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Description: World Domination is a turn based strategy game. Destroy all the opposing countries to win at World Domination. Every country has five cities. The bigger the buildings the more population it contains. If you want to know your city's population, hold your mouse above it. In the middle of the base you can see your selected action. This game consists of various panels. The leader panel displays your enemies. If you have to pick a target leader press on the leader you want to target. In each leader screen is a number that displays his friendship towards you, if the friendship points are below 30 you are his enemy, above 70 you are his friend. If you want to see your spy results on a leader, push the info button in the top left of the target leader.
The country panel contains buttons that involve actions that influence your country's position in the world. Weapons makes your population produce weapons. Diplomacy sends a diplomat to a leader of your choice. Select diplomat then pick a leader.

Religion will make your population worship. Propaganda will attack a city so that the enemy's population will deflect to your country. The display is a helping hand. The information panel returns the result of your previous action. It is also helpful in what to load in your prepared weapons. Click the rocket panel to prepare a rocket. Your rocket will be prepared and in the next turn you can load it with either a warhead or a bioload. Note that the load you want to fit into your rocket can't be bigger then the rocket itself. A warhead can be loaded into a rocket, plane or submarine. A bioload can be loaded into a rocket or a plane.

The special weapon panel contains the space rocket, the satellite and the submarine. Prepare a space rocket in one turn and load it with the satellite in the next turn. When loading the satellite you will have to make a choice between weapon or information. Wait and see what it does. A submarine is special because there is no defense against it. Infantry is a one turn attack. Select and target a city, you will attack immediately. No preparation is needed. Spying is also a one turn action. Spies can get information or steal weapons. The better the spy, the more information he will gather or things he will steal. The anti weapons panel can deploy an anti rocket and anti air in one turn. Anti spy will be deployed automatically.

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  1. sounds like a very interesting role playing game. will give it a try some time... thanks for demo


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