Submachine 5: the root

Submachine 5: the root is the fifth episode of the Submachine series.
"This time we go back to the very first submachine ever built - historically speaking.
It was created by an unknown scientist in the early 20th century.
This is the place where it all started."
Good Luck!!!

Play Submachine 5

Submachine 5 Walkthrough:
1. Pick up notebook. It will keep note of important information for you in game.

2. Go left.

3. Open manhole. Pull each lever and the handle in the middle.

4. To the left is a bathroom but I didn't find anything useful in there. I was fun to just mess with stuff though.

5. Go down the manhole.

6. Go left at the bottom.

7. Turn on computer with button on front of tower. Read your instructions.

8. Go right 2X, push button on wall to open door. Go through the door, then to the right.

9. Open another manhole. Go down.

10. Go right to machine. Enter coordinates 5-5-2 and push the button on the bottom.
Just to the left of the machine in your new location, you can travel down to get your first red secret ball thingy. Return to machine.

11. From machine go right into cave. In the cave, where the tunnel is half black and half red, on the ground pick up the lead casting.

12. Continue to the right into the junk room.

13. Click on the panel on the wall with lightning bolt on it to open it up. Then, on the large cylinder object on the floor is a plug. You must first click the 2 small flippy switches to release it. Then click the plug to move it to the wall and turn on the lights.

14. Go right, then down the ladder, then to the right again.
Make note of the metal box on the wall. It has a button in the center. I will call it the cipher box. You will use it a lot, but not yet.

15. Go right 2 and up one. You can click on the faceplate on the wall, but I found no reason for it.

16. Go left 2 times and forward once into the room. Get the wrench on the floor under the chair. I found no use for anything else in this room.

17. Go right 2 times, down 1, left 1, down 1, right 1.
Use wrench on wall. Take key.

18. Go left 1, up 1, right 1, up, left and forward into room. Use key on left most box.
Take cipher plate #1.

19. Return to cipher box I said to take note of.
There are 2 slots. From now on I will refer to the slots as: 0=empty slot, 1=cipher #1, and 2=cipher #2.
Use the cipher plate #1 on the top of the box. Use it in slot #2, then push the button in the center. So the first place I am sending you is (0,1).

20. New location. Go down. Go left. Get cipher plate #2 off the chair.

21. Go right 1, go down 3. Go left. Use wrench on orange plate on wall. Get secret #2.

22. Go right 2X. Make note of charger. You will need it later.

23. Go left, go up the ladder to the top. Remove the cipher. Put in cipher #2 in slot 1 so you are going to (2,0).

24. Open cover on ground. Go down. Hit top button to make arrow max out to the right. Go up, go left, open cover, go down.

25. Get coil (this is NOT a light bulb. The light bulb is a separate item later).
This arrow should already be maxed out. If not hit button to make it so.

26. Go up, left, open, down, hit button again.

27. Go left. Notice red brick wall. We will return here later. Go all the way to the right to return to cipher box.

28. Go to (0,1). Go down to bottom. go right to charger.
Put coil on charger.
Turn wheel 3 times to charge it. get fully charged coil.

29. Go back up ladder. Take out the cipher and return to (0,0).

30. Go right 2X. Place coil on orange thingy with lighting bolt on it. Go left 2X.

31. Go to (0,2) Go down, then left 3 times.

32. Spin wheel. You should hear a hissing sound).

33. Return to cipher box. Go to (2,0) Go left 2x.

34. Push grey button next to green one to get secret #3.

35. Go left to now busted brick wall.

36. Go through hole.

37. Get Wisdom Gem #2 from stand.
Go left and up. Get secret #4 from seat of chair.
Return to cipher box.

38. Go to (1,2).
Go forward 1, right 1.

39. Get light bulb from off the wall.
Go forward 1. Go into room with box on the floor.

40. Notice the 3 holes in the room on the walls.
Loot at each one.
There is a bar that must be turned on each one so that the small shell shape is lined up next to the large shell shape.
To move them, you must turn the wheels out in the halls.

41. Go back, left 2x.
This wheel turns the one on the left wall. 1

42. Go left 2x more to a wheel by a chair. This one turns the one on the center wall. 1

43. Left 2x more. This wheel turns the right wall.
Left 2x more to return to room. Now the box should be revealed.

44. Get the box. Go back, left 3x to return to cipher box.

45. Go to (0,0). Go right and retrieve coil.

46. Now go to (1,0). Go down, then right. Put the coil in this orange thingy. Go right again.

47. Click on the top of the tub to see the inside of it.
Put the box in the tub. It dissolves the box, but you cannot get the gem yet.

48. Pull back, so you can see outside of tub again.

49. Use wrench on handle at the right of tub by floor. This should drain the tub. Now you can get it.

50. Return to cipher box.

51. Go to (0,2). Go down. Notice black circles now have green symbols showing in them. Your notebook will make note of them for you. These change each game.

52. Return to cipher box.

53. Go to (2,1).
Go right, up, left, then push grey button.

54. Go right 2x and push grey button.

55. Go back down ladder and gate will have moved to the other side.

56. You can go back up and push buttons again to reverse it later.

57. Go right 2x, then down. It is dark. Use light bulb on the left to light room.

58. Go left 2x. click on the symbols on the wall just like they are described in your notebook, then click the circle button at the bottom to open floor and lower ladder.

59. Go down. Use lead casting on top level of statue.
It will right.
get the casting back and use on 2nd level. retrieve and repeat on 3rd level to reveal hole in the ground.

60. Go down to get gem #3.

61. Go back up to the bars blocking your path and reverse them as mentioned above.

62. Return to cipher box and return to (0,0)

63. Go all the way left until you return to machine.
Enter coordinates 7-4-7 and push button.

64. To the left I didn't find anything of use. Go right, open door, enter. Place the gems on the circle plane above the chair. Pull the lever on the console. and you win!

65. I was not able to find the last red secret ball.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Locked Forever 6 Walkthrough

Locked Forever 6 is a point and click escape the room game.
You need to find 10 Keys in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Play Locked Forever 6

Locked Forever 6 Guide:
1. get the key from below the mirror on the desk thing
2. click on the black coat pocket and get that key
3. go right
4. grab the key from the bottom left corner
5. get another key on the book case((second shelf on the right))
6. lift up the end of the couch on the left
7. grab the black box from the bookcase((3rd shelf on the left))
8. click on the black box
9. hit the middle button then the left then the right((if it doesnt work the first time reset it))eventually you will get the key
10. move right
11.grab the key from the side table in the bottom left hand corner
12. go right
13. click on the pot and grab the blue key, you will also get the pot
14. go to the sink and click on the blue button
15. put the pot under the running water to get a pot full of water
16. go right
17. put the blue key into the side of the dresser with the mirror
18. get the red key from the bottom drawr
19.put the red key into the end table on the side
20. get a key from the top drawr
21. get a green box from the bottom one
22. get the screwdriver from the top of the coat rack
23. go right twice
24. use the screw driver on the bottom left corner of the picture to get another key
25. get another key from the ground near the bottom right hand corner of the screen
26. click on the green box and use the tannish color key to get your last yellow key
27. Place water on plugged in lamp.
28. Open door and put heated water in front of bricks.
29. You get paper with numbers on.
30. Enter numbers into key pad by glass doors.
31. Click on buildings infront.
32. Click on pool below.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Cinderella Walkthrough

This is a point and click escape the room game.
Cinderella is locked in a room and you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Play Cinderella
Alternative Link

1. Take Candle, matches, mallet, curve knife and green hose.
2. Go left.
3. Take Hammer, saw and oil can.
4. Take nails from top right drawer.
5. Go Left.
6. Take rope and jar.
7. Go Left.
8. Take fish and bucket.
9. Use jar on sack.
Use mallet on coloured bick on wall, take key.
Use saw on planks (hold it up and down for 15 seconds) until it becomes pieces.
Use nails on planks, then use hammer on nails, get ladder.
Use saw on pipe (for 15 seconds), get a piece of pipe.
10. Go right.
11. Use rope on knife.
Use the short rope on candle.
Use matches on candle to light.
Click on gold wheel to zoom in.
Put candle on barrel.
The gold wheel combination change in every game, so try all combinations.
Use the jar on barrel.
Use Key on wheel.
12. Go right.
Use hose on tank wheel.
Pull the lever in the secret panel (it broke).
Use pipe on broken lever, then use oil can on lever.
13. Use lever and water goes to the tank.
14. Go Right and use bucket on sand box.
Put the sand in the tank, then put fish in the tank.
15. A rope down, cimb the rope, put the ladder and you´re out.

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1423 Escape Walkthrough

1423 Escape The Room is a Japanese (and really hard) point and click escape the room game.
Try to escape by finding and using items.
Good Luck!

Play This Game

1. Click to the left of the drawers twice to get the blue ball (1).
2. Do not back out of this view yet. Click the top of the drawer where the gap and the drawer meets. See the 2nd blue ball.
3. Click near the top of the ball to move the drawers. Get blue ball (2).
4. Note the panel on the wall with 4 spherical openings.
5. Go left to the view of the kitchen table/chairs.
6. Click the right chair and get the pink key.
7. Click the right leg nearest to you and get the red 5.
8. Click the cap of the chair leg and get the blue ball (3).
9. Turn left and get the blue ball (4) from the panda's hand. (The panda only gives a blue ball when you already have 3 balls.)
10. View the ball and click it to turn it over and reveal the cyan 7.
11. Use the pink key on the pink drawer. Get the green key.
12. Use the green key on the green drawer and get the yellow key.
13. Use the yellow key on the yellow drawer and get the blue key.
14. View the yellow key and click the right side. Note the yellow 8.
15. Use the blue key on the upper right screw on the floor panel. Get the green Philips head screwdriver.
16. Go right and use the green screwdriver on the wall panel. Get the yellow flathead screwdriver.
17. Click the upper right corner of the hole where the yellow screwdriver was and get the pink 9. Flip the paper over and note the blue 4.
18. Zoom out one view and click the panel that's laying on the floor. Click the lower left corner and get the 123.
19. Get a closer view of the mirror and click the wall on the lower left side. Note the sequence 1324-.
20. Go left and click the garbage can.
21. Click inside to get the the dice (1). Click the bottom to get the 789. Click the bottom again to get the green 2.
22. Zoom out a view and click the keypad. Click to the right of the keypad and get the 654<-. You now have the order of numbers for the keypad.
23. Go back to the other panel on the wall that has the 4 circles. Insert the balls in the panel in the order that was noted on the back of the mirror frame. Insert the yellow screwdriver into the smaller hole when you're done.
24. Get the dice (2). Take a look at both die. There are colors that coordinate with the order the numbers have to go into the keypad. For example, the number 1 on the dice is red. The number that we have that is red is the number 5.
25. Now go back to the numbers on the papers as well as the numbers you found on the other items. From the papers: 2-green 4-blue 5-red 9-pink From the items: 7-cyan 8-yellow From the die you can deduce that the order of colors is red, blue, green, yellow, pink, cyan. Code for the keypad is 542897. Thanks runningwithseizures!!
26. Enter the code into the keypad and press the arrow key. Now the panda has moved. Click where he was standing and you will see a small keyhole in the wall. Exit through the keyhole and you're out!
27. Try again for different endings!

Source: Escape Games 24

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Capricorn Escape Walkthrough

Carpricorn Escape is a point and click escape the room game.
Find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck.

Play This Game.

1. Lift the plant and take the star

2. Click on the chair and take the cube

3. Examine the cube. Click the top of it a couple times to reveal half a star, and then click the bottom of it to reveal the other half. Take the star.

4. Click on the window. Wait a couple seconds and grab the star when it passes by.

5. Turn right to the screen with the globe.

6. Click on the portal on the left side of the screen.

7. Click on earth (3rd dot from center) when it turns into a star grab it.

8. Move the cursor to the right side of the screen and click the top of the jar. Take the star that comes out.

9. Turn right to the screen with the door.

10. Click on the left window. Click the star until it zooms off the screen.

11. Click the right window. Click the star until you pick it up.

12. Click the blue curtain on the right.

13. Click the sticks one at a time (start on the one on the left) until they all fall over. Take the star.

14. Back up to the screen with the door and move the cursor to the left. Click on the table.

15. Take one of the card with the symbol off the table

16. Examine the card. Click the star on the bottom right corner and then take it.

17. Go back to the screen with the globe and click on the globe itself.

18. Use the stars one at a time on the globe. Start at the top of the inventory and work down.

19. When the goat appears use the card on him. Take the key. (Exit now for the bad end)

20. Examine the blue box in your inventory. Click on it and take the wing.

21. Click on the door and you are done. Congratulations, you are done

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Go Live 2 Walkthrough

This is a sequel to Go Live 1 point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to find items in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Go Live 2

Go Live 2 Solution - Walkthrough
1. pickup item in trashcan (cookie or something)

2. go to desk and pick up the cello tape

3. take the hook inside the desk

4. go to the small table and eat and drink everything

5. go to the bed and click the knot

6. go back to the bed and pick up the rope and rod

7. click the cookie and click about item, combine with rod

8. then use the cello tape op it

9. go to the cat and use you new tool on the cats head

10. pickup the stepstool

11. place the stepstool in front of the window

12. select the hook and click about item

13. tie the rope to the hook

14. use the ropehook combi on the open windowbank.

15. use the door.

Source: Free Games News

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Go Live 1 Walkthrough

This is a Japanese escape the room game.
You need to find intems and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good luck!!!

Play Go Live 1

Go Live 1 Solution - Walkthrough
1. Look at top of wardrobe to see that it’s screwed shut, otherwise I think it won’t let you get the screwdriver.

2. Look under fridge to see guitar pick, otherwise it won’t let you get the coathanger.

3. Get the blue thing from the freezer. It’s an ice cube with a screwdriver in it. Put it in the sink and run water on it to get out the screwdriver.

4. There’s an amp cable in the fridge door. Skipping ahead a bit, the other one on the shelf above the toilet.

5. It should be obvious that you need to open the wardrobe with the screwdriver. Get three things (guitar, amp, coathanger). Use the coathanger to get the guitar pick.

6. As mentioned before, there’s an amp cable on the shelf above the toilet. Use the Tab key to find the hotspot (tiny and on the very edge of the top of the screen) that gets you a view of the shelf. The cable is the only thing you can get in the toilet - all the other hotspots remain useless.

7. Plugging in the amp should be easy - select it in your inventory and click on the power outlet. (If you haven’t found the power outlet, click the back left caster of the speaker.) Plugging in the speaker itself is a matter of pixel hunting when you’re in the screen with the view of the outlet - the hotspot is quite tiny and on the very edge of the top of the screen. (Use the Tab key.) Clicking it gets you a view of the back of the speaker. To plug it in, click the power cord (bottom left corner).

8. After you’ve plugged in everything (that’s two amplifier cables - one from the speaker to the amp, the other from the amp to the guitar - and two power cords, one for the amp, one for the speaker), you need to play the guitar by clicking it on the banner with the Chinese writing on it. You should now be able to click things that you weren’t able to click before.

9. You can get the thing from between the wardrobe and the wall after you’ve played the guitar. It immediately goes gray in your inventory, so it’s singularly useless, but getting it seems to be a necessary step.

10. There’s a keycard in one of the boots in front of the door. (Yes, those black things are boots. Until the game let me zoom in on them, though, I wouldn’t for the life of me have called them boots. They don’t even look 3-dimensional.)

11. There’s a scraper or putty knife or something behind the bottles under the sink - use the Tab key to find the teeny-tiny hotspot. (I haven’t a clue what the hotspot on the sink drainpipe is for, but that’s not the one for getting the scraper.)

12. Once you have the scraper, you can look at the edge of the guitar-player poster. You can’t do anything except look, but it seems to be a necessary step.

13. I don’t know if it’s a necessary step or not, but I ended up clicking on the edge of the poster/cabinet with the keycard. After that, I was able to go out simply by clicking on the doorknob.

Source: Free Games News

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Crain's Room Walkthrough

Crain's Room is a Japanese point and click.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play Crain's Room

Crain's Room Walkthrough
1. Click under the door. Get the stick.
2. Turn right. Get the garbage can. Use the stick behind the bookshelf to get the credit card.
3. Turn right and get the glasses.
4. Get the hammer from the top drawer.
5. Use the credit card on the middle desk drawer to get the box cutter.
6. Get the screwdriver from the pencil case.
7. Go back to the bookshelf and use the box cutter on the cardboard box. Get the chainsaw.
8. Use the chainsaw on the bookshelf to the left of the white sign and get the wood board.
9. View the wood board and turn it over. Use the screwdriver on the wood board to get the part of key (1).
10. Use the hammer on the picture of the microphone to get the microphone.
11. With clues from the game (if you can translate), the password to the laptop is 1877. Get the briefcase key.
12. Open the briefcase and use the garbage can in the empty space. Get the part of key (2).
13. Use the microphone on the 2nd part of the key to shrink it.
14. Connect the 2 parts of the key to get the door key.
15. Use the key on the door and you're out!

Source: Escape Games 24

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Jobpico Walkthrough

Jopbico is a point and click escape the room game from Gotmail.
You need to find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good luck!!!

Play Jobpico

Jobpico Walkthrough
1) Open the second cabinet from the right, open left door, get towel.
2) Go right twice, click red mat, click yellow table, finish slide puzzle. Click URL, will open new window. Click black bar on the bottom, and type in Got job?. Get helicopter.
3) Click between the first and second blue supports to get memory card.
4) Click last red chair, and get cell phone.
5) Insert memory card into phone, press top right button.
6) Go right, click on telescope. Get USB.
7) Go right, click on light on table, get propeller.
8) Go right, click on silver door, click to the left of the door, and press the up button to raise the green bar to the top. Also get the hose next to the bottom left of the door.
9) Go left, open the door, go in, then go back. Open the door again, and notice that the ice melted.
10) Press the button on the heat remote so it's red. Get coin from stalagmite icicle.
11) Go back into room, and open door again to enter roof.
12) Go left, and walk to the edge. Get silver coin.
13) You can insert silver coin into the yellow machine to play game. Gives URL in the end but does nothing.
16) Attach propeller to helicopter, attach USB to computer, and attach copter to USB to recharge. Go back and click on computer then copter to get a fully charged copter.
15) Go to room with jacuzzi. Click on fireman statue, zoom in and click near fireman's left foot. Open hatch, and connect hose and turn on valve.
16) Go back to jacuzzi entrance, click left, and click between seats. Put helicopter to the H. Click on cell, then click on the helicopter. Enjoy mini-movie.
17) Go back, click on towel, then click on water twice. Pick up Silver coin in water.
18) Use the Gold coin in telescope first and zoom in to see two numbers. Insert the Silver coin and zoom in to see two more numbers.
19) Go back to jacuzzi door, and click on the yellow cabinet in lower right. Enter the numbers you saw from the telescope. Get key mold.
20) Go back to roof, set key mold to the place where the icicle is dripping. Go back to road remote, and click on the light to make it green. Go back to room, go into roof, and retrieve the mold. Double click mold in inventory and click on key to get key.
21) Go to door next to arcade machine, use the key, and you're out

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Gow Walkthrough

GOW is the second chapter of GOP point and click escape the room game from the creator of Twinke, Zashiki Warashi and Seven Lucky Gods.
Good Luck!!!

Play Gow

Gow Walkthrough
-Turn right. Get the pencil and paperfrom the top drawer.
-Get the password hint paper and password decoder from the second drawer.
-Talk to ninja and he will ask you to go shopping for him.
-Turn right again and get the hint for the lock from the bookshelf.
-Right again and get the thermometer from the headboard.
-Go into the kitchen. Turn on the stove and use the thermometer on the stove to increase the temperature.
-Read the three notes on the wall.
-Note that one of them says Look Down!!!.
-Look at the hint for decoding the 3-letter lock. If you look down at your keyboard and trace the pattern that the 1st line makes, it is the letter K.
-The second letter is Y.
-The third letter is A.
-Therefore, the code for the lock is KYA.
-Click the lock and open the drawer. Get the wallet with 1000 Yen and the note that reads "He rigs bib".
-Click the computer.
-Click the blue arrown pointing downward. It will bring you to a website. Use this website to decipher the password code. (If you are having problems viewing the website: Thanks beth!
-The code for the computer is 7PQEU.
-Enter in the password.
-In the computer go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Toolbar>Favorites>Weight Loss.
-Use the paper and pencil on the ingredients to copy them down.
-Click Start to exit the computer.
-The door will open. Use the thermometer to convince him to get the ingredients for you.
-Get the mushrooms from the tree (Remember what they look like!).
-Get needle and thread from man in the lake.
-Get tree branch.
-Use needle and thread on the tree branch to make a fishing rod.
-Use the fishing rod on the pond. But the fish is too smart for you!
-Use the "He rigs bib" note on the fish.
-Grab a foxtail from the side of the pond before you leave.
-Return to the house and talk to the GOW on the floor.
-Use the foxtail on the Ninja to make him dance.
-Dinnertime! Put water in the pot.
-Get the knife from the cabinet door and cut the ingredients.
-Click the glass cabinet door and measure out the correct amount of soy sauce and mirin.
-GOW will now try the soup but he will get sick.
-Identify the mushroom correctly to the Ninja (it is orange with yellow dots).
-GOW is fine and he is now Prince Charming!
-Click through all the dialogue and you're done!

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Trapped Part 2 The Dark - Walkthrough

Trapped Part Two - The Dark is the second chapter of Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit point and click escape the room game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Trapped Part 2

Trapped Part 2 Walkthrough - Solution
1. Pick up coin and black key directly in front of you. Then go to the long table and pick up the concrete sphere, bottle of glycerine and book. The book is a story to do with the plotline of the games.
2. Select the mirror. Then select the small table in the top right corner. This places the mirror in front of it. Click on the mirror to look into it to see the metal pole. Click along the long table until you find the pole. Then select the mirror again, and place it in the stone circle where the light is coming from.
3. Use lighter to light Bunsen. Now enter the door on the right. Pick up gunpowder and wine bottle. Go back into 1st room and place gunpowder on the lock. Light the gunpowder. Pick up chain.
4. Enter room. Pick up compass and packet of ‘Jello’. Read books. The most important is the open one telling how to make glue, open door with credit card etc. Take note of this for later on in the game.
5. Pick up magnifying glass on the table at back. Take small coin and small key from the model of the house. Enter the back room- the key is used automatically.
6. Attach chain to the hoop on the wall and then to the water wheel. Then place the metal pole in the water wheel. Go back to the 1st room.
7. Place Magnifying glass on the little table so the light goes to a point. The compass is acting up. Follow it to a lighter coloured brick in the wall. Use the knife to pry it open. You find a magnet. Go back to the mill room.
8. Use magnet on metal plate to the left of the wheel. Select hole. Then select again to pull the lever.
9. Go back to the first room, and then through the right hand door. He water has brought up the missing paddle off of the water wheel.
10. Go back into the first room. Place metal plate on burner. Add liquid glycerine, wine and Jello.
11. Go back to mill room. Use the empty glycerine bottle to collect water. Pull the lever in the hole again to turn off the water, and return to the 1st room.
12. Place water in the mixture on top of the Bunsen burner. You now have glue. Collect the glue in the glycerine bottle. Go back to the mill room.
13. Place the plank on the wheel. (This is when if you haven’t turned off the water, the plank gets swept away and it will return to where you first got it!). Sprinkle glue on the wheel. Then pull the lever again to turn on the water. This opens up the wall.
14. There is a cut scene. Enter room. Another scene with Becca telling you not to go in. Don’t listen and enter!
15. The place is a tip. You just want the box in the top right corner. I here you find a memo and a crystal. Read the memo for later. You will also notice a door with several combination locks. Go back to 1st room and place crystal in the line of light from magnifying glass. Then select the wall where it shines.
16. This is the clue to opening the door in the messy room. I found it helps to take a screen shot here to refer back to or write it down. The combination changes for each game played.
17. Go back to the door in the messy room. Refer to your screen shot/ drawing. The outer circle (largest) is the 3rd one down, the next 2nd, then 1st, then 4th, then inner circle (smallest) 5th down. The marks on the rings show what positions each lock needs to be turned to. For example, it could be 5,0,7,4,1.
18. The door opens. Enter to find Becca unconsious. Exit room. Then re-enter. Becca is gone! Climb ladder.
19. You are now in the house from the original game. (Cue irritating lighting flashes!) Click on trap door to close. Select the diary and receive red key. Read diary. Select red door, which uses the red key. You are in a bedroom. There is only one thing to be found here. Go to the desk and select the little blob. Oh! It’s a mini well. If you have done your reading, you know that if you use coins in wells, you can make wishes. Use your mini coin you picked up from the model house. You wish you were out of the house…
20. You’re now in the garden. Pick up the pile of logs directly behind you. Go to dog house and select the bowl. Silly pooch has eaten the keys. Select the dog house. He does not look well! Go to the well. Pick up dead frog. Select the statue. Give frog to the statue of the rabbit.
21. Click on small hole in the wall on the corner of the house. Note for later. Go through door and into kitchen.
22. Click on cupboards and get spoon and pan. Take cabbage lea from table. Take slices of meat from fridge. Place wood in stove. It is too wet to light right now. Click on door. There is no knob…click on calendar. Go through door next to the door with no knob.
23. You are now in the main hallway. Select the bar. On the left you should find an ice pick. On the right a bottle of vodka. Select chair. Obtain business card. Selct small metal box. It has the shape of a heart in it… (refer to memo you picked up). Now go to the left plant. The soil has been recently disturbed. Use spoon to get another coin. Go through bottom left door.
24. You are in the small hallway. Go to door on the left. There are voices. Select again to knock- no answer. Go through bottom door into the bathroom.
25. Use the toilet. I’m serious! You find a newspaper. Turn on tap- the water is working here. Fill the pan with water. Go back into small hallway.
26. Go into room on right. You will see a telephone. Select small table o right hand side. Get small key. Select bookcase and get Bookmark. Look at bookmark. Look at newspaper. Look at business card. All have telephone numbers for you to call! The most important one is the bank. But they’ve never heard of you. So, go back to kitchen.
27. Put pan on stove. Place vodka in the stove on wood. Light fire. Add cabbage leaf to the pan. Click on pan to get cooked cabbage (mmmm!). Go out into the garden.
28. Put cooked cabbage in dog’s bowl. He doesn’t like it, so add the meat. Go back into kitchen, then out into garden again to see the dog having a nice poo by the well. Lovely. Use spoon on poo. Then select to get the aptly named ‘crap key’. Go back inside and into the main hallway.
29. Use key on door in front of you to get into the dining room. Check all cupboards to get jar, coin and business card. You can phone the number for fun, but otherwise its useless. Go back outside. Use all three coins on well in turn to get fake ‘The end’, then 1st piece of heart (thinganmajig), then to make you stinking rich!
30. Now as you’re out here, place ice pick in the hand of the rabbit statue. Go back to kitchen, but before you can enter, there is a lightening strike. If your sound is on you’ll hear a ‘ribbit’. The frog is ALIVE! Go get him, and if you want you can also pick up the ice pick.Now go back to the library (where the phone is) and call the bank again. The door bell rings. What good service.
31. Go into the hallway, where you will see a letter on the floor by the front door. Open it. It’s a credit card. Referring back to the book from the beginning, you will know that you can open doors with credit cards as long as they aren’t locked. Use it on the door with no handle in kitchen. Go through.
32. In here is junk and battery acid. Place concrete sphere in acid to get second piece of heart. Go back into kitchen
33. Place frog on table. The poor thing can’t catch flies. So, pick him up and catch the flies in the jam jar. Go outside.
34. Remember the little hole? Put the flies in there, and then the frog. Yu get the last piece of the heart. Return to the hallway.
35. Place the three heart pieces into the metal box.
36. The box opens, and you have a white key. Go into the small hallway.
37. Use key on the door on the left (the one the voices came from)
38. There is a man and Becca, but he won’t let you pass. Use knife.
39. Cut scene will show you to be a murderer!
40. Back in room, select body. Get front door key
41. Exit room.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Runescape - Unbalanced Trade Removal

From this moment on, no unbalanced trades may be made. This applies to every player, on every world, no matter if you are free-to-play or a member.

To read more about why we have made this change, please read the Development Diary: RuneScape vs Real-world Trading.

The Diary can be found here:

We would like to remind you that the Grand Exchange is a great option for buying or selling items, where you can purchase items at 5% above or below their market price. Additionally, balanced trades are still possible.

New 30,000gp Trade Margin!:

Note: The following changes only apply if you are on a members' world.

Today, we have made a change to the planned 3,000gp trade margin for today's release. Instead, we are basing your trade margin on the number of Quest Points you have, giving you more flexibility when making balanced trades.

Having read your Forum posts and noted all of your feedback, we have come to the decision that you should have a margin of up to 30,000gp!

Originally, the total value of any items being given in a balanced trade would have had to be within a margin of 3,000gp of the items being received. Instead, we are increasing this margin according to the number of quests you have completed. As an example, a player who has 150 Quest Points will be able to receive items with a market value of 21,000gp above or below the items they are receiving.

No matter how many Quest Points you have, it will take 15 minutes before your gp limit resets.

Any individual trade is limited by the lower of the two players' limits. For example, if a player with 100 Quest Points is trading with a player on 30 Quest Points, then both players will be limited to a 3,000gp difference every 15 minutes.

The table below will give you a rough idea of the value that applies to you. QP Trade Margin
200 or more 30,000
190 28,200
180 26,400
170 24,600
160 22,800
150 21,000
140 19,200
130 17,400
120 15,600
110 13,800
100 12,000
90 10,200
80 8,400
70 6,600
60 4,800
50 or less 3,000

Your limit increases for every Quest Point that you gain. As more quests are introduced, with more Quest Points, we may decide to increase the above values.

For more information on unbalanced trades, please read the Knowledge Base article.

The Knowledge Base article can be found here:

Duel Arena:

It is not only trades that are affected by Quest Points. We have also increased the staking cap for Duel Arena, in the same way. Using the table in the '3,000gp Rule Changes' section, you will be able to find out your new limit for gaining or losing items in staked duels. This does not apply to duel tournaments.

This increase also applies to the Rat Pits minigames.

For more information on the Duel Arena stake cap, please read the Knowledge Base article.

The duel arena Knowledge Base article can be found here:

Source: MPOGD

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Seven Lucky Gods Walkthrough

SLG - Seven Lucky Gods is the last chapter of GOP a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Twinkle and Zashiki Warashi.
In this game you need to find items and solve some puzzles.
Good Luck!!!

Play Seven Lucky Gods

Seven Lucky Gods Walkthrough - Solution
- Turn around
+Help the god of prosperity:
- Open the first drawer in the desk
- Get paper and pencil
- Give paper and pencil to the girl (I forgot her name), she'll draw.
- Give the drawing to the Ninja, he will tear it.
- Put the torn paper to the garbage can, get the piggybank.
- Give the piggy bank to the prosperity, he will give you a box.
+Help the god of knowlegde and study:
- Go to the kitchen
- Open the fridge, get the milk
- Check the milk, open it
- Give the milk to the guardian, he will break it, get the paper fast or you have to replay that scene.
- Give the paper to the god of knowledge and study, she will give you a test, choose the second answer
+Help the god of virtue:
- Get the the paper on the shelf, use the ASCII table to dicovered it, like:
purple, green, green, purple, purple, green, green, green = 01100111. then find it in ASCII table, you'll find the password of the drawer in the closet(I don't belive the password is so easy)
- Get the diary and the cards
- Get the key from the right drawer on the TV desk
- Check the diary, use the key to the keyhole
- Give it to the god of virtue
+Help the god of victory
- Give the cards to the god of victory
+Help the god of longevity:
- I don't know about the password on the computer so... just type the password "ninja", if you want to explain, ask "lemon"
- Click on the Internet Explorer icon
- Click on Tools on menu, then History
- You have the copy of games you have played
- Give it to the god of longevity
+Help the god of childbirth:
- Go to the computer
- Click on the Mail icon
- Choose Files on menu, you'll copy the message
- Give it to the god of childbirth
+Open the secret box from the god of prosperity:
- Use the name of the gods in the hint
Code: Happiness
Enjoy the end!!!

Source: Escape Games 24

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Zashiki Warashi Walkthrough

Zashiki-Warashi is a room escape game.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Zashiki Warashi

Zashiki Warashi Walkthrough - Solution
You wake up after scene, click on the bed, then the curtain(will light up room)
turn right twice click on girl, listen to her story, her friends appear, one poor, your guardian, & ninja
turn left & click on the door, you enter kitchen
in the green thing on the counter is bowl,
in drawer beneath green thing is chopsticks & noodles (click on green package for noodles)
in the cabinet under stove is the pot and the pan
In the refrigerator is sauce
Observe note on the wall:
1.Boil W
2.Boil N
3.Put N into B
4.Boil S
5.Put S into B

Turn on Faucet for water
Click Pot then water (it puts water in the pot)
Turn off water
Click pot then stove (it calls the stove an oven for some reason, lol)
When pot on stove, click noodles then pot (puts noodles in pot)
Click pot then about item and while on that screen click the bowl then the pot, it should put the cooked noodles in the bowl
Click about item, then pan
then click sauce then pan, should put sauce in pan
put pan on stove, then retrieve pan it should automatically put sauce in bowl w/ noodles, puts you on about item screen,
click chopsticks then bowl, and “It's ready to serve”
give bowl to Poor guy, he leaves a safe

In closet there a pink dot on ground, get it, its a earing.
You can now get to drawer under mirror
inside is tweezers
use tweezers on girl, she gives you the remote for the tv
go to bed and click on the table thing
should go to back click on cord, phone not there
go back and click curtains a lot,
*smash!!* look in trash... PHONE!!
use on tv, you see commercial
call number 0120-546872 (thats what I got anyway, don't know if it changes)
you receive sword, give it to guardian.
Turn right, Go get stool under mirror go to tv screen
in drawer theres a screwdriver get it
go back
look up, theres a clock
while selecting stool, click clock
it flips clock, use screwdriver on x thing and it opens
cant move handles
while selecting clock, talk to Guardian, (funny cut scene)
he smashes clock,
take little hand of clock
give it to Ninja, ninja gives you a scroll

Read scroll, it gives you the code to the box th Poor guy gave to you, open box and...
The End!!!

Source: Escape Games 24

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Tidy Room Escape Walkthrough

Escape Tidying Game is a point and click escape the room game.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Tidy Room Escape

Tidy Room Escape Walkthrough - Solution
1st scene:
under the telephone, under the bin, in the cupboard (click it once), under the door (click the door once)

2nd scene:
click red and blue figure (1 item), lift the book, lift all items on the table (2nd item), click: table, chair, window and ladder: 4 items

3rd scene:
lift both pillows (1 item), click the bed (1 item), click the little bed 4 times in total, click the cupboard (1 item)

return to 2nd scene
top of the ladder (1 item), under the book (1 item)

back to 3rd scene
right side of the cupboard (1 item)

1st scene
select first item, then click telephone, little cupboard and bin (1 item)

2nd scene
click all clickables (2 items)

3rd scene
click pillows (1 item) and bed (1 item), click the cupboard (last item)

1st scene
de-select the first item and - escape!

Source: Escape Games 24

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