Excavator Story Walkthrough

Excavator Story is a point a click game.
In this game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
There is no English translation but language should not be too much of a problem.
Excavator Story WalkthroughExcavator Story Walkthrough:
1. Click on the guy and take a lever (on the pipe under his head).

2. Go back and turn left. Take a wrench (in the center of the room).

3. Use a wrench on the left cabinet.

4. Turn left twice. Get the gloves (right side of the electric box) and a nail (in the middle of the road).

5. Use a wrench on a nail to bend it.

6. Use a bended nail to open the electric box. Take an axe (left side of the box).

7. Go back to the 1st screen and open a drawer. Use the gloves to get a candy from the drawer.

8. Go left and cut a wire in the cabinet with an axe.

9. Go left and give a candy to the men.

10. Go right or left and back to the 3rd screen. Take a candy wrapper (on the right od the guy’s legs In the item part).

11. Use a wrapper on the wire.

12. Go to the 1st screen and use a wire with a wrapper on the cat.

13. Click the guy and take a note from his pocket.

14. Go back and click on upper part of the map. Read the instruction with numbers.

15. Go back and turn left. Use a note on the green phone.

16. Go to the 4th screen and open the electric box with a bended nail. Put a lever on the righ.

17. Use gloves to get a lever up and press the red button.

18. Go back and turn right. Guy is gone and you can go out – click the trees on the right.

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Escape from the Box Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Box Room is a new point and click from Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from the Same Rooms games.
Solve the puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!
Escape from the Box Room WalkthroughEscape from the Box Room Walkthrough:
1. remember the sequence when you remove the boxes

2. for the first puzzle, the biggest corresponds to the colour appear the first

3. second puzzle...the answer correspond to the position of number in the sequence

4. green box...click it from the top

5. red box...see the track that yellow dot draws

6. light blue box...switch off the light

7. yellow box...well...elementary english...

8. you'll know the code then

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We are from the Future Walkthrough

We are from the Future is a Russian point and click game.
In this game you need to find items to make a CD-Player.
Good Luck!
We are from the Future WalkthroughWe are from the Future Walkthrough:
1. On the far right of the screen, take the gramaphone, the rolled paper, and the handle.
2. Next to the door, in the jacket's pocket take the glasses.
3. On the desk take the black disc.
4. Open the desk drawer, take the flashlight.
5. Far left, open the box with lock. Take the spool tape machine.
6. Place the flashlight on the far right corner of the desk.
7. Place the glasses next to the rolled paper on the wall.
8. Place the mirror or black disc on the lightest part of the ceiling.
9. Place the gramaphone next to the flashlight.
10. Place the disc and the handle on the gramaphone.
11. Place the spool tape machine next to the gramaphone.
12. Place the rolled paper on the far left wall.
13. Click the gramaphone.
I think this is the End, but who knows...

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Escape Game Walkthrough

Escape Game is a new point and click game type escape the room.
In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Escape Game walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscape Game Walkthrough:
1. First go on the bed and take out the blanket and get a map that says: NO_WAY a letter is missing and is the R it says: noRway. remember the R

2. The zoom out and go right tree times

3. Click on the pink garbage pot. (sometimes it doesnt work so click several times) get the BEE_ theres a missing letter too. is the R it says beeR. remember the R again. zoom out.

4. Now you have: R R

5. Go right one time

6. Open the drawer of the right. zoom in. its empty. zoom out again and open the drawer again . open the drawer of the top. its open. zoom in, there you can find a book, take it. the book says GRAND _ANAL .take it. one letter is missing there. and is the C now remember the C.

7. You have R R C.

8. Then zoom out and open again the one that is empty.

9. Open the one of the bottom. and theres a blue square. take it. it says MEMORY CAR_ theres a missing letter too. is the D now remember the D.

10. Remember you have R R C D.

11. Zoom out and combine the letters. the password is: C D R R

12. Put it in the computer and it is going to say: open CD-Rom dRive tray!

13. Click on the CD on the left top of the computer.

14. The part where you put the CD its open. take the blue key. Zoom out.

15. Go left one time and click on the door. use the blue key.

16. You're out!! congratulations!!

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Ruins of Pantheon Walkthrough

Ruins of Pantheon is a new game from the creators of Escape From Octlien game.

In this game you need to find objects and solve puzzles for figuring out the game.
Good Luck!
Ruins of Pantheon walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsRuins of Pantheon Walkthrough:
1. Twice up - enter the temple - click the rock, then go down the ladder, click all things on the right, find rope. click all things on left, find brush, go left

2. click the tombstone and use brush on it - click small black hole in the middle of the screen, take a small stone, go right and up and back - in front of the temple

3. click the roof, throw small stone on the spot in the middle and the lever falls down - back down the ladder and go right

4. on the left side up notice the picture; in the pitcher find ancient key, click all stones, enter the cave
Octopus picture Ruins of Pantheon walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and comments5. click right - middle - left lever, find part of pipeline; back to the ledder and go down

6. use ancient key to open both right and left door, go left

7. click the bog rock, throw the small stone on the spot and a big head appears, notice the flash of light, take the spade

8. go twice right, take candle, notice the puzzle on the big rock on the right side, open the front door with the ancient key, now you can go back to the pitcher room - dont go there now

9.go right to lava room, put the candle in lava to make fire, now go back to pitcher room, use the candle on the small painting on wall - exactly on the fire, now you have a clue for the three ring puzzle

10. set the rings so you have ring, under it laid letter E, under it roof - voilá :-) notice the sculpture

11. go twice right to rocks and some grass, use spade on grass, get a carrot - click the right rock, get a crowbar, click the front rock, use brush on it, notice a sign of three small circles, go to the tombstone room

12. use crowbar on the right side box, get red ball (carnelian), go to the room under ladder

13. use the carnelian in the empty place on the right side of door, a laser shows you a new hole

14. back to the temple, use crowbar on wooden boards and find another puzzle and a part to the hole in under ladder room, solve puzzle, clue is the picture in temple and the water starts to flow down the bowl in the lava room, now go out to the first scene with cat

temple puzzle:
temple puzzle Ruins of Pantheon walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and comments

15. go right, give the carrot to the rabbit and put the rope on the tree, now you can climb down to the grass room, goto the under ladder room, you can see a rabbit digging

16. click the rabbit until it runs away, then use spade to the hole, see put, use a crowbar on it. put a piece from temple puzzle to the laser hole, appears a new hole with a treasure chest, throw twice a small stone on it and it falls down to the left “volcano”, then you can take it. use candle on the right “volcano”, find bronze key, use it on chest, find a “card”; go down

17. take a gear wheel, go ahead, repair the pipe on the left side, in the left side tub take a mirror, right side a stone bowl, notice six levers, clue is tombstone, enter the cabin and insert a “card” into a “comp”, now back to lava room
Lever puzzle:
Lever puzzle Ruins of Pantheon walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and comments
18. click twice right spot near the bowl, insert a gear wheel, click twice a left spot near the bowl, insert a lever, pull down the lever, go right and take the “part”

19. go twice up to the water room, use stone bowl for water, back to sculpture, give it the full bowl, watch what happens, then go to big head

20. put mirror into flesh of light and watch what happens, go to the “comp”, put the “part” in it, click the circle upon the “comp”

21. now you fight - click the small circle, you attack - then yoy are hit by the other ship, have problems with electricity

22. now you have to use the cat, click some times on cat and the damaged wires, now you can attack again, watch and wait!!!! after credits disappear

wait until there it is quiet, then take the cat body and go out, enter the small door

put the cat on the table on right side with the wire and wait…

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Escape of Gray Door Walkthrough

Escape of Gray Door is a new point and click from Twinkle, the creator of Cindrella Escape , Escape from Pink Door , Escape of Blue Door and Escape of Yellow Door, Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood and Rapunzel's Escape games.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!
Escape of Gray Door WalkthroughEscape of Gray Door Walkthrough:
1. Click on plant, get 1st puzzle piece, go right
2. Open the book rack, get 2nd puzzle piece, go right twice
3. Click on top of the TV, get coin
4. Click on sofa, get 3rd puzzle piece, go right
5. Pick up ashtray and remote, click on the bin and get the scratch card
6. Use the coin on the scratchcard
7. Look under the table you will see a box that needs a code
8. Go left twice, use ashtray to smash glass, pick up a piece of the mirror
9. Look at the box thing where the glass used to be and use the mirror to get the code
10. Go left twice and enter the code into the box thing under the table
11. Take the battery, view the remote in your inventory, click on the bottom of the remote and you should see the back bit for the battery. Put the battery in the remote
12. Click left once, click on the left side of the sofa to reveal a patch thing, use the mirror to cut the thread
13. Take the last piece of the puzzle
14. Go left once, click on the puzzle in your inventory and put it together
15. The code is NE-yellow, SW-pink, W-blue, NW-orange
16. Click on the clock, click the blue button first and a blue clock hand will appear, keep clicking until it moves to W
17. click the pink button and a pink clock hand will appear, keep clicking until it moves to SW
18. click the yellow button and a yellow clock hand will appear, keep clicking until it moves to NE
19. Click the orange button into the NW position then click the grey button
20. Go left and use the remote to switch on the telly put the DVD into the player, a green screen with symbols will appear
21. If you look at the screen it has 12 symbols and the remote has 12 numbers
22. Match the numbers with the symbols on the scratchcard
23. Use the 4 digit code on the door.

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Switch Walkthrough

Switch is a point and click type escape the room from Neutral, who is also creator of RGB, Sphere and Vision games.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Remember: You can save the game and be patient while loading the game.
I kept refreshing until it loaded.
Good Luck!
Switch Walkthrough:
1. click green book, take green grid
2. click under lounge, take stick
3. click lounge, take star (top left hand of lounge)
4. click plant, take green paper (right hand side)
5. turn right, click on yellow box, click on paper back of red box, see arrow on the track.
6. click ball, then the corner of rug, take blue triangle.
7. turn right twice, click right towards red bin, take another stick on the side of cabinet.
8. click middle drawer, take green paper
9. turn left, click on train track, take piece of track which is the eighth piece counting from front of train.
10. zoom in on red track, click again there u have red key.
11. turn right, insert key top drawer, take scissor, click on wood toy on the left, take scissor and cut string near circle.
12. zoom on stick, attach the other stick together with string.
13. turn right twice, zoom in on box in the ceiling, use stick, click on yellow box, take pink key.
14. insert key in red box, click on book, turn pages to the end, take orange key.
15. turn right twice, insert key bottom drawer, take hammer, zoom out click on pig on top of cabinet, use hammer on pig, coin will drop out, pick up coin.
16. zoom on coin, flip over to see pin number, insert number bottom right side cabinet, take red circle tape above the inside.
17. click on toy left side and insert all shapes, click toy and take pliers inside.
18. turn left, zoom on fish pic, zoom in on nail, use pliers, click pic an pucsh button.
19. click on green paper, an make swan with it, place swan into the swan shape on the shelf just under the button.
20. click on green grid, click again to turn grid over, memorize pic in order, then go back and press each button according to pic, fish, teddy is underneath, wolf pic on the cabinet and swan which is highlighted on wall next to clock, click on top left ear, click square piece the sticks out, click button, room should be dark now.
21. turn left, insert coin top left cabinet, u will find safe, use ur grid to click right buttons, make grid with reflection on window, if all is correct, a key will hang down infront of window, click on key, and of course the door and yehaaa ur out! happy escape.

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Unlock Walkthrough

Unlock v1.1 is a great and funny puzzle game.

In this game you need to unlock the control panels in order to complete levels and go on next level.
Good Luck!
Unlock walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsUnlock Walkthrough:
1st level: Press all four corners then middle.

2nd level: Press the 2nd white button and a pattern will go across the top using the buttons on the lower left to repeat pattern.

3rd level: use your number pad on the key board as a key when you put the numbers in from the top.

4th level: Won't lie very hard, but possible use the arrows to guide the glowing orb through the maze.

5th level: you can click on the bar as it passes to reveal the colors. It'll restart from the left side so it's easier to write down.

6th level: looks like a spider web you have to light up the lights and press the middle button. Hard to remeber how i did it but going clock wise starting from the very last bottom, right switch.

7th level: This isn't hard so here's how you do it starting top left. Play button, -20, arrow's, -40, x2. thats it.

8th level: use the arrows to open the doors to find the button here is where i can't tell you how to do it cause im not sure how i did it just press buttons till you see the button inside and quickly press it.


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Escapando 2 Walkthrough

Escapando 2 is a new point and click type escape the room game created by Derek Baker.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Escapando 2 walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscapando 2 Walkthrough:
1. Zoom in on plant. Click to its right, get crowbar.
2. Click under the brown table (top-ish) and get first cable.
3. Turn left. Use crowbar on broken tile. Get yellow key.
4. Click on the right sofa cushion. Get second cable.
5. Click under the sofa on the left, get fridge door handle.
6. Click on the scream picture, tear off the top to reveal 4 circles.
7. Click the down arrow to go to the next scene.
8. Put fridge door handle and open the fridge to get a piece of beef.
9. Put beef on top of the knife to get it cut. Get yellow ball.
10. Zoom in on the cupboards below the table. Left hand has nothing. Use yellow key on the right hand cupboard, get second yellow ball.
11. Go left. Find screwdriver in the desk drawer.
12. Click right at the top where there is an up arrow. Connect the cables. First cable first, then click down to connect the second cable to the wall socket.
13. Click back up and click the button next to the green light. The door opens and a yellow ball drops. Pick up third yellow ball.
14. Click down arrow to go back to the first screen. Zoom in on grate. Use screwdriver to open it to get the last yellow ball.
15. Click left to go to the scream picture. Now put in the 4 yellow balls. Get key.
16. Click down to go to the fridge. Use key on lock. Get the piece of paper.
17. Go left. Use paper on the safe. Read the paper, upside down and left to right...

18. Get key.
19. Back to first screen, use key on the door and you are out.

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Horoscope Puzzle

Stare into the starry night sky to find all the constellations in this fun horoscope puzzle!

Memorise the constellations shown and then connect the stars with the mouse to draw each sign of the Zodiac. If you draw the sign correctly you can progress to the next level.

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Nightmares of Leia Ray Walkthrough

Nightmares of Leia Ray is a scary point and click type adventure game.
Point and click in the right things and solve the mystery.
Good Luck!
Nightmares of Leia Ray walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsNightmares of Leia Ray Walkthrough:
click on note and and click on D E A D.
click on hand 3 times
click on note
click on man
wait till the screen goes whight

click on the 3 broken glass on the floor and then the vase
click on the the right.
look up there is a hand click the hand it will fall click body.
click the hands in the right order that it shows you but fast.
click dead body
wait till the cutscene is over
click mans hand
wait for the cutscene to end
click ball
pass the ball 4 times to the boy
click right and then you done

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Strange Room Walkthrough

Strange Room is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are in a strange room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Strange Room walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsStrange Room Walkthrough:
1. enter room, go right twice
2. pull all of the tissues out of box, get paper
3. look at paper, notice letter code, different code each game
4. get red thing, it's a lighter
5. get small box, cigarettes

6. look at cigarttes-light them
7. look at ashtray (small square above wher cigarettes were)
8. get memeory card
9. look at manuscript beside the tissue box, notice D=a number, agian differt for each game
10. turn right once
11. take square silver looking lamp
12. veiw lamp get batteries
13. click on cabinets on left
14. first cabinet take red book from second shelf
15. view book---last page more letter code
16. zoom out
17. middle shelf nothing of use
18. top drawer take knob
19. zoom out turn left three times
20. click on flower cabinet
21. place knob, zoom out
22. clik on cabinet again take stool
23. zoom out turn right 4 times
24. click lump on bed, take bear
25. zoom out
26. look at bear, place memory card in slot on bear foot
27. open head, notice code=5010, and hitchcock, exit
28. click on upper cabinets
29. fisrt cabinet on left is nothing
30. middle cabinet, click several times, take paper
31. look at paper, use lighter, notice more letter code
32. zoom out
33. last cupboard on right
34. small silver object lower right hand corner is flashlight take it
35. look at flashlight add batteries, turn on
36. zoom out, click on small makeup mirror
37. shine flash light on mirror, see light beam
38. zoom out follow light beam
39. click on push, get screw driver
40. turn right two times see big mirror
41. click big mirror, read, take out screws with screw dirver
42. click on words, open and see security pad
43. turn on pad by pressing the larger circle.
44. enter code from bear (5010), press enter.
45. it ask for another code, this is where the letter code comes into play.
46. letters=numbers from the security pad. arrange numbers to spell out ALFRED.
47. I never was able to locate the number for the letter R, so this is how I figured out code, my code was:
A = 6
L = 9
F = 0
R = ?
E = 1
D = 5
so I just entered 690015, 690115,690215, and on until 690515 and that worked.
48. zoom out, turn left twice walk out door

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Nintendo Family Tree

Escape of Kitten Narsa Walkthrough

Escape of Kitten Narsa walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscape of Kitten Narsa is a new point and click escape the room game from the creator of Heart Escape, Escape From Rooftop Sakura Flutters, Rainbow Escape, and Escape From Room of Hesitation games.
Good Luck!

Play Escape of Kitten Narsa

Escape of Kitten Narsa Walkthrough:
1. Click the shelf under the strawberry teapot and get the strawberry hairpin.
2. Go right and notice that the cat platform is missing a stair.
3. Click the right side of the couch so the cat scratches it.
4. Go right and click the top of the bookshelf. Read the lamp light descriptions.
5. View the panel to the left of the cat door. Press the left red button. The hairpin was used.
6. Zoom out and have the cat scratch the wall to the right of the door.
7. Right again and have the cat scratch the brown post. Click the right corner of the rug to zoom in. The cat will scratch here too.
8. Click the lower part of the screen door and see Leo. Leo likes the smell of coffee.
9. Go right and click the lower left side of the big shelf. Get the coffee cup. Note the toaster on the shelf as well.
10. Place the coffee cup in the coffeemaker but nothing happens when you press the button.
11. Click the upper left side of the big shelf and see the bag of bread. Get the bread.
12. Put the bread in the toaster.
13. Click down to the toybox and get the cat platform from above the box.
14. Go right and put it on the cat platform.
15. Click the very top so the cat scratches.
16. Click the second highest and note the height.
17. Go left and the toast will be done. Note the code 633.
18. Enter this code on the coffeemaker and press the button. View the toybox and then go back to the coffee. Get the cup of coffee.
19. Go back to the screen door and zoom in again. Place the coffee on the floor in front and wait for Leo to come.
20. Zoom in on him and he as brought a stone.
21. Take the stone and go to the second level of the platform and drop it on the left side. You hear a CRASH!
22. Go down and left and click the right side of the potted plant. Get the cat ID card.
23. Go left (or right) twice and use the ID card on the door panel. Click it and it opens!
24. You’re out Happy End!

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Gem Craft Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Gem Craft Chapter 1 is a great tower defense game.

Havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell.
Good luck!

Gem Craft Chapter 1 walkthrough:

How to get the gem you want?
Make multiple gems with one click (press the create gem spell, then hold the Ctrl key and press an inventory slot). This gives you many random gems, hopefully including a few of the type you need. Combine them if you want and place them into your towers. The rest of the gems can be useful to make gem bombs. Combine them until you reach a grade high enough to damage the monsters, and use them when the situation looks grim.

How to reach the glowing frame score?

If you are at wizard level 40, you have a very good chance to get the glowing frame score on every levels. For most of the levels, you can do it even on a lower wizard level.

Try to get many amulets, e.g. build 10 towers, throw many gem bombs, create and combine many gems.

Click the topmost wave stone every time you feel you can handle the mass of monsters coming. Ideally press it 10 or more times at the beggining of the level.

Reaching the glowing frame score on many levels can unlock hidden stages.

What to do when you face a level which seems to be unbeatable

Redistributing your skill points can help a lot. If you have just reached a new powerful skill, don't hesitate to put many points in it, even if it means you will have less points to spare on your previous skills.

Play former levels again to get a higher score. This increases your grand total and possibly levels you up. To see how many points you have to level up, roll over the info panel at the bottom left on the world map, or go into the statistics screen.

If you have unlocked a hidden level, don't try it until you have the pure gem mastery skill.

See the special tactics below, they can help as well.

Make strong points
Place your towers so that each of them covers the longest path possible. place your trenches near your towers, so they will give your towers a better chance to halt the advancing monsters. Placing 4 towers and 10 water trenches in a small area can give the monsters a very hard time getting through.

Special tactics
Swapping your strongest gems

Make one or two gems as high grade as possible (on longer levels you can make it a grade 8 or two grade 7 gems, or maybe higher).

Cover the path with towers, making 3-4 smaller strong points.

Swap your power gems to those towers that have the best sight on the monsters. This way you can give these gems something to fire at every time.

Make the epic boss run multiple laps
Increase your max mana with the mana pool spell, until you have 20-30-40k max mana (depends on which level you are playing, the later the level the higher max mana you need) and fill it up (don't buy anything during the last 5-6 waves, only additional mana pool spells if you reach the max mana).

Of course build your defenses up, with many towers and trenches, shocking and armor reducing gems.

Your massive mana reserve makes the epic boss run 4 or even more laps before killing you. After the first laps its armor should be reduced enough for your power gems to damage it.

Build your defenses against an epic boss

You have to build at least 8-10 towers, and many trenches. create armor reducing (purple) and shocking (cyan) gems, combine them up to grade 2 or 3 and place them in most of the towers. Create a few high grade gems. A strong poison gem can also help.

Other tips

Click on a monster to view info about it.

If you need some micromanagement, e.g. swapping or combining multiple gems, it's better to decrease the game speed to normal.

If the game seems to lag, you can decrease the rendering quality in the options screen.

Poison damage stacks up and ignores the monster's armor. Having a high level poison (green) gem can do a massive damage, and is especially good against epic bosses or when only a few monsters are on the scene.

If you plan to use mana pool, use it early, this way you get more total mana in the long run.

If you have a good splash (red) gem (or a gem with a strong splash component in it), build many trenches around the tower you place the gem into, then call multiple waves. The splash damage will give your gem a much higher effective total damage, as the horde of monsters, tightly crowded by the trenches, tries to get past the tower.

There is no gem grade cap, you can build gems of any grade, if you have enough mana. However, it's usually better to have multiple lower grade gems. It's worth moving beyond grade 7 only if you are facing very heavily armored foes.

On the other hand, making a very high grade gem of components giving a good firing speed modifier, can make a turbo-firing gem.

Try to make pure or dual, or maybe 3-colored gems. Gems can't have more than 3 specials, so if you have a gem with 5 different ancestors, only the first 3 specials are kept, the remaining 2 are discarded. Pure and dual gems also get bonuses to their minimum and maximum damages, as well as their firing speed and range. These bonues can be boosted further with the pure and dual gem mastery skills.

If you combine a high grade gem with one of a much lower grade, you will get a gem slightly stronger than the stronger original gem. It's a good way to upgrade your strong gems a little further, but only if you use gems of colors your strong gems already have as a color component. Otherwise you will get multicolor gems, losing the pure or dual bonuses.

If you are at the last wave, and you have a gem which cannot reach the monsters any more (no free towers), don't hesitate to throw it at the face of the remaining monsters. Don't do this though if the monsters are likely to reach your tower alive (even sfter the gem bomb damaging them) and coming back for one more lap.

The faster you kill a monster the more score you get for it, so it's better to build your defenses near the monsters' base.

Keep an eye on the mana bar. if it's filled, all additional mana you would gain from slain monsters is lost. Use the mana pool spell to increase your mana capacity.

You can buy high grade gems or create many low grade and combine them. The second option costs more mana, but gives you a better control on the final gem. If you have enough mana and you are going for raw damage, buy a high grade gem. Its purity will give it some damage bonus.

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The Mothership Walkthrough

The Mothership is a funny adventure game.
You need to enter the mothership and uncover its secrets.
Do some detective work and solve the mystery.
Good Luck!
The Mothership walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsThe Mothership Walkthrough:
1. graffiti on wall = code 10053
2. control room
3. walk on pipes
4. up the ladder
5. back down to the man in the water, sais code 66201 type in in blue box (Control Room)
6. Left pull level
7. out of room
8. pass the robot
9. elevator
10. out of elevator
11. pass robot
12. left push power
13. walk on pipes
14. up the ladder
15. right
16. Head Control Room
17. Selfdestruct button
18. back to elevator
19. out of elevator
20. HURRY to the exit, LOOK AT THE TIME ... I think maybe i forgot something but thats how i got out.

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The Horror Mansion - Escape from the 213th Gestroom Walkthrough

The Horror Mansion - Escape from the 213th Gestroom walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsThe Horror Mansion - Escape from the 213th Gestroom is another Mystery House Game.
In this point and click escape the room game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Play The Horror Mansion - Escape from the 213th Gestroom

The Horror Mansion - Escape from the 213th Gestroom Walkthrough:
On window scene close the curtains once to obtain the green triangle and open and close them many times to obtain the key.in the left down crack on the window scene there is hidden a battery.

On the drawers scene open the first drawer to take the blue triangle and the second (with the key) to obtain the hammer.Use the hammer to open the "dont touch" area of the drawers and you release the shadow.
click the second block of wood at the left side of the drawers to get the red triangle.on the right side of the drawers (you must click at the bottom right side of it) you get a flashlight.

To the mirror scene talk to the mirror and now you can open the door right next to it.Enter the hole.Double click the flashlight and use the battery to make it work.Use the flashlight into the hole.Take the pen but dont sign the contract.go further into the hole and take the yellow triangle.go out of the hole.

In the mirror scene use the pen on the mirror so you break it.

On the door next to the mirror, in the first drawer , behind the drawer (go must go to the scene you took the flashlight and click again behind the drawer) and to the inside of the second drawer,(you must open the second drawer and go to the flashlight area)are the 4 points that you must put the stars in the lock next to the main door so you can escape.

yellow is the left side of the star
green is the right side of the star
blue is the top left side of the star
red is the top right side of the star.

put the stars like that in the lock and click the door , you are out!

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Escape The Future Walkthrough

Escape The Future walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsEscape The Future is a Japanese point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to return to present from the future by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Play Escape the Future

Escape the Future Hints:
1st Screen (computer)
Click on rock, take it
Click on top right of books on top shelf, get key
Click on middle “drawer,” get cord
Click on bottom “drawer,” get key
Click on flower pot, get key
Turn Right

2nd Screen (desk with phone)
Drag cord to “phone” jack
Drag rock to far left window, break it
Pick up piece of glass on ground
Turn right

3rd Screen (time machine)
Turn right

4th Screen (door and box)
Click box, drag glass piece to box, open it
Take wire from box
Turn left

3rd Screen (time machine)
Turn left

2nd Screen (desk with phone)
Click drawer, click on lock, drag wire to lock, open it
Take security card
Turn left

1st Screen (computer)
Click on computer, drag card to computer keyboard
Take key from wall

Now you have four keys (ykwo). The keys clearly go to the four keyholes to the left of the door. I thought maybe it was an acronym for “you know way out.” Apparently, it has to do with numbers but I’ve yet to figure out how to turn the lights off and get the alleged link and whatnot.

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Aquarius Gate Walkthrough

Aquarius Gate is a point and click type escape the room game from the creator of Twelve Dragon's Room games.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Twelve Dragon's Room - Aquarius Gate walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsAquarius Gate Walkthrough:
1. Click the back left ball on the table. Get the u.
2. Go right and click between the lower right cubes. Get the lighter.
3. Now click between the 2 cubes on the second row and get the r.
4. Go right (or left) twice and go through the door.
5. Click behind the left chest and get the a.
6. Zoom out and go right. Click the top of the left yellow symbol so you see a button. Press the button and notice that one of the urns fill up with water.
7. Zoom out and click the top of the right urn. Get the s.
8. Go right and click the bottom right side of the left pillar. Get the A.
9. Zoom out and click the small pool of water. Get the u.
10. Now zoom out again and click the right pillar, just above the halfway through it. Get the boomerang.
11. Right yet again and click the right side of the tealight shelf. Get the tealight candle.
12. Click the small shelf with the ball frozen in ice. Place the tealight candle underneath it and then light the candle. Get the q.
13. Go right and back through the door. Go right twice and click the upper right corner of the ceiling. Use the boomerang and get the i.
14. Now go right again and spell the word Aquarius in the door. Make sure you use the capital A first.
15. Go left and notice a blue key has appeared from a secret panel in the wall.
16. Go left (or right) twice and use the key on the right side chest. Get the sword.
17. Go through the door again and use the sword on the statue in the ice.
Normal End
18. Place the statue in the niche in the door. Pull the lever.
Best End
19. Put the statue in the pool of water where you found the “u”. It is now energized.
20. Now place it in the niche in the door with the word Aquarius. Pull the lever.

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White Chamber Walkthrough

White Chamber walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints, tips, tricks, passwords, codes, help, guide, and commentsWhite Chamber is a point and click type escape the room game from the creator of Blue Chamber.

In this game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Using the graphics, the sounds, and the responses as clues, you are to escape with your idea and inspiration.
Good luck!

Play White Chamber

White Chamber Walkthrough:
1. Click on the bin collect purple bricks zoom out
click on top of shelf and collect remote control zoom out and go left
2. Click on bike, click on middle of bike and collect memory chip zoom out
Click right side of bike x2 and collect key zoom out and go left
3. Click on top of garage door collect key zoom out go left
Click book x4 and collect morse code zoom out
4. Click under table and collect bracket, crow bar, and Brass hook zoom out go left
5. Click on white board collect red chip zoom out go left and go up
collect other morse code paper using crow bar go down go right x2 click up
Click on box insert the key go down x2
6. Click on box on the wall x3
use the morse below to spell open:
O - r r r
p - b r r b
e - b
n - r b
click down
7. click on blue door
select remote control and select information, click on bottom left to flip over and insert the yellow and red chips into the holes click close.
Click door when small button is grey collect chip 8. click on door to close
click large button to change colour of small button and click door again collect binoculars repeat steps to change small button colour to yellow and click door and collect mirror
9. Go back into information on the remote control and insert the blue chip, repeat steps above to collect the motorbike lamp.
10. Click down, click right, click hole to right of garage door and insert brass hook, then hang mirror go right
11. Click on motorbike, click on the seat use key and collect spanner click down,
12. Click on motorbike, click left, click up, install the bracket and motorbike lamp, go up
insert key into motorbike and the lamp with turn on, go down and click right
13. Click on the bottom left of the window in the back of the garage you will see a rectangle, use the binoculars to see it, write down the numbers, click out, click down, click left, click top of motorcycle and using the code you have written down, select from left to right the coloured button that corresponds to the digit, i.e. first button is 1, button 6 is on the handle bar to the right, click right, and click on the lock x2 and collect purple chip,
go back to the blue door and you guessed it use the cip in the remote control, remove the grey chip first
14. Now use the purple blocks using morse to input the following, press the blue button after you have entered each of the block sequences
h . . . .
e .
l . - . .
p . - - .
click the yellow button and collect key
15. go back to the motorbike and replace the key with the new one and start the bike with button six...The End!

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Get Out 2 - Poker Night Walkthrough

Get Out 2 - Poker Night WalkthroughGet Out 2 - Poker Night is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you need to get out of the apartment by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Play Get Out 2 - Poker Night

Get Out 2 - Poker Night Walkthrough:
There does not seem to be any particular pattern that the objects need to be collected in, other then you need certain things to get other things I will try to omit the useless crap by pointing it out by calling it crap i.e. poker chips=crap. This means do not waist your time picking it up it serves no purpose in getting out.

FIRST ROOM: doors, clock, cactus. Go directly to the poker table with fist icon click the upper most card reveals key pick it up. With fingers icon pick up the bottle at this point it becomes crap. Note the dark shape where the bottle was you will come back to this. With eyeball icon look under table you will see 3 pieces of gum=crap note small red spot on the arm of the chair to the right this turns out to be a drinking straw pick it up. Exit out back to the room you are done at the poker table for the moment. To the left you will see a cactus in a pot on the floor at the base of the pot is a single cactus spine, pick it up. Open your inventory and combine the spine and the straw. Exit back to room use the new tool you just created to pop the yellow balloon. A bobby pin will fall out and into the cactus pot, pick it up. You are done here for a moment exit room to the right (it is my walk through and I say go right)

ROOM 2: chest of drawers, locked door, picture of rainbow. Just to get it out of the way now move the picture off wall revealing a lock this is the focal point of the puzzle but not important right now. Key on the left pick it up. Close that drawer note bottom drawer has slot in knob with bobby pin pick the lock. Open drawer pick up key. Move on to next room to the right.

ROOM 3: lemon tree, double doors, 4 small pictures. Note small yellow spot in lemon tree you will need to look first to see that there is a key, pick up the key hidden there. On the right side of the doors 4 small picture hang on the wall with the fist icon click the bottom picture a few times until and a key falls out, pick it up
Note strip on wall between tree and doors this controls the blinds open them to reveal the patio (veranda if you are a Yankee), now with the key you found on the poker table unlock the doors and go out. In the flower box you will find a leave and a flower pick them both up. Exit the patio. For some odd reason when you do you be back in ROOM 1.
So while you are here take the key you found in the top drawer in ROOM 2 and unlock and open the clock door with the fist icon click the clock face and the glass over the face will move, pick it up. From here go right until you come to ROOM 4.

ROOM 4: stereo and speakers, locked door. Note round gold object on left speaker. With the fist icon click the base that the round gold thing was sitting on it will move to the right speaker. Stereo and green book on stereo=crap. With key you found in bottom drawer in ROOM 2 (the one you picked the lock with the bobby pin) unlock and open door. Go in welcome to the kitchen!

KITCHEN: ok now there is a lot to do here so let us start at the top and work our way down. Note you can move up, object on top of this cabinet=crap you cannot reach it anyway. Pick up one plate and the purple box (backing soda) and exit down. Doors under sink=crap, oven= crap, blender= crap. Middle drawer has a knife in get it top drawer has a spoon get it too bottom drawer=crap. Open refrigerator and freezer doors. Use the knife to cut out an icicle and grab the red coke can. cheese and bread= crap. Ok time for science class first with the fist icon click the faucet and move it out of the way. Next

Put the coke in the sink then the baking soda (the purple box) then drop in the gold round object you took off the top of the speaker. This will make it clean. Exit left this will turn you around to see a tall narrow cabinet. Open it and take the spray can. Tape=crap. Exit the kitchen
You will find yourself back in ROOM 2 not time to go back to the poker table use the knife on the dark line left by the bottle to reveal a key pick it up your done here and will not need to return. Exit out.

Ok now make your way back to the patio ok you have some work to do here. First take the spoon you found in the kitchen and dig around in the dirt of the flower pot until you find the key. note the bracket between the dish and the flower pot set the plate from the kitchen on it set the leaf you found from your first trip out on the patio use the glass face from the clock in room one as a magnifying glass on the leaf it will turn brown pick it up. You’re almost done on the patio turn your attention to he satellite dish use the spray can you found in the kitchen (its silver paint) as soon as you do it will emit a beam of light. Last step with the fist icon click on the dish until it is in its lowest position. Now you are done on the patio. Exit back inside

Go to the room with the stereo in make sure the base for round gold thing is on the speaker to the right. Put the gold thing on the base the light beam will be directed in another direction. Exit to the room with the lock on the wall (you are just about done)

Now with the eyeball icon zoom in on the lock the 4 keys the i cicle the leaf and the flower need to be put in the lock you can figure this out on your own it is a puzzle after all I am not going to all the work for you lazy little basta….but I digress I will say this just so you can tell if you are on the right track the beam of light should be in the upper right hand corner of the lock. When you have placed all the objects in their proper locations in the lock using the fist icon turn all the keys you will get a little light show and reveal the last and final key in the safe. Pick it up and your done CONGRATULATIONS

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