Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough

Mateusz Skutnik, creator of the Submachine game series, is back with Daymare Town 2.

Daymare Town 2 is the sequel of Daymare Town, a great point and click escape game. This time you´ll face more puzzles and meet new characters in your way out.
Good luck!
Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough:
I wont tell you where the coins are .. try to collect them on your own!

*City Gate/Outskirts
Gate Keeper won't let you in.
Go left to pick up just an ordinary stone (1 coin here). Go right twice (1 coin here). Go right again - note small locked door. Go right again (1 coin here). Note that round cover to tunnel only stays open when the handle's pulled down. How to weight it?
Combine hook on a piece of string and just an ordinary stone. Attach to handle.

*Fisherman Alley
(1 coin in screen with tunnel to Middle of Nowhere/Outskirts)
To the left...
Go left (2 coins here). Go forward twice. Go right. Click on pier (1 coin here). Go to end of pier - note fisherman with no bait for his hook.

To the right...
Large fellow blocks the way.
He needs a light for his cigarette. Give him the lighter while he is gesturing with an open hand and he will fly away.

*Butcher's Market
Click on the table. Retrieve flesh eating maggot (3 coins here).

*Aristocrat's House (building on the right)
Go into the basement (3 coins here). Take cheese from mouse trap.

(3 coins in entryway with Tickets and Souvenirs sellers)
Ticket-taker won't let you in without a ticket.
Buy a ticket from the ticket seller and everything (flower, wooden egg, pamphlet, and key) from the souvenir seller. Click each item, then on your coins and place them in the indicated silouhettes, then "buy".

Go forward. Give ticke to Ticket-taker (1 coin here).

Go forward. Go left - note the missing balloon. Return to main hall - note the closed door at the end due to theft. Go right (2 coins here). This is where the theft took place - note the sign describing the exhibit as the egg collection.
Place wooden egg in 2nd-from-the-left spot in display case.

(1 coin in the front room)
Creepy butcher through the small window is thirsty.
You will buy him water at the Pharmacy.

*Wall Street
Click on building on the left. Librarian is protective of its balloon. What might distract a librarian?
Give it the museum pamphlet. Balloon floats up and away.

(3 coins in Pharmacy interior, with the spigot and the test tubes)
Buy everything from the pharmacist (blade, water, arsenic, pain killer)

*Wall Street alley (next to Pharmacy)
To the left...
Click around the corner (3 coins here). Look in bin/trash can, collect pearmain (1 coin here).

Up the ladder...
Click up the ladder twice (1 coin here). Click up the ladder once more. Retrieve the balloon.

*Tenement House (building on the right)
(2 coins in the front room with the wacky-moving clock.)
Click to the left (1 coin here). That guy looks like he's in pain...
Give him the strong pain killer.

*end of Wall Street (wall in the middle of the screen, in the distance)
(1 coin in the screen with just the wall and some plants peeking over the top)
To the left...
Go left. The little man wants revenge. What might help him with that?
Give him the arsenic.

To the right...
Go right - note the locked door in the wall.

Head back the way you came...
*city Gate (to the left of the Butcher's Market)
Gate Keeper won't give up his keys.
Distract him with something shiny...
Give him the big shiny golden key bought in the souvenir shop.
Go back a step and now you can pick up the dropped keys.

*Aqueduct (right from City Gate, also accessible on the left from Butcher's Market)
Click on the right of the screen, among the archways - note the yawning head on the wall; note its jewelry/medallion.

Click on door with sign over head reading "district closed due to infection" (1 coin here). Use a rusty key on the door.

*Forbidden District
To the left...
Go left and enter hole - note the sound the Sand Witch makes... sound like an animal? (3 coins here).
She doesn't want plain cheese.
You're going to make her a sand-wich.

To the right...
Go right. Click on the visible doorway. There's a chicken. Click on the chicken and then on the falling egg before it breaks. Go back one screen. Click to the right just to the left of the wall that covers that side of the screen. Go into the building (1 coin here). Go upstairs. Look out the window - note the giant with one hand open; note his medallion.

Head back the way you came...
*Fisherman Alley
Go back out through the Middle of Nowhere tunnel to the Outskirts.

Remember that locked door?
Use a rusty key to open the door. Open the oven and take the small loaf.

Return to Fog Haven (via Fisherman Alley)...
*Fog Haven
Go to the end of the pier. Put the maggot on the end of the hook. Click on the fisherman. Um... That's a bit.. big, isn't it?
Click again and a fish will come up. Take the fish.

Return to the Butcher's Market...
Start divvying things out - who wanted the water?
The Butcher. Give him the water, then go back a screen, then forward again. He left you a Faberge egg on the window ledge.

Combining things...
Use the knife on the limburger cheese and the small loaf. Combine the limburger cheese slices and the loaf sliced in half = limburger cheese sandwich. Who wanted a sand-wich..?
Take the sandwich to the Sand Witch in the Forbidden District - she will give you a bronze egg.

Use the knife on the fish. Hey, a medallion! Where have I seen a medallion before..?
On the yawning statue and around the giant in the Forbidden District's neck.

Return to the Aqueduct (via Butcher's Market)...
Click on the archway on the right to view the yawning statue. Click on its mouth to get it to open then pop the pearmain in. The medallion will fall off. Go back a screen to pick it up.

*Forbidden District
Go back to the giant. Put both medallions in his open hand and the closed hand will open, giving you the silver egg.

Return to Wall Street (via Butcher's Market)...
*Wall Street
Go back to that locked door. Use a rusty key on it. The little girl (?) there looks sad. What might cheer her up?
Give her the flower. Follow her into the building on the right (forget the chalk; you can't pick it up) (2 coins here). Take the golden egg.

Return to the Museum (in Butcher's Market)...
The order of the eggs is: chicken, wooden, bronze, silver, gold, faberge (not that it's hard to figure out). Return to the main hall. The closed door is now ajar with all the stolen eggs returned. Go through the door. Go right. The painting is missing something, isn't it..?
Put the balloon in the painting.

Go back to the left twice and up the stairs (1 coin here). Return to the main hall. Go into the left room - there is now a hot air balloon waiting to carry you off! Cut the strings holding it down then click on the balloon.

I appear to have misplaced some coins in the process and ignored a number of rooms/scenes that you can look at but that don't appear to advance the game any (maybe that's where some of those other coins were..?)


Storage is an addicting and funny 3D puzzle game.

Move all the crates to the green area.
Use the arrow keys to control de character.
Good Luck!

Play Storage

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Motas level 1 - 20 Walkthrough

Motas walkthroughM.O.T.A.S. - Mystery Of Time And Space is a point and clik/adventure game.

The adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages and be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors.
Good Luck!

Play Motas

Motas Walkthrough:
Level 1

1. Take the poster
2. click the pillow for the key
3. use the key to open the left locker
4. take the screwdriver
5. use the screwdriver on the painting to get the thin screw
6. slide the poster under the door
7. put the screw through the keyhole
8. get the poster
9. pick up the key
10. use the key on the door

Level 2

1. Take the diskette box on top of the bookcases
2. Go into the door on the left
3. take the bottom right pin from the flag
4. use the pin on the diskette box
5. put the disk into the computer
6. turn it on
7. remember the number 12864
8. go back into the other room through the door on the right
9. click the lock
10. enter 12864

Level 3

1. enter the door on the left
2. rotate the tiles so it creates a path from one side of the room to the other
3. turn off the lights
4. take the 3 tiles
5. go back into the other room
6. use the diskette box on the rat hole
7. click the trap once the rat comes out
8. click the closest peg on the right on the bridge to lift it up
9. slide the tiles in
10. click the right tile twice, the middle tile once, and the left tile twice.
11. Put the head into the container
12. use the chair
13. click the left peg on the bridge to make it go down

Level 4

1. Go into the room on the left
2. take a piece of firewood
3. click the security panel
4. go into the far right room
5. place the log onto the acme machine
6. click the green button
7. take the burning log
8. go back to the far left room
9. put the log back into the fireplace
10. go into the far right room
11. place the triangle on the acme machine
12. press the green button
13. take the triangle pieces
14. go into the far right room
15. zoom in on the security panel
16. put the large triangle piece in the top left
17. put the smaller triangle at the bottom
18. but the q shaped piece at the top right
19. put the L shaped piece in the middle

Level 5

1. move the upside box in the corner
2. move the cabinet
3. click the icons in the following order using these numbers
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
6, 7, 11, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 11, 6, 10, 1, 7, 6, 6, 9, 7, 4, 5, 11, 12, 1, 11, 6, 2
4. go back into the other room
5. move the cabinet then the box
6. click the small panel and get the key
7. move back the box and then the cabinet
8. go back into the other room and unlock the door

Level 6

1. move the welcome mat
2. go into the room on the right
3. open the cabinet and take the screwdriver
4. take the batteries out of the radio
5. go back into the other rooom
6. use the screwdriver on the motorcycle headlights
7. put the light bulb and the batteries into the flashlight and take it
8. move the mat
9. press once each of the tiles but the top right
10. use the fire hose and then click the trap door
11. go down
12. go into the room on the left
13. pick up the room key next to the locker

Level 7

1. Go into the room on the left
2. take the purple wheel from the painting
3. go back into the room on the right
4. connect the wheel to the pipe on the left
5. go up
6. go right
7. take the green wheel from the drawer
8. go left, then go down
9. connect the wheel to the pipe on the right
10. go up, go right, go down, go right, go up
11. get the paper from the right drawer
12. go down the hole on the right
13. take the paper from the table
14. go all the way back to the room farthest left where you got the green wheel
15. use the paper on the letter, and the pen on the paper
16. go right, go up, go right, go down, go right
17. put the letter in the outbox
18. wait a moment and get the red wheel from the inbox
19. go left, go up, go left, go down
20. put the wheel on the pipe
21. go right until you reach the room with a box that says "THIS SIDE UP" immediately in
front of you
22. get the floppy disk from the locker
23. go right
24. put the floppy disk in the disk drive
25. click the red and green wheels
26. click the blue and green wheels
27. click the red and blue wheels
28. click the panel

Level 8

1. click the panel and select the numbers that add up to the displayed number.
2. click the panel
3. go right, go right
4. click the frame
5. dislodge the grating with the screwdriver
6. go right
7. take the clock weights
8. go left four times
9. click the string then use the clock weights on the string
10. take the chess piece
11. go right four times
12. place the chess piece ont he pedastal
13. move the piece as a knight on the special tile repeatedly
14. go left, go left, take the door at the bottom right
15. click the 1
16. take the alien suit and enter the air-lock

Level 9

1. get the key from the cupboard
2. go right into the door closest to you
3. use the key on the cupboard
4. take the disk and the triangle
5. use the triangle on the blown fuse
6. go left and go right into the other room
7. take the key from the cupboard
8. go left into the hallway and use the key on the locker to get the word "quest"
9. go back into the room with the computer
10. put in the floppy disk and enter in "QUEST"
11. click the door to access the other room on the computer
12. unscramble the letters to make a word and type it in
13. go right
14. go straight
15. get a key from the cupboard
16. go left
17. set the machine to the far right position
18. go right twice, then go into the door farthest down the hallway
19. use the key on the door

Level 10

1. go left
2. get the key and ball in the cabinet
3. go right, go upstairs
4. open the right locker with the key and get the card
5. go down, go left
6. use the card on the scanner
7. zoom in on the wheel and separate the colors into four quadrants. note that the outer
-most rings don't move
8. zoom out and use the card on the scanner
9. open the safe and take the key

Level 11

1. go right three rooms
2. take the chalk
3. take the key and screwdriver from the cupboard
4. go left three rooms
5. open the chest with the key
6. take a coin out
7. go right
8. put the ball on the table
9. put a coin in
10. use the chalk on the pool cue
11. aim the stick 3 notches toward the right
12. take the key and go the the room farthest right

Level 12

1. go right
2. for the green wall, just complete it left to right. turn all the tiles on the farthest left column green. from there just turn each individual tile green by clicking one tile to the right starting by clicking in the third column to turn the gray tiles green in the second column. with this method you should gradually be moving to the right, turning everything green without any holes. once you get to the farthest right column, you should be done. it does not have to be perfectly completed for it work.
3. go left into the other room and get a light bulb from the shelves
4. go right, go right into the newly discovered room
5. get wire cutters from the farther cupboard
6. move the closer cupboard and go right
7. unwrinkle the carpet, move the chair
8. get the key from the hanging lamp
9. put the lightbulb in the lamp on the desk and turn it on
10. write down the numbers on the black locker
11. move the other locker to reveal a trap door
12. go left twice, go through the bottom right door
13. move the table, the box, the furniture, the desk, the bed
14. go down, go right
15. click the red panel
16. go left, go forward, go left
17. use the screwdriver on the lower section
18. cut the green wires only with the wire cutters
19. go right, go straight, go right
20. use the key and open the cupboard and take another key and screwdriver
21. click the left wall to reveal a ladder
22. go left, go back, go back, go right
23. click the blue panel
24. go right, move the shelves, go up, go left, go right into the other room, go right, go down, go left, go forward, go left
25. enter the code from the locker
26. use the key and go into the door

Level 13

1· Go outside and click on the block under the wagon..then click on the manhole. This powers the elevator inside.
2· Take the elevator to floor D and click on the shelves to pick up the waterproof tape.
3· Then go to level B and put the red card on the "eye." You'll see a picture just to the right of the eye... Click on its caption and remember the color and compass direction. Then go further right down the hallway and do the same for the other three pictures.
4· Return to level A. Enter the room to your right where there is a color machine. The 4 sides rotate when you press the button on the right (not the red lever). The button on the left only changes the shape from rectangular to triangular...but I've been told it doesn't matter which way it's set.
5· Using the colors and directions from the pictures, click the small color buttons. To start, the side of the machine facing you is south, so use those small color buttons in front to put the correct color for south on that side of the machine.
6· Now click on button on the right once to move the machine to west...put the correct color for west on that on right hand button once...put correct color for on right hand button once...put correct color for east..then rotate machine to let south side face you again.
7· When you have all the colors lined up on each side correctly, then pull the red lever on the right side of the machine.
8· You should now have the golden key.
9· Go to floor C. To the right of the elevator is a wall puzzle. Click on it to reveal a color puzzle. There are four sides to the puzzle...Starting in any inside corner click until you get all the colors filled in for that section..then go to the rest of inside corners and do the same.
10· After finishing wall puzzle it will open up to reveal a key. Take the key into the room to your right and use it to open the cupboard and get the bucket.
11· Return to A level and go outside. Moving all the way to your left you should see a well and a gate with a fire in front of it.
12· Take the bucket and place it at the end of the rope attached to the well. Click on it and then click on the wheel on the side of the well to bring up the bucket. Use the waterproof tape to fix the bucket, and then use the wheel to drop and raise the bucket once more.
13· Click on the bucket with water and use it to put out the flames and then use the golden key and unlock the door.

Level 14:

1. Pushed back the dumpster.
2. Left the room, walked down the street, took a right turn to the park, went past the park to the mill. Picked up the axe.
3. Sharpened the axe on the sandpaper by the mill, in the flood control, at the front end of the street, in the starting room, in the room left of the starting room.
4. Returned to mill, used axe to cut rope holding the windmill in place. Got rope.
5. Went to the flood control, altered the water flow to send the boat to the far right.
6. Went to the park, used rope to take the spade from the passing boat.
7. Went to the front end of the street, used spade to fetch down pants on washing line, got a key.
8. Returned to starting room, went to room from the left, got code.
9. Went to end of street, used key to open door on the left.
10. Solved puzzle (need to put all colours together in squares of four) to open door on left.
11. Entered code from dumpster room into wall panel.
12. Returned to right-hand room, knocked down back wall with screwdriver.

Level 15:

1. Use screwdriver twice on lower-left panel.
2. Arrange screens in chronological order - the first room in the game, then the second room, then the bridge from Level 14, then the guestbook room.
3. Leave the room, click the rail somewhere to open a portal. Go through.

Level 16:

1. Go to the second room on the left.
2. Set the levers in accordance with the sign on the right-hand wall; a lever up is set to 0, and down is set to 1 (may require you to move all the levers at least once to work).
3. Go back to the main hallway, and enter the first room on the right.
4. Go into the top-left icon, My Computer, and click the top-right icon within that, Desktop Images, then read the readme.txt, and note down the password in that ("tatersXXX"). Close it. Reopen My Computer, go into "Password Settings." Your aim is to enter all three passwords (you don't need to do this simultaneously). Enter your tatersXXX password into the top box, then click "Login." This should activate the other icons on the desktop.
5. Note down the number of your UNOX ("1.XX") system (only visible with desktop image changed, as done in the previous step), and open the Blender file and note down the number of that ("2.XX" (occasionally "2.X")). Open My Computer again, click in "Password Settings." Enter whichever passwords you have yet to enter (if you've been following this walkthrough, it's your Blender version and your UNOX version). Click "Login."
6. Open the folder on the middle left, and find the document within it. Use the decoders to set it to a spaced-out format (may not be necessary), and pick up the six-digit number at the very bottom. Go to the Start menu, click the only option, put in the number, and click the button.
7. Return to the main hallway, click to open the end door, and leave.

Level 17:

1. Go left to the control panel. Click on the UFO dome in the window to set it as a target.
2. Insert the following directions on the panel: Up, up, right, right, down.
3. Click inside the now domeless UFO to receive a Manipulator Of Time and Space. Click this in your inventory to receive three more options.
4. Click the third manipulator, and click the UFO in the room you are transported to to receive an IC board, and pick up a screwdriver from a chair on the far right. Use the first manipulator to return to the UFO you started at, and use the IC board on it to insert it.
5. Use the second manipulator, and use the screwdriver to open the second door. Your past self will pass by, but afterwards, you will find another IC board. Use the first manipulator to return to the original UFO, and insert the IC board.
6. The UFO flies away. Click on the piece of paper, then click on your MOTAS device, and click on the fourth option to be teleported away.
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Level 18:

1. Go right into the next room
2. Click the box or whatever it is; it should move to the side
3. Get the code from the plaque on the wall. (E.G. 6, 4, 3)
4. Go back to the previous room.
5. The three panels are like the faces of a die; click them to change the numbers to the three from the plaque (E.G. From top to bottom, 6, 4, 3)
6. This should open up a MOTAS recharger. Place the MOTAS device in it; it should start hovering.
7. You should see 5 arrows(switches) that look like this:
V ^ V ^ V (Down, Up, Down, Up, Down)
Change them to this:
^ V ^ V ^ (Up, Down, Up, Down, Up)
The MOTAS should no longer be hovering.
8. There should also be three other switches, two below and one above the five arrow switches you just modified. They should all be pointing downwards. Click the one above the five arrow switches so it is pointing upwards. The MOTAS should resume hovering.
9. Click on the MOTAS to pick it up. The message should say that you have reversed the polarity of the MOTAS.
10. Engage the MOTAS and travel back to the room with the crashed alien ship.
11. Hover your mouse over the ship for a few seconds, and then the alien.
The alien should get up, return to the ship, and fly out of there. The hole in the roof should disappear. The message will say that time is running backwards.
12. Remember the plaque that said the three numbers? It also said, "Important information destroyed by alien ship." See the sheet of paper the alien ship was on? Yep, you guessed it. It's a MOTAS device code. Click it.

Level 19:
First, your going to want to go to the future. Well, almost first. If your just starting the level, go to the left one room. You should see a panel on the wall with two small gray buttons on the right, and a screen with some squares in between them. On the left of this panel is a big, green button. It might help to know what each button does so pay attention...
The button on the far right changes whether or not the squares
change colors. Right now they should be orange, green and blue. Go ahead and push the button on the far right. The squares should now be changing colors. Leave it like this for now.
The button in the middle makes the squares move and stop. Push it. The squares should now be moving. Leave it like this.
The green button...I guess "activates" the time machine. Push this button now.
You should now be in the future time period. Do you remember what you did? If you don't, don't worry about it. Now, go to your right as far as you can. You should be outside with a fence in front of you and a tree to your right. There should be a seed on the ground next to the tree. Pick it up. Now, your first thought would probably be to plant the seed now, right? Wrong. If you planted the seed now, you would have to wait until it grows, which takes a while. Luckily, you have a time machine at your disposal!
Go back to the time machine (3 rooms to your left). This time you are going to want to go to the past.
Push the middle button so that the squares stop moving. Now push the green button. You are now in the past!
Go to your right and plant the seed in the seed pot (the round tube on the ground). Continue to the right until your outside again. The tree should now be small and there should be a ladder next to it. Take the ladder and head back to the time machine.
We need to go to the future again so that the tree you planted will be big enough to place a ladder on and climb up. So go back to the time machine. Push the middle button, then the green button and go to the right. The seed you planted should be a tree now. Use the ladder on the tree and climb up.
Go to your right and search the bookshelves. Read what your character says. He should say a code. REMEMBER THE CODE and head back down and to the time machine.
We need to go to the present this time. Once you are at the time machine, push the button on the right. Now push the green button. Go to the left and enter the code from the book case. Exit through the door. Your done...for now...

level 20:

1) click on the box and get a screwdriver…observe DOOMSDAY clock for info only in this level
2) go left to room with computer and turn power on; message says computer has overheated
3) go left to room with a view and use screwdriver to take fan, go back to room with computer and insert fan…turn computer off, then on again and close the open windows on desktop…underneath last window are letters “Y,P,R,G,Y,P”
4) go left to room with the 6 red buttons…notice they change colors…the letters from the computer are the colors “yellow,purple,red,green,yellow,purple”; turn buttons to match color code and a door opens to the left; go inside and pick up USB device
5) back to computer room and insert USB device and new window pops up on screen…move cursor in this new window until you see “Password Manager” and the number 44143
6) back to room with the box on left wall and the circle with keyhole in middle…press the middle of the box and notice 5 0’s at top of screen…now, on the side of box enter the “44143″ code; there are 4boxes across and 5 boxes in vertical positions, enter the code in the correct box vertically and press middle of box when finished 7) code will reveal a magnet…go to room with colored buttons and notice the hole in window and the key outside the window…place magnet on hole and pull the key through!
8) use key on locker in main room and receive another key
9) return to room with “circle” mechanism on wall and insert locker box key in the keyhole…press the 4 large buttons to align the spokes; my apology for not tracking the exact movements…it was trial and error but it doesn’t take very long to line them up
10) when spokes are aligned, a new area opens up … step on through!

Escape Khaki Room Walkthrough

Escape Khaki Room is a point and click from the creator of Escape Orange Room and Escape Green Room games.

In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Escape Khaki Room Walkthrough:
1. Pick up boots. View boots. Pick up dart. Put boots back.
2. Pick up jacket. View jacket. In the left pocket you can see a shadow. Click the shadow until you have moved the shadow all the way up and you can collect the key. Put jacket back.

3. Zoom in on poster of tank. Notice the name: "nuzzel".
4. Move left. Pick up pencil under pictures on table.
5. View picture of the soldier lying on the gras. In the upper left corner you see something white. Collect it (it's a card)
6. Take dart from the flower pot in the window.
7. Move left. Place darts on dartboard.
8. Use key on depot-door.Go inside.
9. Open to right box. Collect a beer-can, then you see a knife. Take it, and place beer-can back.
10. Open up big yellow box on the floor and take out all the tools. Click on the side of the box and you can collect a new card. Place all tools back - except for the crowbar.
11. Click right corner on bottom shelf on the wall. Then you see a card and a fork. Take both. Walk out of room.

12. Sharpen pencil with the knife, and place bothe the pencil and the fork on the dartboard.
13. Move left. Make all the hooks over the bed go as far up as they can(neither can elevate to the same level, they elevate to three different levels).
14. Click on the crowbar and lift up pillow, blanket and the two mattresses, whene they are all floating in the air you click the upper right bedleg with the crowbar. The bed will move.
15. Lift the content of the bed again and collect fork(lyes under the 2. matress).
15. Turn right, and place the fork on the dartboard. Turn right and use knife on the stool under the jacket. Collect card.
16. Turn left, and go down hatch that was under the bed.
17. Collect dices on the table.
18. Consentrate on one pile of stones at a time. Try to click on each one until you hear a click. Then you can click on the levers, and one of them should stay down. Go on to the next pile and do the same thing until all three levers are faceing right.
19. Go in the door with the lightningrod on it.
20. Collect dart on spiderweb on left side of lamp.
21. Go up and turn right until you face the dartboard. Place dart on board and the board should fall down. Collect the red lever i hang upon.
22. Go down to the basement again and in to the room where the safe is.
23. To get the safe-code you have to use the dices. There are twelve possibilitys. Three of them are visable to you right away. The other three sides of the dices that you don't see you have to figure out by your own(using a real dice might be helpful for some.) Now you have six combos from left to right. If they don't work you have to try all the combos from right to left. The safe door opens by it self when you have the right combo.

24. Collect the remote inside the safe. View it, and attach the lever you got from the dartboard on to it. Click it again and it will get taller.
25. Use the four card you have in you inventory on the periscope. (Ace og hearts goes to the heartmark and so on.
26. The periscope is turned on and you are able to view the outside by clicing on the lense. How the levers on the right side of the periscope is placed decide what you see outside.
Place the levers so that you can see the front of the nuzzel of the tank. Click on the remote (it will be seen on the left side of the screen).

a. Now you try to click on the buttons until the tank moves forward.
b. Click on another button. If the tank moves backwards you have to repeat step "a.", and try another button until i has moved forwards twice.
c. Repeat "a." and "b." until the tank has left the screen, zoom out so that you can click on the levers until you find a screen where you can see the tank again.
d. Make the tank move forwards until you hear a crash.
27. Get out of the basement and face the door where the jacket hangs. The tank has gone through it and you are able to leave.

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Second Room Walkthrough

Second Room is a point and click escape game, sequel of First Room.

In this game you are in a room and you need to escape finding items and solving puzzles. Takes some time to load and language complicate things a little bit. Good luck!

Play Second Room

Second Room Walkthrough:
Under the flash movie itself, there's some hints in the footnote:
*There are only 3 items
*There's only 1 ending, but depending on your moves/situation, you may not have a way to pass the game (as we've already figured out)...
*Also in the game intro, some screen shots and links are displayed. (I'll have to replay it...)

In the game itself, there's a few text hints:

When you get the clue about pi, the text at the bottom of the screen says perhaps its a clue, or is it a lie?

When you do the password on the computer the first time and press the input button again after it says the password was wrong, as faewitch said, it lets you on the computer, and says "the password was cancelled, so in other words there wasn't a password"

In the file folder "program" on the computer, if you click on the left file, it opens up and is a text file that you can actually write in, select, etc. The text says you need three things to know the way [out]: Knowledge
and to look on the opposite page.
Don't click on the right file, because it gives the computer a virus and you can't use it again.

The "Pass" icon "program": Password configuration checking software. Haven't figured out what to do with anything yet.

The bottom left "program" is a shortcut to Yu's Room site. the comment when you click on it gives a HINT: there might be a hint somewhere. Viewing source is also good...
(On that note, I looked at all the files the game links to, and in only one I finally found a comment at the top of the source,
pass = 4)

Bottom right "program" is a link to Super Owata Bros. I'm not sure at all how to win at this game... I suck. ASDW keys are direction keys, J is Owata Buster (your attack) (hold to charge), O is self-destruct, and K is jump/swim.
On the initial screen when you start playing, it says "Password Room" in the bottom right corner. Then it says on the screen to the right, "Room for people who couldn't escape." To the left, it's the "Hermit Room" screen.
There are nine hidden boxes I think on total on the first screen. Don't know if that's important...
Can't reach the ? box.

And that's all I've got.

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Escape from the Same Rooms Walkthrough

Escape From the Same Rooms is a japanese point and click room escape game developed by Tesshi-m, creator of Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Balloon Room.

You´re locked in a room and you need to escape solving puzzles and using items.
Good luck!
Escape from the Same Rooms Walkthrough:
1. open the drawer, take the cup noodle; zoom in the bottom left of drawer and take the green key
2. turn right once and zoom in the green bottle. note the colors (red/purple)
3. turn right twice,use the green key, go trough and open the grey box(box0), set the number 2
4. twice right, take the bottle with red liquid,open the drawer. u see a box with 2 digit (A to Z) u need later...
5. use here the green key, go trough the door, turn left, use green key again and zoom in the green bottle. put the cup noodle on the desk, push the bottle and fill the cup with some liquid. click the cup and see the bottom of it. note the colors (purple/yellow)
6. turn left once, open the drawer and take the bottle with blue liquid; zoom in the bottom left of drawer, take the paper with codes. first line: months (need us "J'uly), the second line (I don't know, but we need "M")
7. turn left twice, open the grey box (box 2) and take the green ball
8. go back to the first room (right, green key, right, green key), set the grey box to 3 and set the digits in the drawer first "J" and second "M", push it and take the yellow key
9. left once, use yellow key, go trough the door and open the grey box (box3) on the wall, take the coloured paper (yellow/green)
10. left one, zoom in the green bottle, take the red ball from it and fill into the red and the blue liquid
11. left one, take the light green ball from the top of drawer. open it, u see a box, but u can't still open it (later)
12. go back to the first room (straight and use yellow key)
13. turn right and set the on the grey box 1. after that: right, use yellow key, right, yellow again, right, use green key, go trough the door and open the grey box (box1), take the white ball (here is the entrance door too)
14. turn left twice, use green key, turn left, use yellow key, zoom in the green bottle, put in the white ball. Now u have a purple ball
15. turn left one, open the the drawer, put the balls in this order(like on the colored papers): red-purple- light green-green
16. push it and take the blue key
17. left one,use yellow,right, use green key, straith and use blue key...
18. you are out.

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Thanks to: Escape Games 24

Geek Quest Volume 3 Walkthrough

Geek Quest Volume 3 is a point and click/adventure game by Alex Bobbs.

"At the end of Volume 2, you've discovered a strange and forgotten land underneath STY Tech, and must find a way out! Putting aside previous concerns of getting into your school of choice, your quest becomes a battle for survival, and a journey to discover the truth."
Good luck!
Geek Quest Volume 3 Walkthrough:
First things first: Hacking the Network.
-From the start, go left and enter the computer room. Susan will radio you and tell you to jack into the network
-Follow the purple cable until you find the generator. Push the small red button to start it, then go back to the last intersection. Flip the switch to send power to the computer room, then go to the computer room and turn on the mainframes.
-Click on the virtual reality machine until you log on.
-Open the access panel. Swap lines 10 & 11, and 8 & 9, then run the program.

Enter the Matrix. Exploring Cyberspace.
-Firsh check out the financial logs. There is nothing for you to do here, but a clue that may help you unravel the plot.
-Now check out the dorm network. You may have noticed that the fuzzy creatures in the maze are called "Grues". Hmmm... "Grues Lullbye"? Better download it. You will get a hard copy of the file when you exit cyberspace.
-Now start exploring the archives. You could find the exit by brute-force, writing down the directory paths, or noticing the one hidden clue. Notice how the floating sign for the System Administrator is white, and each white door leads to a directory with one and only one white door. Yes, it's that subtle. Then, when another sign appears that is green, take the green door instead.
-The System Administrator will "greet" you. Ask him about everything, and remember his directions to the chat archives.
-In the second confusing series of door, choose the right door three times in a row, and then the middle one.
-You meet up with Susan. Listen to what she and Sam Ward have to say, then defeat the Ninja. Follow the songs (turn on sound if you haven't already) and hit the circles on the beat.
-After Derek saves you, log out. You now have a map, a print-out of the lullabye, the CS vault lock finished, and the gates in the labryinth opened. Not a bad haul!

Engineering: Grues in Cages, and a suit worth getting.
-Go to the engineering loop (see your new map, it's where the generator was). If you come around the south side of the loop, you can access a control panel for 5 cages which you will use to trap the Grues. User the green button to control which wheels you turn, the red to turn them, and the blue to drop the cages. Set the two cages on wheel #2 at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. The wheel #1 and wheel #4 cages to the 3 o'clock positions, and the wheel #5 cage to the 6 'oclock position. Now wait until all 5 grues are standing in the shadow of a cage and drop them.
-Go to the Engineering Switch and remove the rock. Harvie the Hamster will give you a hand. Open the glass shield and flip the switch.
-Pull out your map and figure out how to route power to the engineering hallway. Head back south and switch the power to go through the wall (to box #1, as shown on the map) instead of to the computer room. As long as you're here, check out the file room.
-Head north to box #1 and enter the symbol shown on the map to send power to the engineering hallway.
-Head south. The hallway lights should be on. Look at the case for the bionic suit.
-Look at the keypad and enter in the number of sides each shape has. The code is 5-1-3-4.

Math: Balance the Bridge of Doom.
-By taking blocks from the pile and dropping them off in the receptacles on the left, put exactly 3 blocks each in receptacles I and II. Carrying 1 block, walk out two segments and drop off the block in receptacle IV. Repeat, so there are 2 blocks in receptacle IV. Now go back and fill receptacle I with blocks (up to 4), pick up 2 blocks, walk out 1 segment, and drop both blocks off in receptacle III. Now go back, unload 2 blocks from receptacle I, and place those 2 in receptacle II. There should now be 2 blocks supporting each segment.
-Walk across the Bridge of Doom and flip the Math Switch.

Biology: Establishing Order.
-Go to the Southeast corner of the labyrinth and walk through the hole in the brick wall. Play a lullabye on the piano to put the Grues to sleep. There is an explanation of which key is which (might need to write this down) if you don't know your piano basics.
-Go back and travel North, and take the other entrance into the brick Biology cooridors. When you reach the Grues nest, look at the safe on the wall.
-The code is the order of animals from greatest to least. According to the Liger poem found in the file room, the Liger would be the top animal if not for the velociraptor. So velociraptor goes first. You may have noted that the velociraptor in the pen has a battle axe, which is part of the velociraptor symbol on the lock. Next is then the liger, and its button is the striped pattern. Next is the Grue, because we are told that humans and hamsters must avoid Grues, and that they pose a serious threat, and the symbol is the Grue silver fork. Next is humans, since one of the math majors proved that humans are superior to hamsters, and last is the hamster, indicated by the hamster wheel symbol seen near the engineering switch. Open the safe and flip the Biology switch.
-Before leaving this quadrant of the map, head north and read the chemistry lab manual (red book).

Physics: Wait, this stuff was made fifty years ago?
-Go to the nortwest corner of the map and open the power box. Refer to the map (on your radio subscreen) and enter the second pictoral code, sending power to box #2.
-Go east and look at box #2. It should now have power (if not, recheck the combination you used on box #1). Turn on all the lights on the outer edge, making a square. This is the last pattern shown on your map. The physics wing now has power.
-When you see the three Grues deep in conversation, look at the controls in the foreground. Move the ceiling device directly above the Grues, press the red button to prep it, and then fire up the shields with the blue button. The Grues are not trapped.
-Head into the physics room. Note that ducks seem to wander about freely. Head to the back and flip the physics switch.
-You didn't think it would really be that easy, did you? To attack the ninja, aim at the ducks, suck them into the Inducktor, and then shoot them back at him. Make sure to dodge behind the metal table when he attacks (press spacebar). At first, he will use the proton pack, which fires extremely quickly, but gives off a warning "charging" sound before use. Next, the Ninja will create phony images of himself. The fake ones are a slightly bluish tint. Hit the real one, and duck when he throws a ninja star. Finally, the Ninja will pull out a light sabre. Wait until the moment he puts it away and attack immediately. Repeat until his health is drained.

Chemistry: Lab Monkey
-Enter the Chemlab from the back door (Physics entrance). Look at the bench.
-If you read the red book on the other side of the room, then the ingrediants will appear in the correct order. Now, all the labels are missing, but we can figure this out. The first ingredient is the canister that matches the torn label on the lab bench. The second is the one with the warning "noxious and corrosive". The third is the diamond label (the missing label is found on a blue notebook in the north hall). The last is the canister marked "F.W. 73" on what remains of its label. (By the way, this synthesis would actually produce the insect repellent DEET).
-Now that the Grues have left, head to the main lab door. It can not be opened, but Bingo the Monkey can hit the switch for you. Count the tiles he would have to walk in each direction to reach the switch.
-Remember the instructions on the Math wall for commanding animals? We're going to put this into practice. Enter in a full series of commands on the keypad, and then press the center button to watch Bingo get to work. The shapes correspond to the same numbers as the bionic suit lock.
-The correct combination is forward-circle-right-forward-angle-left-forward-square-left-forward-angle.

The Core: It all comes down to this.
-Open the vault door. Once in, follow Susan's instructions and push the red button.
-During the cutscene, do not listen to the treacherous Dean or the slacker Alan Kreitman. Who's never steered you wrong? That's right... Susan. When she suggests destroying the switch to prevent "the machine" from ever being used, choose this option.
-Travel through the steam tunnels, following Susan's frantic directions. If you go the wrong way and are blocked off by a velociraptor, just turn around and go the other way.
-Congrats! You beat the game!

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One Room of a Cottage Walkthrough

One Room of a Cottage - Escape From The Villa is a new point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
One Room of a Cottage Walkthrough:
1. on the right edge of the bed, get the box of color pencil.
2. get the phone cord on the plant at the right.
3. go to the door, there's a memo at the door. at the bottom left side of the door, get the screwdriver
4. go to the Lion picture, take it off using the screwdriver, you'll get the script on the mirror - that's the metrodome's code
5. go to the metrodome, click the arm with the direction on the script (L R R L L top), get the key on the right side
6. open the drawer below - get the lighter in the locked drawer
7. use the color pencil on the memo on the small table - there're some words on it.
the boxes writen 1, 2, 3 are actually HINT 1, 2 and 3. sorry i can't understand what they exactly mean. All you need to do is to input "きん" in the white box, and click - you'll get the code '8393'
8. go to the window, there's a floor tile with different color. open it and input the code - you'll get another memo.
9. use lighter on the memo, you'll get the emergency phone number
10. plug the phone cord to the phone, dial the number you get: key in the number and press the green button - you'll hear the helicopter's sound and get out.

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Thanks to: Escape Games 24

Royal Pain Walkthrough

Royal Pain is a point and click game from the creators of Naughty Classroom and Naughthy Gym Class.

Your mission is to annoy the Royal Guard. You have to click several objects in the game screen and make combos for maximun annoyance.
Good Luck!
Royal Pain Walkthrough:
1. Pick up feather, click on guards nose. do this twice.
2. Take water can and water the plant to the ojd guys right.
3. Take the batteries and put them in the radio
pich up little rochs and drop them on the old guy's balloon
4. Click the ladie, she will show the guard her...well, you know..
5. Take the bucket and fill it with water
6. Then click the dog
7. Tip the trashcan and pick up the chalk and write on the wall
8. When the bird flies over the guerds head, click the bird and it will poop on his head
9. He'll go insane

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Return to the THK58 Walkthrough

Return to the THK58 is a 3D point and click room escape game developed by Alexandre Timbro.

In this sequel of the game Escape from the THK58 Sarah returns looking for survivors. You´ll experience some minigame sequences FPS style.
Good luck!
Return to the THK58 Walkthrough:
1. Forward THK poster and locked door on left...remember this, we will call this the engine bay.
2. Right and down corridor, door on left storeroom with crowbar and paper under box.
3. Continue to snooker room and paper under chair. Right see boxes and get screwdriver.
4. Right to toilet and get green key and wire.
5. Up corridor to wire cage and right to control room. Use paper code to open and get key.
6. You can now open cage and go upstairs. Control room and get toy?
7. Exit right to window and bedroom left and broken door right, enter. Forward to bedroom. Get card under sheet, and pistol under bookshelf. Exit left and kill alien with first weapon, now select second weapon for next time.
8. Body and elevator, turn around and exit to corridor and left into room with another body and arm. Get arm (gross!). Return to elevator and open door with arm. Alien to kill between the eyes. Get cable under sink and right to storeroom for remote trigger. Left to stuck door, so open.
9. Computer room, select card and right click zoom to read code, to activate elevator.
10. Exit back to regeneration room and down to second door, forward to body and right to elevator. Up to 3rd floor.
11. Choice of left/right...Left kill alien and continue to bedroom and talk to Jack. Exit right and kill alien and see GCA door.
12. Turn around and back up corridor and another alien to kill. Shelves with orange key and stuck door.
13. Return to engine bay by elevator and stairs and open locked door. Another alien. Get rocket launcher.
14. Return to top floor and CGA door, select the rocket launcher before opening with access card, think this was picked up in a bedroom drawer, but didnt register, but was in my inventory.
15. Get explosive device and return to Jack who will assemble it. Exit left and place explosive and wait. Big alien and use rocket launcher.
Enter control room and final images..

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Crane and Spider Walkthrough

Crane and Spider is an Adventure point and click game created by Minoto.

With very cute graphics this game invites you to search items and solve puzzles.
Good luck!
Crane and Spider Walkthrough:
1. Go right twice, get the ladder. go left and put it against the palm tree.
2. Click the tree and it will “grow” an arm and throw the ladder to the left screen. go left pick up the ladder and put it against the rock and take the red cloth
3. Go right and click the bull with the cloth selected. The bull will hit the tree and knock down the bananas.
4. Take the bananas and go left and give them to the monkey. he will climb the tree and get the seed.. or is it a balloon? get the balloon/seed and go right
5. Give it to the bird. the bird will fly up and knock down the snake. get the snake.
6. Go right and click the mound with the hole with the snake selected. the snake will scare the crab out of it and then come back out with a hook. get the hook.
7. Go right twice and get the shovel. go left and give the shove to the cat(?) he will give you the fishing pole. click about item on the pole and select the hook to put them together. click the spider and he will throw a web onto the crane.
8. Click the cat and he will dig a hole that fills with water. select the fishing pole and click the water and you will catch a fish.
9. Go left and give the fish to the bear. click him again and he will knock down the trunk. click the crab and he will cross the trunk.
10. Go right and click the crab and he will release the crane. click the crane and it will fly away leaving you the key. click the key.
11. Go right and watch the crane fly around and go into the house.
12. First ending: select the key and use it on the door. the crane will fly out and that is the crane end.
13. Second ending: instead of the key, use the fishing pole on the door and a little girl comes out. Happy end

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Wildboar Room Escape Walkthrough

Wild Boar Room Escape is a japanese point and click room escape game from Sakura.

In Wildboard Room Escape you´re trapped in a room and your goal is to escape by solving puzzles and finding items.
Good luck!
Wildboar Room Escape Walkthrough:
1)click top left side of tree stand. Get coin from edge of back.
2)Go right click bottom left back of desk. get stick. click back
3)click top back of middle table and get pliers and notice markings. Click back.
4)click under middle of table on the right and use stick to get note pad. click back.
5)go right. click dresser on the left. click on it again to move it to the left and pick up eye dropper.(May not show clearly in your inventory but it's there. click back.
6)click the back of the baby bed and use eye dropper on pink bottle. click back.
7)click on bridge on right and notice markings. click back
8)click right. click top of ladder to get wild boar. click back.
9)click on tv. click left side of black to get black paper. click back.
10)click right. click on red cup and use pliers to get eraser. click back.
11)click on eraser then the black paper to reveal Black #5.
12)click on eye dropper and use it on pad of paper to get a red #2.
13)click on door. remember the markings? Black --> white --> Red.
Black =5 white=1(coin has a #1 on it) Red=2. type in 512 for perfect end.

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Thanks to: Escape Games 24

Screenshots and trailer for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix released

Originally developed by Capcom for the arcade, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has finally made its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade and Playstation Network.


PlanetDefender Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough and strategy guide to win the "Apocalyptic Missile Commander Badge" with PlanetDefender at Kongregate.

Start with a Bunker in the middle of the front row, place a Ion Cannon to the left and right of it and another Bunker next to the Ion Cannon on the side where the first attack arrives.

Continue placing Bunkers and Ion Cannons alternating in the front row. Always place your next Bunker next to the Ion Cannon that suffers most by enemy gunfire. If you observe closely you will notice that this is always the Ion Cannon on the square which is least protected by Bunkers. When the front row is full, you have 4 Ion Cannons and 5 Bunkers (a Bunker at each end of the row).

Next start to place Ion Cannons in the 2nd row, near the Ion Cannons in the first row that suffered most by the enemy attacks. Always place them below a Bunker of the first row.

As the Ion Cannons in row two are now just protected by one Bunker and the Ion Cannons in the front row by two Bunkers each, this will draw the enemy gunfire to the second row. This will cost you some people but will save you firepower and money by not loosing a single Ion Cannon from the front row.

When you have placed 5 Ion Cannons in the 2nd row start filling the spaces with Bunkers. As in row one always place the Bunker next to the Ion Cannon that suffers most by enemy gunfire. Also include the two spaces at the sides of the outmost Ion Cannons. When you have finished that you have five Ion Cannons and six Bunkers in row two. All Bunkers and Ion Cannons should be in a checkerstyle pattern (that is very important). Enemy gunfire is always directed to the square in range that is least protected by Bunkers to inflict the most casualties among your people (and thus cost you the most money), or to the most valuable structure, attempting to destroy it (and thus cost you the most money). Actually all of your Ion Cannons are now protected by three Bunkers and enemy gunfire is distributed more evenly, allthough the Ion Cannons at the sides are always under heavier gunfire.

Now your defence is strong enough to stand against the next 5 waves of attackers and your people, protected by comfy Bunkers, will multiply steadily.

This is a good time to save up some money and spend it on your first level 2 Ion Cannon. First level up the middle Ion Cannon in row two. Next level up the leftmost and rightmost Ion Cannon in row two. As for the rules i explained above this will direct enemy gunfire to your new level 2 Ion Cannons. Don't worry, you have to be very unfortunate to loose one single structure when following this strategy guide.

When you have three level 2 Ion Cannons, reasearch Advanced Economics and build an Economic Center in row three. Leave spaces to build Bunkers in the checkerstyle pattern there too.

You will now do two things at the same time: build 6 Economic Centers and level all Ion Cannons in row two to level 3.

Pay attention to the following rules: Everytime you build an Economic Center build Bunkers next to it. First upgrade all Ion Cannons in row two to level 2, then upgrade them up to level 3 in the same order as you did when upgrading them to level 2. Upgrade a Ion Cannon to the next level and build an Economic Center alternating. Do not level Ion Cannons in the front row.

When the first Carrier arrives you have all Ion Cannons in row two at level 2.

When the Carriers arrive in a pair you have all Ion Cannons in row two at level 3. When you have built all Economic Centers in row three, you have the six Centers and seven Bunkers (one at each end in the line of structures) in row three. The leftmost and rightmost slots in row two and three are empty.

Next get rich or die trying: upgrade all six Centers to level two!

While doing this, the first shielded Battleship will arrive. Don't worry, the Ion Cannons are powerful enough to cope with it. Allthough it will cost you some people.

Next research Nuclear Fusion and upgrade all Bunkers in the frontrow to level 2. Save all the rest of the money while researching. When finished immediately sell all Ion Cannons from the front row and build Missile Complexes there and in the four other remaining spaces (one at each side of row two and three). You have now eight Missile Complexes.

Upgrade all of them to level 2. Next build four additional Economic Centers in row three and upgrade them. Sell four Bunkers one by one to free the needed space.

After that reasearch Advanced Energy, while doing that, upgrade all Missile Complexes to level 3. When finished with upgrading and research build four Missile Defence lasers, three in row three and one in row two. Don't upgrade them yet.

Save your amazingly fast incoming money, and research the Planet Shield now.

Congratulations, at this point you already have won the game (allthough it will continue for 15 more minutes in fast mode)!

Just replace the remaining Bunkers with Missile Complexes and fully upgrade them. Also upgrade the four missile Defence Lasers and the five remaining Ion Cannons.

When you maxed everything, save 13k money and replace all Economic Centers with Missile Complexes and max them too.

Lean back and have fun watching armadas of those nasty enemy ships getting eaten away by your phalanxes of nuclear missiles before they can fire a single shot!

More online games you might enjoy:
Sugar Sugar Christmas, Wake Up the Box 3 and Coins

Pirate Cat Adventure Walkthrough

Pirate Cat Adventure is a new Japanese point and click/adventure game.

In this game, you need to find and use some useful things and solve some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Pirate Cat Adventure Solution, Walkthrough:
1. Go left from boat and get saw, left again and forward,left again and you see the town.

2. Go left from the town and you see a park with a fish statue, girl and another statue.

3. Click the girl and then click the tree. you (the pirate) will kick the tree and knock down the worms which scare the girl.(like little miss muffett lol) get the atm card from under the bench. the book and click a worm to get that too. item check the book and you get a student id or a library card (not sure which it is) pay attention to the numbers on there.

4. Go back and click the statue on the right and get the ashes. you can click the fish statue on the left but it just shows you the orange ball you will get later. click forward from the park and you will be at a lake. there is a dirty magazine there. take it.

5. Go right and go to town. click the bank on the left. (you can click the table on in front of you ( not in front of the guy) and get a marker. click the paper and you draw a gross picture. lol) go to the atm machine. use the atm card. the id card has a birthdate on it 12 24 use that for the pin. click the top left button. it shows you a screen and there is a number 1 there. click the 3rd button on the left and put in one. you will get a coin. you can take back the atm card but you wont need it.

6. Go back to town and click the building to the right of the bank (a pawn shop i think). give the coin to the guy and click the flashlight. go back out.

7. Click the third building on the right and get the tobasco sauce (looks like a beer bottle). move the table tent next to that and get the matches from behind it. you can talk to the people but i don't know what they say.

8. Go back out and go to the police station. click the id card and show it to the sheriff. he stops eating. click him a few more times and he goes away. click the tobascco sauce and click his food. he comes back and click him and he starts to eat again. he then falls over. (let's hope he is not dead lol)

9. Open the locker second from the left and you get a book you can read but not keep. i don't know what it says. click the map on the wall to the left of the lockers. click it again and it is in your inventory. click the back side of it and and it shows you a map to another island we are going to go to . go back out to town.

10. Click the green tower and go inside. you can click the trash can and move it but it doesn't do anything. click left and get the fish tank. you can click the bonsai tree and break it but it doesn't do anything either.

11. Click left twice and you will see a panel you can't open and a shelf you can put the tank on but we aren't going to do that yet. you will also notice the elevator doesn't work. we will fix that later.

12. Click back out to town and go down. you will see a telephone booth. go inside. you will see firecrackers under the phone pick them up. once you are out of the booth click down and see a red cover on the ground then click right and see red doors on top of wall on the right are gloves. pick those up. go back to town. (left up up) then back to the park (left)

13. Now go left again from the park and you will be at two trees and a gate. use your saw and cut open the gate. place the ashes on the tree on the left and at beetle will come from the ground. get the beetle.

14. Go through the doors. go to the left. and forward. use your sword on the log hanging next to the bell. click back to pick up the log. go right twice and then forward. use the log to bust open the doors. go forward and take the ladder in the room. take the box next to the shelves (can't open it yet). then there are two books you can look at on the shelves. the first one on the second shelf down is a book with pictures and i am sure it is a great story :) then second one is on the shelf 2nd from the bottom. (it is a different color green.) open it and you get a key that does not work on the box you just got ;) (click back to x out of the books).

15. There is a picture in this room. click it a bunch of times to knock it down. behind it is a bow and arrows. leave the building and you can turn left and see the well but we can't do anything with that right now.

16. Go back and left back to the temple. click your flashlight and click the dark area under the temple to see an axe. take the axe. click back and then forward twice to go in the temple. you will be stopped by a monk? click the dirty magazine and he will blush and go away to another room to meditate about his un-pure thoughts ;) once he is gone. go right and you will see a cabinet on the wall. open it up and you will see a paper. click it and it goes away. there is another box in the cabinet, take it and then use the key on the door and get a piece of paper with a safe combination. open the box (item check) and you will find a silver cat mask.

17. Go back to the left. you can go forward but we can't do anything in that room yet. go back twice and to the left to the bell. click the bamboo trees to the right of the bell. there is a fish rod on the ground, get that. then use you axe to cut down the bamboo stalk on the far right. click it to look inside and we have found our FIRST orange ball! (there are 7 to get).

18. Click back back right and back and you will be at the trees again. put the ladder on the right tree.. but don't go up it unless you want to get scorched by a fire breathing bird lol. throw the firecrackers you got from the phone up the tree. (it lights them automatically with the matches you don't have to do it.) watch the scorched birdie fly away. then go up the ladder. there is our 2nd orange ball. :)

19. Go back down and to the right three times to a road. go down and right. you are at the sea by a wall. do item check on your rod and put the worm on it. use you rod on the water and an octopus jumps out click it.

20. Go left, forward, left three times, forward and right, then click the well (twice). put the octopus on your rod and fish in the well. click the lobster that pops out. go back to the the park now. you should see a balloon flying by( you may have to wait a few seconds). use your bow and arrow on it and it falls down knocking over the fish statue. get the THIRD orange ball from that.

21. Now go forward to the lake, click the tank and the water to put water in it then use the lobster to fish it in. an electric fish will pop out. use you gloves this time to get the fish otherwise you get electrocuted lol . the fish will now be in the tank. stay at the lake and take your axe. throw it in the lake and a beautiful lady of the lake pops out offering you more axes. (you may have to back up and go back to the lake to find the spot to throw it or use tab). now you have to be evil.. click your beetle and throw it at her. it pinches her and you get all of the axes! now you are back at the park. click the girl and get another bug as it will come in handy.

22. Now go back to the temple and into that room with the statues. put the sliver axe in the sliver statue and the gold in the gold one. a door opens up and we get our FORTH orange ball! click the purple cushion and it falls off showing a button. push the button. a panel opens in the floor showing an orange thing. click it and then do item check on it and it is a glider! :) (now from here you can go back to the monk meditating and use the marker on his head for fun lol )

23. Now go back to town and click the green tower and go inside. go to the right and put the tank on the self. use the axe to break down the panel we couldn't open. click the red wires that are cut to pull them down. click them again to put them in the tank. yay now our elevator works!

22. Go in the elevator and you go to the top. click your hang glider and click forward. you will fly to the the castle that is outside of town. go forward and see a tv. click to the left of the tv. you will see two switches, turn them on.

23. Go back and click the tv. you will sit down and there will be chapters for you to watch. if you watch them all the next part on the other island is easier. but you must watch the last one and then it will cut away. the door on the left will open and a guy holding a sandwhich will come out. click the sandwhich and a big guy with a ball and chain come outs. you can try hitting with your sword but he blocks it. what do you think a big tough guy like him is scared of... let's try the worm! lol. the bigger they are the harder they fall. :)

24. Take the ball and chain and go the the guy with his hands up. use your sword on him and he falls to the ground. click him again and then click his wig. click it again to get it. now go to the door on the left. (back and then left)

25. Click the meat on the table. you can click the wine glass and bottle but it doesn't do anything. you can also click the desk and read the papers if you want..

26. Click left and you will see a painting and a safe. you can click the paint to have it fall but there is nothing behind it. click the safe. remember the combination we have? click the dial seven times and hey we still have a key use the key have you have moved the dial 7 times. get the tube out of the safe.

27. Click back and right twice and you see a statue with a port in it and a port to the right of it. click those to open them. you can also click the mirror to break it for fun. take the tube and connect it to both ports. now take the wig and put it on the statue. a hidden wall opens up. click it and take our FIFTH orange ball. only two more!!

28. Now we will go to the island i was telling you about. click back out of the tower and select your hang glider to fly back to town. go back to your boat. click it and you will set sail. now remember the map. item check it (flip it over if it still shows town.) but here is the tricky thing.. we are not facing north. we are facing south so flip the map twice to get it upside down. now follow the arrows. (up left down right twice and up 4 times. )

29. Go right and use your ball and chain to knock down the gate. go forward and you see a dog that wont let you pass. hey.. i bet he likes meat lol. give him the meet and he lets you by. Go forward and now it should look familiar from the videos. if you go to the left you find a tomb that has already been opened. if you go to the right you find a tomb that you can open. go right and forward and use two of your orange balls on the statues. a door will open up. take back your orange balls.

30. Go forward into the tomb. click the symbols on the right. now we are going to play a little simons says. play the game (by clicking play) and a hole will open on the left side for another orange ball. ( you are on your own for the game. don't worry if you mess up the game repeats itself so you will get the hang of it. ) get the SIXTH orange ball.

31. Leave the tomb and go back to the ruins. now go forward twice to the cave ahead. throw your sword at the cat statue in the cave. hey look a key! get the key and go forward. then go through the dark areas until you can go left and right. use the flash light and you will see signs on the walls next to other statues on both sides.also there are levers that if you push up on both sides the light turn on.

32. Go back one step and look with the flashlight on the walls and you will see buttons you can push to make those signs.. stairs will come down. go up the stairs. click on the tapestry with your key. it will disappear. click it again and you will get a bronze key. use that key to open up the box you have. now you have a bronze mask!

33. Click the brick three spaces to the left of the tapestry and 6 up (or use tab to find it). the brick will fall and put your sliver mask in that spot. the wall will move and you will see your last and final 7th ball. click the cat statue twice and click the ball. now that you have seven they will start glowing.

34. Go back down the stairs and click any button (with your flashlight) on the left or right to have the stair go back up. go forward to the room again with the symbols. click the brick in the middle of the room between the two statues in front of you (use tab if you need to ) and it falls out. click and it and now put your bronze mask in there.

35. A door opens up, go through it until you get to the statue. see the holes? i wonder what goes there! lol. put your balls in there (after you put the first top one in you have to select them again) then sit back and watch the end.

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