Locked Forever 8 walkthrough


Locked for ever 8 walkthrough solucion cheats codes helpPlay Locked Forever 8.
The Locked Forever 8 Walkthrough.

Take the key from the tree.
Take a key form the purple slipper.
Go to the right.
Click on the left seam of the sofa and take the key.
Click on the fireplace's right side and take the knife.
Use the knife on the square at the right of the fireplace. Take the key that hides in it.
Take the key under the tablecloth.
Go to the right.
Click on the coat rack, and use the knife on the second stick, and you'll find the screwdriver in a hidden hole.
Use the screwdriver to open the cabinet's drawer, you'll find a ball, hit it with the knife and you'll find a key.
Use the screwdriver on the left door of the cabinet, there's a key on the right side of the dolls you'll find inside.
Go to the right.
Use the screwdriver to take the screws off the desk. The screws are at both sides of the desk.
Click under the desk (where the lower part of the desk touches the floor).
Get into the new room.
Click on the shelf, press the blue botton.
Count the position in wich the yellow books are placed and enter the code in the blue box, take the key.
The code is: 481114
Use the screwdriver on the tile on the lower part of the center and take the grey key.
Go out of the room.
Use the grey key on the safe and take the key in it.
Click on the paper bean and take the last key.
Go to the door, click on it, and you're out.

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