Room Fake Walkthrough

Room Fake is a point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving great puzzles.
There are 2 possible endings.
Good Luck!
Room Fake Walkthrough:
1.Turn right.
2.Zoom into desk, get green button from plant.
3.Zoom out. Zoom to rubbish bin.
4.Get paper (#4) and paper ball.
5.Zoom out and click bottom of bin, then click the bin. Note the color of the dot and the letter 'O'
6.Click bed twice. Get paper (#6)near the blanket. Get red button under bed.
7.Zoom out.Turn right. Click between bed and wardrobe. Get #1.
8.Open wardrobe, get paper and battery.
9.Turn right, open curtain, get blue button near the top.
10.Click paper next to curtain. Get paper stuck behind it. Notice a safe behind paper. cupboard. Get battery under cupboard.
12.Go back to the wardrobe. enter code into the safe in 2nd drawer. From the paper it reads 961, it's upside down so input 196. Get torch and #7. Check torch and get screwdriver.
13.Go to the white thing next to the door, open with screwdriver. Get screws and note the color of 'E' at the back of the cover.
14.Go to the side of the cupboard (next to the curtain), use screwdriver to get screws. Now the bottom drawer can be opened. Get charger and red button.
15.Charge the batteries at the socket (white thing next to door). Get charged batteries.
16.Go to the toy dog, insert batteries and press button. Get #9 and note the light shone onto the cupboard (5:30).
17.Go to the desk and put the number cards into the squares so that each row, column, diagonal sum to 15. Press white button and note the color of 'K'. Note also color of the back.
18.Found the dials behind the picture. Turn them so that it reads 5:30. Note that the one on the right has hour arm while the left one has minute arm.
19.Turn left, get blue button and key under the clock.
20.Use key on bottom drawer of green wardrobe. Get cloth and dagger.
21.Click vase on the brown cupboard, wipe with cloth. Use wet cloth to wipe windows (both sides).
note color of 'L'.
22.Click right bottom of door (screen with the socket), get blue button and plug.
23.Insert dagger into toy dog. Get red button and key. use key on safe behind paper next to curtain. Get door knob and green button. Take key back.
24.Fix door knob on door and press it. Now mix the color of buttons so that LOCK matches the color noted. (see end of walkthru for guide on color mixing). Press the button and it says open. (End 1)
25.Click side of steps, get hammer.
Smash the vase and note color of 'A'.
26.Click on door knob again.
Mix color to match FAK(inverted)E. K(inverted) is the color at the back of K. color of F is the key that you are holding.
27.Click button and it should read "TRUE". Get the new button.
28.Put new button into toy dog. (End 2)

for red ; red 3and blue 2.
for lila; blue and red 3.
for green;green 2 and red 1.
for cyan; green and blue 3
for yellow; red and green 3.

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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The DOFUS experience coming soon to your mobile!

Dofus in your mobileANKAMA is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOFUSPocket which is being developed by its subsidiary Kalmeo. DOFUSPocket will delight DOFUS fans who will soon be able to play on their mobile phones as well!

“We wish to offer our DOFUS players new content and additional features that will add to the original online game. We do not wish to simply make a shorter version of DOFUS for mobiles.” says Mr. Emmanuel Darras, CEO and co-founder of ANKAMA. “It seems to be the logical follow-up to our development which is centered on innovating cross-media solutions as well as our will to have a total control over our projects.”

A few days ago, DOFUS community members were offered the chance to join the DOFUSPocket beta test to help validate the technical solutions chosen for the mobile application. This application was designed by Kalmeo, the most recent subsidiary of the ANKAMA Group, which has been based in Lyon since the end of 2007 and is directed by Mr. Boris Beaulant, former R&D developer on DOFUS: “This 1st phase is mainly about validating the software platform that we’ve developed and identifying the residual compatibility issues”.

Regarding the contents and features available, they will be integrated progressively during the test period and after the official release. Users will have different features at their disposal, from simple information consultation to data exchange with game servers through “user to user” applications between mobiles or SMS alerts for in-game events! Mr. Bahon, Director of the Ankama Games Products, declares: “We already have several ideas about the content we want to add and how we will distribute it. We also wish to make use of the latest mobiles’ potential to the full including the diffusion of videos produced by Ankama Animations, or even the use of 2D barcodes. Unlike our competitors, we do have within our walls all the necessary resources to develop all the features and content we want to offer our users, even though it’s no longer within the video-game framework.”
Tests started today with restricted access, and they will become open to all users within a few weeks. The official release of DOFUSPocket is scheduled for this summer.

Official Release of DOFUSPocket: June 2008

Treading a lush path between video game and animated cartoon, DOFUS brings a whole new dimension to online Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games.
With its manga-inspired graphics, gripping tactical game play and wild humor, DOFUS has created a unique style of its own for other MMORPGs to follow and currently boasts 7 million players worldwide.

About the ANKAMA Group
Founded by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras in Roubaix in 2001, ANKAMA is an independent group which produces digital creations and employs over 250 people. The international success of the group’s MMORPG DOFUS, with more than 7 million players, enabled ANKAMA to branch out into several related industries: online games, publishing, animations, web design, press, mobile phone services, video games for next gen’ consoles. ANKAMA is also currently developing Wakfu, a crossmedia project including animated series/video game/card games and comic books. Find out more on our official website:

Source: Ankama Press

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Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs 3 Walkthrough

Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.3 is a point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs 3 Walkthrough:
You need to find six yellow balls and two discs

Batteries - clock and lamp base

Red key scorpion
Green key when robot activated and lights off under sofa

Tail of scorpion
Row of yellow balls and a disc
Lamp shade
Side of box kneeling figure

With batteries in robot and lights off (card in water figure)
Bull's knee

Lights on.....use green key on box and get another disc and put them behind the star picture

Lights off

Final ball from lions leg and card from box (red key)

Last card from mirror
Place yellow balls on podiums with lights off and on to get all the figures and note letters/numbers


heaven +
hell -
earthly 0

i z heaven 1 = 1
ii o hell 22 = 2
iii d heaven 15 = s
iv i hell 24 = t
v a earthly 7 = a
vi c heaven 15 r

You can get the door and out.

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MWU Walkthrough

MWU - Extraordinary Stairway Escape is a point and click escape the room game.

There is a fire in the building and you need to escape.
Language may be a problem.
There are 2 possible endings.
Good Luck!
MWU - Extraordinary Stairway Escape Walkthrough:
Go to the highest floor
Click on the left on the wall, it will appear a closet.
Click on the left door of the closet and take the brush
Go to 2F floor
Use the brush on the door and take fire extinguer
Click on the fire extiguer and then on “about item”
Click on the yellow thing, and take the key
Use the key on the other door on the closet
Take the paper
Go to the door with the code and imput 144 and you’re out!!

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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The Fog Fall Walkthrough

The Fog Fall is a great point and click/adventure game from Pastel Games, which is also creator of Submachine series.

"The Fog Fall is a psychological thriller set in an alternate-history around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Descend into your basement / bomb shelter after a mysterious nighttime fog to see what has changed...and what hasn't. The Fog Fall will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination to solve a series of fiendishly challenging puzzles."
Good luck!

The Fog Fall WalkthroughThe Fog Fall Walkthrough:
1. From starting position, turn left bathroom, take toothpaste from the left closet and toxic thing right closet. Now you will see a bag (first aid bag actually) behind the bath tub, click and get the sticking plaster. Go Back

2. Starting position, newspaper on ground at right click it note the number 76 first.

3. Go right, storage room, on the left middle shelf click the box get sprocket, middle top shelf click the box get the wrench and go back to starting position.

4. go upstairs, turn left, see a door covered with bricks and some colorful cords on its left side, click cords then click cords again you will see matches get them

5. go back turn left in the room click the basket and get the tape, plug to the machine at the right wall go back, right door from the corridor click waste basket and get the key. Go back to the corridor with brick door (wall whatever) go back

5. Downstairs, go forward, click the left door -kitchen- use wrench on gas tube and matches after the metal thing above gets red and kinda shatters, click the gas tube again to turn it off and get the shattered metal.

6. go back, enter the door you are facing, click the key and the drawer get the chain. go back to starting position.

6. Go downstairs a room with a bicycle, under the big wheel on left you will see an empty spot put sprocket there and the chain to bicycle, a little animation and there you go with electricity.

7. Go upstairs to starting position, click ahead to the hall where kitchen and the room (you got chain from) stays. See a drawer on the left wall goo use tooth paste first and toxic lotion second on the closet, kind a chemical reaction and tata here it opens, click and get the small key. Go back to the starting position.

8. So far you must have small key, sticking plaster and metal thing on your inventory, ok go upstairs, first click to right wall where you will see a number written. 2285 write it down go back. Turn left, turn right (or click whatever)use small key on the desks drawer get console get back from the room facing to brick door,

9. Take left, if you want you can click the machine with the tape and listen the recording. Useless though. There are 3 drawings on the wall click on them, the one on le left you will see where you have to put the console device. Put your device on the console just above the basket with red light on it.

10. Click on the device requires a code and yes it is the code written on the wall enter 2285 and there you go you have the periscope. Click and look at it, it is not the view thats important but the number written on left side note it. (19)

11. Go back, go back now facing the stairs click left to the room with the radiation suit. Ok. there is a numberic pd on the door click on it so what can be the password. Right, First 76 (from the newspaper) and 19 (from the periscope) now enter 7619 and press "e" door opens

12. Click the suit, then click the helmet (gas mask) says mask is thorn. No problem you have sticking plaster, click on it and to the mask now get the mask too.

13. You are ready to go out, go back facing the stairs go forward click the door handle it opens go forward, use piece of metal on the control at the right of the door click the door opens go forward 2 times and you are out.

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Holy War

Holy War is a free and complex browser-based role playing game! Dive into the age of the Holy War! Take on the role of a Knight as a Christian, Saracen or Pagan and conquer or defend the Holy Land!

Play Holy War onlineYou are in the world of the Middle Ages, the age of the Crusades. Bitter religious conflicts and economic struggles have caused decades of oppression on the people fighting for predominance in the world. Many warriors have already paid dearly by losing their lives on the battlefield. However, participation in these wars has often brought honour and glory to many people and made them rich beyond their dreams.

Play Holy War onlinePlaying the game is free. When you register, you decide if you fight as a Christian Crusader, Muslim Saracen or Pagan.

Through the battles you fight you will gain experience points. If you reach a certain number of experience points, you rise up to a higher level. To become a better fighter, you not only need a weapon, a shield, a helmet, armour and a horse, but you also have to train your property values and those of your horse (if you have one) upwards. To do this, you need gold coins. To get the gold coins, you can work, plunder or fight.

Play Holy War onlineIf you buy a premium ticket, you become a premium player after ticket activation. As a premium player, you experience the game ad-free with these additional advantages:

Premium Advantages

  • Play completely ad-free with greater comfort
  • Upload your own character image (max. 180x180 pixel)
  • Fight every 5 minutes (non-premium is every 15 mins.)
  • As a premium player, you have access to more weapons, armour, shields, helmets and horses
  • You can change the name of your horse
  • You can sell many elixirs at once
  • You can plunder 120 minutes per day (non-premium is 60 mins.)
  • For every ticket that you activate, you get a bonus of 250 gold coins
  • Premium players can search by level when searching for opponents,
  • As a premium player, you can use the Shoutbox and communicate directly with other players in an ingame chat window.

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Friend's House 3 Walkthrough

Friend's House 3 is a new episode of Friend's House point and click escape the room game.

You need to escpape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!
Friend's House 3 Walkthrough
Pick up paper from green box
right, get black paint.
right, get "boxing ring" and put that on the brown table in the livingroom.
Zoom in at paper, use paint on it and click it.
zoom in at boxing ring and drag your "fighter" on it, you´ll fall down.
Check the floor and pick up pink paper
zoom in at pink paper and use paint and repeat the combat.
you will now see the screwdriver.

go to the box with the puppet in it in the kitchen next to the main door.Click somewhere at the right to find a button to open the box, use screwdriver to get key.

Use key on bathroom door, get the stick and return to the kitchen to use the stick and get the scissors on the left of washing machine.

Back in bathroom use paint on small round spot at the sink, open doors under sink and get paper and colours of paint.

Zoom in at paper, put paint on it, than the scissors.

Go and play the battle game again ( untill you win, get key from the floor and go through the door.

Other ending hints:
1)on the first ending screen,press the man with tall hair head will see some words in short that means you can press one "kanji" word"話"(it's top of the game screen page) and you will see the code(58149) fly from the word....

2)use crowbar to open the brown door and you will see another hint (search for the door....)so use screwdriver(please dont get the bathroom key first this time) to get the L metal from the brown door

3)flip L metal over and you will see the other fighting puppet and use this puppet to fight again.....

4)you can fly from the house(the paper on the wall) to outside

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4 Walkthrough

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4 are point and click/adventure game.

Click objects and people to help the characters move to the next step.
Good Luck!

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3 Walkthrough
Click on handle on well, bucket will go down.
Click again, bucket will come up.
Click girl, she gets bucket.
Click green grass, gilr walks to grass.
Click bucket, water pours out.
Click Tree, it blossoms.(#8 appears on door)
Set kite colors to BLUE RED
(#5 appears on door) ...(if you turn the wheel, the window changes colors, turns blue, then red, yellow then green...clockwise, from top left those should be the colors of the kite.)
Set hour hand of clock on 8.
Set minute hand on 5.

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Cowabanga Walkthrough

Cowabanga is a point and click/puzzle game.

"TV channel e4 really wanted a cow game, and I was more than happy to make them one! Collect all the trinkets and fight alien bears. Disclaimer!
The name was not my idea, haha. Neither was the music, but I did write it.
Maybe more of my games will start having music. I like music."
Good luck!
Cowabanga Walkthrough
1.Click on the peg in the cows tail to release a swarm of fish things and a ? box on all the fish (quickly)
for minimalism award make sure an eye blows up the 3rd city
for batman award, save the city
the ? box will expand into a machine

3.Click on the arrow so it faces to the right on the wooden sign to make it red and drop a grenade
click on the man and he will kick the grenade and blow up the earth
with the floating machine, click on the yellow shoulders

5.slide the sliders on the yellow bolts on the restraints which were under the shoulders the yellow shoulder on the right

9.remove the pin under it
for minimalism award remove the top 2 lasers

10.for batman remove the bottom 2 lasers

11.push the red !

12.remove final laser

13.push the red ! again on the pin on the right

15.Click the pin under the main part of the machine on the trinket on the button where the earth was

18.using the RGB cow udders, match the colours of the balls
when this is done you will get a trinket

19.spin the thing near the red sign to fill up the power bar on the arrow so it faces left on the man so he goes to the house

22.if you have 7 red lights under the ? crate, when the man is on the stairs, click on the stairs in the middle of the lights
click on the man
and again the man infront of the tv to bring up the satelite dish the dish to summon the monkeys the man again to get the gun
shoot the monkeys

27.when a mickey mouse head comes up, wait till it beams up the crate and then shoot it

28.At the end, there will be cake

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Escapers #04R Walkthrough

Escapers #04R is another episode of Escapers point and click escape the room game.

As usual, you are locked in a room and you have to escape.
There are two endings in the game.
Good Luck!
Escapers #04R Walkthrough
-Go left and click the motorcycle. Click around the front end of the motorcycle to view behind it. Lift the little bike and get the handle.
-Zoom out twice and click the drawer open. Get the screwdriver.
-Left again and use the handle on the locker. Get the stool.
-Go left (or right) twice and click the long table to move it out twice. (Notice the locked black box as you go around the room). Use the stool on top.
-Click the panel in the ceiling and use the screwdriver to open it. Now you are upstairs.
-Click the plant and then behind it to get the flashlight.
-Go right and click the bookshelf. Note the shapes of the yellow X, blue square, and red plus.
-Get the clock on the bottom right.
-View the clock and click the bottom to turn it around. Open the back and get the batteries.
-View the flashlight and click the bottom to open it. Insert the batteries and put the cover back on.
-Zoom out and click the air vent. Use the screwdriver to open it and then use the flashlight in the darkness. Get the wires.
-Zoom out and go left. Open the wall panel and set the red dots in the shape of a plus sign.
-Go right twice and click the table. Move the left chair and then click under the table.
-Set the blue dots in the shape of a square.
-Zoom out twice and click the right chair until it moves all the way under the highest wall panel. You’ll have to go right and then finish clicking.
-Click the wall panel and set the yellow dots in the shape of an X.
-Leave the chair and click the wall panel with the button. Use the wires under it to fix it. Now press the red button.
-When the gate opens you’ll notice the rod on the left side is still there. Keep clicking it until the rod comes loose.
-Enter the hallway and click the bottom right area of the second gate. Use the rod to get the key.
-Go back downstairs and use the key on the locked black box. Get the grenade.
-*Go back upstairs and then to the view of you facing back down looking at the table/stool. Use the grenade through this opening.
-Go back down and out through the hole in the wall. Congratulations!

*-If you use the grenade on the second gated, it explodes in your face and you get a Bad Ending.

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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Pocket Escape Walkthrough

Pocket escape is a point and click escape the room game by Dona's Room.

Try to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
This game may not load on IE, but you can use Firefox to load this game.
Good luck!
Pocket Escape Walkthrough
1)Take the blue ball between the green and light blue books. You can click on the book that is lying down but I didn't find it helpful at all. Go left.

2)Take that shadowy thing(a hairpin?) under the door-middle part.

3)Click on the table. Take that gray ball on the left CORNER of the screen. Note that the passcode for the door is covered by nail polish(leave it for now).Go left again.

4)Take the yellow ball between the(top of) yellow and orange pillow. In that same scene, take that bright blue bottle(nail polish remover) located just to the left of the couch(on the floor).

5)Drag the nail polish remover to the table, then use the SCARF on it to reveal the hint for the passcode. Remember the order of the color.

6)Click on the trash can and take the scissors. Zoom out(left arrow) and go to the left.

7)Notice the pink ball on the light fixture, it's too high, you need something long. Go left once again.

8)With your scissors, cut the dark green leaf(stem) of the plant. Now go right.

9)Use the long-stemmed leaf to poke down the pink ball. Go back to your left once again.

10)On the shelf is a locked brown upside down U-shaped box. Zoom in and use the hairpin on the lock.

11)Put the four balls where it wants to go(don't bother asking for the code because it changes EVERY game). Then reading it like a phone, memorize what number corresponds with what color. Go left once more towards the door.

12)Click on the code panel(*note*-to get out of this view, just click on the key button). Then using your hint from the table(order of the ball), input the code then click on the key button...door opens and watch as the guy remembers how he lost consciousness in the first place. And at the end you see a cellphone. NOTICE that you are missing an item in your inventory??? Take the cellphone and play again with the CP on your inventory(if you want) and then you guys can tell ME how the cellphone helps as I tried to but didn't really get anywhere after seeing all these guy characters on the cellphone. That's it, done!

IMPORTANT: Don't forget that by playing again, your color codes could've changed! :)

Updated info: Before posting this walkthru, I just finished reading Shuchun's breakthrough on that second game(playing again) that I mentioned above. Dunno how it works yet, so now I'm off to try it. Hope my walkthrough helps in some way. ENJOY!!!

Thank to: Escape Games 24

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Mystery of Shark Island

Mystery of Shark Island is a hidden objects game in which you are stranded on a deserted island and you must find the way to escape from it.

You must find hidden objects across the beaches and must discover the secret behind the Shark Island.
Mystery of Shark Island is a great hidden objects game with 50 levels of game play and 5 types of beaches.

Download and Play Mystery of Shark Island

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Mystery in London

Mystery in London is a hidden object game in which the adventure starts when your vacation to London become into an investigation of one of its most notorious mysteries ever.

You must explore the city through 360 degree images of places like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbeyeven.

Collect clues, explore realistic levels and solve mini-games in this great hidden object game.

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SHIFT 2 Walkthrough

The original SHIFT was an interesting platform game that used negative space as an entertaining hook, but it came with a few problems that ultimately made it feel unfinished and experimental. Now, Tony of Armor Games has released SHIFT 2, which is basically the game the first one should have been. It's not enough of a leap forward to warrant the "2" in its name, really, but it refines and expands upon the original concepts to deliver a smoother, more drinkable dose of run/jump/puzzle distraction.

SHIFT 2 WalkthroughOnce again, you take control of a hapless research subject in a monochromatic laboratory filled with spikes and blocky architecture. Move left and right with the arrow keys, jump with [space], and shift between the worlds of black and white with—well, I won't spoil that for you. That's your first puzzle. Shifting flips your hero through the floor beneath her feet, reverses her color, and turns the entire world over. Solid black blocks become empty space, mountains become valleys, pits become towering walls. Your goal in most levels is to untangle the M.C. Escher-esque landscape into a coherent pathway and escape through the inconveniently-placed door.

This time around, you'll have to contend with a few new collectible objects. The keys that rotate large platforms are back, but now you'll encounter lightbulb icons that make otherwise impassable checkerboard bricks disappear from your path. The most impressive new feature is the arrows that alter the direction of gravity, upside-down and 90 degrees. These mean that many levels are actually eight different mazes, if you count both black and white in each of the different cardinal directions. It can get quite complicated, although there are so few levels, it never feels like SHIFT 2 really explores all the possibilities. But the level design is much more intricate this time around, so even though SHIFT 2 is a short journey, it works quite a few of your brain muscles during the trip.

The sting of brevity is made much softer by the brilliant inclusion of a fully-operational level editor. You can cobble together any sadistic, trap-filled conglomeration you like, copy the code for your creation in text form, and trade it with your friends—that is to say, us. Unlike the original, SHIFT 2 operates on a grid-based tile system, so levels are both easy to assemble and reliable.

Moreover, Tony has rounded out the game with achievement medals and the usual sprinkling of elbow-to-the-ribs humor. It's comforting to have the voice of a cruel mastermind accompany you while you play. It makes what would otherwise be a clever but dry adventure ring with personality. Strangely, the cosmopolitan background music of the first game has been dropped in favor of generic ambient techno, but even the author acknowledges that the new score might be annoying enough to turn off. Play your own jazz, I guess.

The glitches that plagued SHIFT 1 have been mostly ironed out, so all that's left is high-quality platforming fun with hopefully a wave of diabolical levels to come, once fans break open the level editor. Here's hoping another sequel comes along before too long to really shake things up. One can imagine moving platforms, enemies, tubes that work as crawl-spaces in one realm and as climbable poles in the other, all sorts of things. This is a great foundation to build upon.

Complete SHIFT 2 Walkthrough

Level 1: 1. Walk right to the door.

Level 2: 1. Walk right to the far side of the hole. 2: Wait until the door is revealed. 3: Walk through it.

Level 3: 1: Shift. 2: Jump left over the pit. 3: Shift. 4: walk in door.

Level 4: 1: Get the key. 2: Climb the stack of doors to jump to the top. 3: Get the key to the left. 4: Get the now revealed key. 5: Walk right to the door.

Level 5: 1: Jump on the other side of the large gap with a platform in the middle. 2: Go to the far right of the screen. 3: Shift. 4: Jump and get the key. 5: Go right into the small depression. 6: Shift. 7: Jump onto the platform in the middle of the gap. 8: run off of the left side of the platform. 9: Shift. 10: Go right until you are on top of the small white box with a key in it. 11: Shift to get the key. 12: Shift. 13: Go left to the bottom. 14: Shift. 15: Drop down to the bottom of the pit. 16: Go to the door.

Level 6: 1: Shift. 2: Jump over the small gap with spikes at the bottom to your right. 3: Shift. 4: Touch the arrow that is pointing left. 5: Shift. 6: Jump over the small gap with spikes at the bottom to your right. 7: Shift. 8: Go to the door.

Level 7: 1: Stand on top of the black space just past the checkerboard pattern. 2: Shift. 3: Move all the way to the right. 4: Shift. 5: Jump to get the light bulb. 6: Shift. 7: Jump to the middle of the white platform over the spikes. 8: Shift. 9: Get the light bulb. 10: Shift. 11: Jump to the far left of the screen. 12: Shift. 13: Go to the door.

Level 8: 1: Go right until you hit the wall. 2: Shift. 3: Go down the pit to the spot right above the light bulb. 4: Shift. 5: Go left down the newly opened hole. 6: Touch the arrow that is pointing to the left, and hold left as soon as you do. 7: Get the light bulb to your left. 8: Touch the arrow pointing upwards, holding right as soon as you do. 9: Continue to hold right until you get the light bulb. 10: Go left to the door.

Level 9: 1: Shift. 2: Jump up and left. 3: Shift. 4: Stand in the right side of the white cross. 5: Shift. 6: repeat steps 2-5 until you are no longer in a cross. 7: Drop to the floor and touch the upwards-facing arrow. 8: Jump to the far right of the screen until you are standing on the right side of a white cross. 9: Shift. 10: Repeat steps 4 and 5. 11: Repeat steps 2-5 until you are in a white cross with an upwards-facing arrow. 12: Touch the arrow. 13: Repeat steps 4 and five. 14: Repeat steps 2-5 until you are in a black cross with an arrow in it. 15: Touch the arrow. 16: Repeat steps 2-7. 17: Shift. 18: go down to the door.

Level 10: 1: Shift. 2: Go as far left as possible, jumping when necessary. 3: Shift. 4: Jump to the right onto the black box. 5: Shift. 6: Touch the arrow that is facing right. 7: Shift. 8: Get the key if still necessary. 9: Move right until you touch the left arrow. 10: Jump off of the left of the black box to touch the upwards-facing arrow. 11: Shift. 12: Move left, making sure to jump over the gap. You should be next to the light bulb. 13: Move down to the right to get the light bulb. 14: Jump on the black ledge to the left. 15: Shift. 16: Fall down the gap. 17: Shift. 18: Move right until you are underneath the up arrow. 19: Jump to touch the up arrow. 20: Move right until you touch the right arrow. 21: Shift. 22: Carefully move right until you fall. 23: Shift. 24: Repeat step 22 to fall to the door.

Level 11: 1: Jump to the far left of the screen. 2: Jump up and right until you are on top of the light bulb. 3: Shift. 4: Shift. 5: Go down to the left. 6: Shift. 7: Go felt until you fall. 8: Shift. 9: Move right. 10: Move left until you get the light bulb. 11: Move right, jumping when necessary, to get the key. 12: If necessary, touch the arrow and then the light bulb. 13: Move right until you touch the up arrow. 14: Jump up and left, as before. 15: Shift. 16: Fall down the gap, getting the light bulb as you fall. 17: Shift. 18: Move right off of the door, and immediately hold left when you start to fall. 19: You will reach the door.

Level 12: 1: Hold right and jump,making sure that you are completely on the ground when you jump. 2: Get the light bulb. 3: Touch the up arrow. 4: Shift. 5: Touch the up arrow. 6: Move all of the way to the left, until you get the key. 7: Move right until you are not standing on a door. 8: Touch the right arrow. 9: Shift. 10: Be careful falling down the pit to your left, since you will have to weave between the spikes. Note: you do not have to touch the opposite wall when avoiding the spikes. 11: You should have landed on the left, now down, arrow. 12: Shift. 13: Jump onto the right arrow, and move left carefully to touch the new right arrow. 14: Touch the left arrow. 15: Jump over the left arrow to touch the up arrow. 16: Shift. 17:Touch the left arrow, and fall to the door.

Level 13: 1: move left until you touch the key. 2: Jump on the new door to get the next key. 3: Repeat step 2. 4: Jump on the new door. 5: Jump onto the spot of black to the right. 6: Shift. 7: Touch the key. 8: Shift. 9: Jump up the doors to the left to get the light bulb at the top left corner of the screen. 10: Shift. 11: Move left, touching all three keys as you go. 12: Shift. 13: Move down to the ground. 14: Move all of the way to the left. 15: Shift. 16: Jump up the doors to touch the key. 17: Jump onto the new door to the right to touch the left arrow. 18: Go to the door at the right.

Level 14: 1: Jump to touch the light bulb, and be careful to land on top of the down arrow. 2: Shift. 3: Shift. 4: Move to the left, and get the key as you fall. 5: Touch the right arrow, and be careful to land on the black ledge without touching any of the spikes. 6: Shift. 7: Move to the left, making sure you land on top of the door. 8: Shift. 9: Touch the up arrow. 10: Move right to the door.

Level 15: 1: Shift. 2: Touch the light bulb. 3: Stand on a white space to the left. 4: Shift. 5: Jump right, landing on the black spot. 6: Shift. 7: Move left carefully until you fall to touch the up arrow, and make sure that you move to the left just before you hit the bottom. 8: Touch the up arrow. 9: Drop down to the right. 10: Shift. 11: Touch the up arrow. 12: Touch the light bulb. 13: If you have not already, touch the up arrow. 14: touch the light bulb, and make sure that you move right with the right timing. 15: Move right until you hit a wall. 16: Touch the up arrow. 17; Move right until you fall, and then hold left. 18: You should touch the left arrow. 19: Touch the light bulb. 20: Stand on the left arrow 21: Shift. 22: Move right to fall to the door.

Here, there is a split.
Ending A: Level 15a: 1: Move right to the door.
Level 16a: 1: Touch the light bulb. 2: Repeat step 1. 3: Repeat step 1. 4: Repeat step 1. Goodbye!
Ending B: Level 15b: 1: Move left until the secret tunnel appears. 2:Move right to touch the up arrow.
Level 16b: 1: Get the trophy. 2: Go to the door.
Level 17b: 1: Touch the up arrow. 2: Go all the way right, touching the keys as you go. 3: Go all the way left and touch the up arrow.

Thanks to Jay is Games for the review

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The Invisible Beard of Contemplation 2 Walkthrough

IBOC: The Invisible Beard of Contemplation - Part Two is sequel of challenging The Invisible Beard of Contemplation - Part One riddle and puzzle game.

Using the power of your simple brain you must solve the riddles and puzzles of this world and retrieve the awesome power of The Beard.
Many obstacles will block your path: boredom, ignorance and just having better things to do. However you must be determined and strong. New levels are waiting for you.
Good luck!

The Invisible Beard of Contemplation 2 Walkthrough, Solution, Cheats:
1A. adder
1B. threadsnake
2A. hamlet
3A. passworb
3B tattarrattat
4A Patrick (Spongebob reference)
4B moai
5A spock (Think of Star Trek--what character is part human, part vulcan?)
5B Zachary Quinto
6A I am an idiot
6B heart
7A traveller
7B Dixie
8A Press "Esc" in the keyboard
8B fresh and easy
9A Hoffman
9B straw dogs
1- clockwork orange
2- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
3- the green mile
4- duck soup
5- trainspotting
6- see no evil hear no evil
7- tron
8- american graffiti
9- the omen
10- scarface
11A click on an eye then at the next screen click the eye
11B Heterochromia
12A pharos
12B great pyramid of giza
13A stanley kirk burrell
13B ellen degeneres
14A smell the glove
14B gauntlets
15A artful dodger
15B god bless us every one
16A the one with the rumor
16B not on our watch
17A 05/11/1605
17B 36
18A ten
18B 8
19A boots (word from one of Frank Sinatra most known songs)
19B dora
1. starsky and hutch
2. big brother
3. Knight Rider
4. the weakest link
5. lost
6. mork and mindy
7. happy days
8. scrubs
9. sesame street
10. 24
21A taipei
21B indigo
22A anne frank
22B elizabeth
23A enigma (zoom in the dot)
23B minesweeper
24A hells bells
24B 12939
25A william tell
25B zorro
26A Mozambique
26B nepal
27A victoria cross
27B 23226
28A ct
28B charlize theron
29A eric carle
29B Labyrinth
1. apple
2. pear
3. raspberry
4. mandarin
5. clementine
6. pineapple
7. ugli
8. lime
9. loganberry
31A Seurat
31B helen birch bartlett
32A baseball
32B Chunichi
33A hawaii
33B facetious
34A 616
34B roulette
35A john erwin
35B period
36A Snow White
36B willow
37A olympic
37B Skeleton
38A annie ramsay
38B iron
39A &
39B feline
1. Niagara falls
2. Copenhagen
3. venice
4. seattle
5. circuit de catalunya
6. pisa
7. angel of the north
8. statue of liberty
9. hawaii
10. Mount Rushmore
41A sinister
41B leftorium
42A dont panic
42B ford prefect
43A Klondike
43B boaz jachin
44A ftse
44B transparent
45A Union Fire Company
45B hostile takeover bank
46A Matt Johnson
46B pilot inspektor
47A Christopher Columbus
47B green lantern
48A endeavour
48B axel foley
49A morocco
49B -89
1. che guevara
2. george bush
3. edgar allen poe
4. robert johnson
5. dr seuss
6. joan of arc
7. harry houdini
8. w c fields
9. michael jackson
10.diego maradona

The End...of part Two.

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Naruto PS3 renamed to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3 boxartIn the PlayStation 3-exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (formerly known as Naruto: PS3 Project), for the first time, the line between the Naruto TV animation and gaming will truly disappear.Even though the gameplay seems to feature a free roam fighting system like the Xbox 360-exclusive game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. Be ready to play this latest world of Naruto only on PlayStation 3 systems in 2008.

Watch the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm action trailer:

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Naughty Classroom Walkthrough

You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Get naughty with Naughty Classroom!

Point and click on objects to use them, pair 2 objects together and create a combo. This game is not suitable for children.

This is a funny point and click game. Good Luck!

Naughty Classroom Walkthrough

Hint – click on items when the teacher is facing in the opposite direction or else you will get caught (spanking time!); getting caught 3 times results in the game getting over (which means you’re expelled). Start the game by completing the single actions around the class room. These include starting the fan on the left hand side of the screen, clicking on the dustbin (this is placed below the blackboard on the right hand side of your screen), making the girl cry (she’s located in the center of the class) and finally clicking on the frog jar on the right hand side of the teacher’s desk to complete all single click actions.

Whew, that was quite something. Now let’s move on to the combination moves. These are a lot of fun to execute but require some timing. The first one is the insect combo – click on the insect next to the black board. Once you’ve got that creepy fella, click on the box of chalks placed on the bottom right hand side of the black board. Now this is the fun part. When the teacher bends down to pick up the chalk, click on her which causes the student to throw the insect on her.

The next combo is the Newton balls and the wind chime. Click on the Newton balls first; they are located in the middle of the teacher’s desk. The teacher will move there to examine the same, click on the wind chime while she is in the middle of the screen, it will fall causing her skirt to rip.

The duster is next, click on it and the teacher will bend down to pick it up; click on the teacher again and the boy nearest to her will use her as a dart board (ouch!).

Final Combo – once all these combinations are complete you’ll get a message saying, “One Last Chance” – this means you need to activate the final combo in the game. Click on the clock on the top right hand corner of your screen, to remove its glass. Once the glass is removed, click on it again to speed up time and ring the bell. Next, wait for the teacher to move towards the classroom door. Ideally, when she is near the dustbin, click on the bucket placed above the door. This will cause it to drop while the teacher is making her way out and gets her all wet That’s it you have successfully completed Naughty ClASSROOM.

Naughty Classroom 2 Naughty Elevator Naughty Babysitter Naughty Hospital Naughty Office
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You Have To Burn The Rope video Walkthrough

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Nezumi - Mouse Room Walkthrough

Nezumi - Mouse Room WalkthroughNezumi is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Coo's House.

Play Nezumi

Nezumi Walkthrough
1)get paper from under door.
2)go right click bottom right side of
bed to see mouse (click on mouse) run away with key.
3)go right. pull chair out and click on middle drawer to get mirror.
4)Pull chair out again and click under desk to get battery(1). click back.
5)click on trash can to get battery(2).
6)go right. click on pink string and yellow bag of chips.
7)take pink string and click on pig. (get gray key)
8)go right 2 times and feed chips to mouse.(get gold key)
9)go right once and use grey key on top drawer to get shrink ray.
10)look at shrink ray and put batteries in.
11)click on top of desk and put mirror there.
12) use shrink ray on mirror.
13) after shrinking go right once and click on another bag of chips.
14)go left twice and click bottom right side of bed to see mouse hole.
15)go into hole and put chips on plate.
16)click on female mouses back leg(red stripes)
17)leave the mouse hole and go left twice. click top left corner to see medic kit.
18) got back and click on the books.
19) go back to medic kit and get the gauze(bandage).
20)go back to the mouse hole and use the gauze on the female mouse.
21)go back out of the mouse hole and you should grow back to normal size.(if not then click on the bed)
22)go right 2 times and put the books back on the shelf.
23)go to the door and use the gold key and your done.

Thanks to: EscapeGames24

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Horse Room Escape Walkthrough

Horse Room Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Horse Room Escape Walkthrough:
1)Take white paper on the wall
2)Take the small plank(1)
3)Click under couch-get another plank(2). Move back.
4)Turn right-plank(3) by the chair
5)Look behind the white cabinet? for a plank(4)
6)Turn right-take plank(5) on top of the desk
7)Click just inside the desk where you got plank#5, there you should find a spray in a polka dotted tube AND a chisel. Zoom out.
8)Click under desk-get the saw? Move back. Turn right to the kitchen.
9)Take the coin on the floor to the right(this will give you a PERFECT END-w/o it is normal end).
10)Check on top of the cupboards for a LONG plank(only 1). Zoom out.
11)Turn on the left-side stove and steam the paper(should show a diagram of a ladder after-note the diagram)
12)Turn back left twice(2x) and use the SPRAY on the wall just behind the chair(an arrow pointing towards the top of the white cabinet should show up)
13)Highlight the SAW, then click on the LONG PLANK(split in two)
14)Highlight the SAW again, then click on the small planks(5)-this should now give you 10 small planks in total.
15)Highlight CHISEL, then click again on the LONG PLANK(holes should appear)
16)Highlight 10 small planks, then click on the 2 long planks(made a LADDER)
17)Highlight the ladder and put it where the arrow is pointing(top of the white cabinet)
18)Go on the ladder by clicking the top part of it. Here you see the door AND to the right by the wall on the carpet, you can barely see the KEY!(don't click on door yet)
19)Go back down and turn right. Look up at the window on top of the desk and there is the HORSE, ergo the title of the game.
20)Turn left, and once again go up the you can escape by highlighting your key first, then click on the door.

Thanks to: EscapeGames24
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Wii Fit priced at $90

No big surprises here - Gamestop already let the pricing details slip out from under Nintendo's iron grip - but just as impressions of the game slash exercise peripheral are being published all over the web, the Big N has made it all official. Wii Fit (and the Wii Balance Board of course) will be released on May 19th for a suggested retail price of $89.99.

But if you're not content with just a game and balance board peripheral and you happen to reside in or around the island of Manhattan, Nintendo has a special treat for you.The first 1000 people to drop a $5 pre-order for the gear at New York City's Nintendo Word Store from April 18 - 20 will be rewarded with a Wii Fit t-shirt featuring the likeness of game designer (and weight watcher) Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. We're really hoping he's rocking the Richard Simmons short shorts, tank top combo.

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Take 25% off used games at GameStop

Click for full resolution image.

Bargain hunters will want to take advantage of this new coupon from GameStop. Used games will be discounted a full 25% -- but this will only work at retail outlets. This coupon is valid until 4/17, so you'll have to hurry if you want to take advantage of it.

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Top 10 Sci-Fi Hotties

First was Top 10 Sexiest Women in Sci-Fi TV series, now we have the Top 10 Sci-Fi Hotties.

10. Milla Jovovich

This beautiful, Ukrainian-born actress has a habit of taking roles that put her exquisitely athletic body to the test. So is it any wonder then that she was chosen to play a perfectly engineered woman in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element? As Leeloo, Milla runs around in a wet T-shirt, kicks alien ass and creates one of the most memorable sci-fi characters of the past decade.

9. Rachel Luttrell

There’s just something about a warrior woman that’s undeniably sexy, and this Stargate Atlantis beauty is no exception. In this scene, she’s possessed by an evil alien entity, which causes her to lay a savage beat-down on a friend who is three times her size—and she looks damn good doing it.

8. Billie Piper

Since 1963, Doctor Who has been a staple of British popular culture, and with babes like this it’s easy to see why. On the BBC series, Piper plays the gorgeous Rose Tyler, a young shop assistant in a London department store. By a strange twist of fate, she finds herself caught up in cosmic time travel with the oddball Doctor Who. In this clip, the good doctor rescues the British beauty from organ-harvesting robots.

7. Morena Baccarin

Joss Whedon’s space-western Firefly was a tragically short-lived TV series that debuted in 2002. Fortunately, the story idea was resurrected in the 2005 film Serenity—thus giving us another opportunity to watch this Brazilian beauty play an ultra high-class prostitute who is trained in the art of sexual pleasure.

6. Michelle Rodriguez

After appearing in Lost and Resident Evil and lending her voice to the wildly popular Halo 2, this sexy Texan will return to the sci-fi genre yet again in James Cameron’s much-anticipated 3D flick Avatar. In this Lost clip, the brunette beauty shows her love/hate relationship with the island’s token bad boy.

5. Claudia Black

This Sci-Fi Channel veteran first turned heads in Farscape as the sexy space marine Aeryn Sun. Afterwards, she landed a role on Stargate SG-1 as Vala Mal Doran, a seductive space traveler who enjoys the good things in life like sex, jewelry, sex, stealing, sex, junk food and sex. Watch as she uses her extraterrestrial charm on one of her über-dork spacemates. Unfortunately for him, his nerd powers prevail.

4. Jolene Blalock

The latest Star Trek, incarnation, Enterprise, explores the beginnings of Starfleet and human relations with the always-logical Vulcans. In this clip, Sub-Commander T’Pol asks a human crewmate to help her relieve some pressure—proving that even the most rational beings in the galaxy need a little lovin’ from time to time.

3. Ali Larter

On the hit TV show Heroes, Larter plays Niki Sanders, a former Internet stripper from Vegas with superhuman strength and a dual personality. While we appreciate a chick who can hold her own in a barroom fight, we’ll take stripper Niki over the Hulk-like Niki any day. Take one look at this clip and we think you’ll agree.

2. Tricia Helfer

On the Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica, Helfer plays Number Six, a sexy robot babe with the ability to download pleasurable thoughts into people’s minds. In this scene, she helps the scientist Gaius Baltar overcome a brutal torture session with a little bow chica bow wow action.

1. Carrie Fisher

When intergalactic gangster Jabba the Hutt captures Princess Leia the first thing he does is put her in a gold bikini, and who can blame him? She even looks good while sitting on the lap of a giant space slug. These images from 1983’s Return of the Jedi remain the standard by which all sci-fi hotties are measured.

Source: FHM
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Escape Of Blue Door Walkthrough

This is a new point and click from the cretors of Cindrella Escape and Escape from Pink Door.

As usual, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.

Play Escape Of Blue Door

Escape Of Blue Door Walkthrough:
-Read the book cover to cover. When you get to the back cover you see a starfish. Click it and see that star=35.
-Go left and pick up the bottle and the knife.
-View the knife until it becomes a corkscrew. Use the corkscrew on the bottle and get the ring, blank paper, and the empty bottle.
-Go left (or right) twice and get the coconut, tulip, and the stick.
-View the tulip and click it to get the caterpillar.
-View the coconut and use the knife on it. Get the hook.
-View the stick and unravel the string on it. Attach the hook and then the caterpillar.
-Use the empty bottle on the whale spouting water. Use the water on the blank paper. Get the equation star + fish x black or white ship.
-Go left (or right) twice and use the fishing rod on the fish.
-Use the empty bottle on the octopus ink.
-Go right and use the knife on the shellfish. Get the pearl. Use pearl on ring to get the pearl ring.
-Use ink on the opened shellfish, then use the fish on the ink.
-Use the inked fish on the blank paper on the wall. Get fish=24.
-Using the equation (and remember your order of operations that multiplication comes first), you get 107 from the black boat or 155 from the white boat.
-Enter one of these numbers (it will affect your ending) in the treasure chest with the octopus. Get the shellfish and hear the song it plays.
-Use the shellfish on whichever boat number you used for the equation.
-Give the prince or pirate the tulip, then the ring.
-Give the shellfish to the princess and get the heart.
-Use the heart on the concave space on the door and you’re out!

Thanks to: EscapeGames24
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