laser lamps to stop the laser..
Get the spear of the warrior.
7. Click the spear to the big flame on the wall to open the next room door.
There are graves in it.
8. Click on the balls in front of rightest grave. (the top black ball)
Get a different ball with a picture on it.
9. Put it on the circle near the door in the dark room.
The lights will turn on.
If you click on the red point on the floor, the transpotation is possible with the first room.
Turn back to the last room and turn right.
10. Get the "e" ball from the foot of the right pink statue.
At the same screen click on the left side of the right fire.
Get the red key.
11. Open the red chest with the key and get "p" ball.
Turn back to the graves.
12. Click on the 2nd grave's left side and get a ball "n"
Turn back to volcano door screen.
13. Click the right side of the door and get the "i" last ball.
14. Put the balls on the door at the first room. start with orange ball.
put it on the top, then the others, but dont pull the lever.
15. Turn back to the last room and and get the blue statue.
16. Click the blue statue on the black warrior at the laser room.
They will combine.
17. Turn back again the last room.
18. Click the statue to the top golden step. the statue will seperate and its color will change to yellow.
19. Go back to the door we put the balls on it.
20. Put the statue on the door and pull the lever to escape with "best end"

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