Showroom Walkthrough


This is a Walkthrough for Showroom point and click type escape the room game.

In this game, you need to escape the room by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Showroom Walkthrough, solution, cheats, code, helpShowroom Walkthrough:
1. Get the disc from the top of the corkscrew statue (at right of initial view).
2. Move right once, get the white ball from the box in the wall.
3. Go to statue that looks like tree with hanging balls on a green square, use disk on switch in the base to turn it on.
4. Move right one statue. The colors in the top of the statue change based on the colors pressed on the statue. (orange green purple blue green) This gives you the hex tool.
5. Use hex tool on brick wall. Get brick grid and see buttons that can be changed.
6. Find purple bull's eye statue, note the codes from outside to inside. Use on brick wall. Outside=top.
7. Click handle, get silver ball and green piece.
8. Attach green piece to green statue, read the word "art".
9. Put word "art" into base of statue with red and glass (center of first view). Push the button and get the key.
10. Note the up arrow. Go up and get orange ball out of red/glass statue.
11. Look at rays of sun in picture. The ray lengths are 2 3 3 2 1 from left to right.
12. Use key to remove glass top from statue.
13. Pull handles of statue from under glass to get the copper ball. Left to right is the same as the sun picture. Handles start at position 1, pull 1 time for "2" and 2 times for "3".
14. Go to door in the base of corkscrew statue. Look at Orange ball, and see that there is a key inside. With Orange ball still selected, click lock and get gold ball.
15. Go to door in the base of "tree" statue that gave colors in number 3. Look at silver ball, and see that there is a key inside. With silver ball still selected, click lock and get red ball.
16. Go to unopened box in wall (near green "art"). Look at red ball, and see that there is a square inside. With red ball still selected, click lock and get amber ball.
17. Go to sun picture. Note the words "gas" and "crow" match the inital letters of the colors of the balls. (Gold Amber Silver, Copper Red Orange White).
18. There is also a white word center and universal street sign "no" symbol with 2 lines. Switch the second letter of each word to get Gold Red Silver, Copper Amber Orange White.
19. Go to the big siver door and put the balls in the order determined in steps 17/18, the group of 4 on the row with 4 spaces, the group of three for the three spaces.
20. Click door handle and escape.
21. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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  1. Actually the order of the balls is determined by the back of the brick grid you get. It shows two lines. Blue for crow and red for gas. However the outcome is the same ^^


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