Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet

Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet is the second chapter of Automaton point and click adventure game.

In this game you need to help the little robot by point and click on right objects and do right things.
Good Luck!
Automaton Part 2 Walkthrough

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Mini Escape 3 Walkthrough

Mini-Escape 3 is another chapter of Mini Escape point and click escape the room game.

In this game you are trapped and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.

Mini Escape 3 WalkthroughMini Escape 3 Walkthrough:
1. gree door, third drawer, get magnite, bottom left flower pot, get four leaf flower
2. back to the hall, turn around, red door: click box in the middle, get key on the right, click black button on the left (this opens the yellow door); and before you leave, don't forget the green triangle on the right box
3. back to the hall, turn around, blue door: use key to open the star box, get star
4. back to the hall, into yellow door: you know what to do first, pull the lever, get the green wheel
5. back to the ehall, into blue door, put the green wheel on, get the scissors and push the black button (this opens the multi-colored room)
6. back to the hall, into the yellow room again, use scissors to get an ivy string
7. combine the magnite to the ivy string
8. back to the hall, turn around, into the last room, open the hole on the ground, put the magnite-string into the hole, and get a golden key
9. back to the first room (back to the hall, turn around, green door), open the cabinet with the golden key, get necklace
10 back to the hall, turn around, red door, connect the circuit using the necklace, notice the sequence of the light on the left
11. back to the hall, rainbow door: click the same sequence on the computer: blue red yellow blue green
12. i think you don't need me now.

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Escape from the Compartment of the Truck Walkthrough

Escape from the Compartment of the Truck is a point and click created by Tesshi-e, who is also the creator of Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from Mr. Y's Room

Escape from the Compartment of the Truck WalkthroughEscape from the Compartment of the Truck Walkthrough:
1. First scrren: zoom in and open all the blue box you can and take the blue key and a red, green, blue paper.

2. Go left and put the blue key in the keyhole on the wall and press the red botton.

3. Zoom out and take the ladder. Zoom in on the left side of the sloth and find a battary.

4. Go to the doors and zoom in, take the ladder to get the black key on the top of the door.

5. Zoom out and zoom in on the blue boxes,then click in the ceilling and find a door. Take the ladde and click on the door then zoom out, go upstairs.

6. You will see a control panel,
you have to get the boxes in 3 colors, blue, red and gray to get item.
From the left: Switch the botton to Green, Green, Red, Green and red.
This should turn the boxes red, now go downstairs and open all the boxes you can to get the screwdriver.
Go upstairs again and turn the power off, (the big botton) and go down to open the rest. You will find the second battary and a yellow thing.

7. Go upstairs and turn the power on and all the rest of the botton (all green), go down and take away the ladder. Everything turn in to gold and you will find a gold coin.

8.Go upstairs and click on the ceilling and you will see a black box with a green key in. Use the screwdriver, put the battary in and open the box and get the BROWN/YELLOW key.

9. Go down and put the Brown/yellow key to the box near the doors. Go to the blue boxes and turn around until you see the yellow thing. In the yellow thinngs head(click on he's rigth arm) you will get a key, of some sort. Go to the box on the wall near the blue boxes and there you found a battary there will be a keyhole. Put the key in this keyhole and turn it. Now, zoom out and turn a round until you see a open door.

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Escape from Mr. Y's Room Walkthrough

Escape from Mr. Y's Room is a point and click created by Tesshi-e, who is also the creator of Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from the Same Rooms games.
Good Luck!

Escape from Mr. Y's Room Walkthrough:
Look at right side of drawer and get saw. Note the 2 nails holding drawer shut.
Turn right, get wire on safe.
Look at left side of safe and get blue cylinder. Note arrow for II.
Turn right, get matches on right side of windowsill.
Use wire on pig’s face, get candle.
Turn right, note colors and positions of clock hands.
Click the dial next to the thin door a few times until it turns.
Look above thin door, notice balance pan and arrow for V.
Open thin door, go in, notice rope, get hammer.
Examine matches, turn them and note arrow for III.
Examine hammer, note hint for IV.
Turn right, turn colored dials to positions of clock hands (green 11, red 8, blue 3), click PUSH, get hose.
Examine wire, use blue cylinder to bend wire.
Use hammer to remove nails holding drawer shut, take straight nail.
Open drawer, get wooden board, note hint for I.
Turn right, open safe, buttons correspond to arrows I-V (top-middle, bottom-left, middle-right, bottom-left, top-right), get drill.
Examine wooden board, use saw on it, use nail on it, use candle on nail, use matches on candle, use drill on board, use bent wire on holes (you have made a boat).
Turn right twice, turn on sink, use hose on running water to fill hall with water.

Ending 1 (day):
Use drill to make 6 holes in door, smash knob with hammer, leave.

Ending 2 (night):
Use boat on rope to burn rope, get key, turn left, use key on door, leave.

Ending 3 (happy):
Use boat on rope to burn rope, get key, look up and note hint for happy end, turn left, use key on door, examine matches, open them and get happy coin, leave.

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Pumomo Walkthrough

Pumomo is a point and click escape the room game from Gyon.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Pumomo WalkthroughPumomo Walkthrough:
Go 1 time on the right.
Click the third flower on the left from below to above. Take the key attached to the card.
Go 1 time on the right.
Open the bottom drawer.
Take the paper with 1 symbol and the number 5 above.
Take the Green Book.
Zoom the Green Book. Open the book. Take the paper with the inscription in Chinese.
Select the key. Open the top drawer. Take the scissors.
Go 1 time on the right.
Open the stool green. Take the hammer inside.
Click the bottle red with yellow. Take the second paper with the symbol and the number 1.
Go 1 time on the right. Select the scissors. Click the box on the right. Take the bag.
Click 2 times on the bouquet of flowers resting entirely on land. Take the third piece of paper with symbols and the number 4.
Go 1 time on the right. Select the hammer.
Click 2 times the armchair right of the sofa. Take the nail.
Go to the right. Select the hammer. Break the mirror. Take the key. 2
Go to the right. Select the key. Open the window. Take the fourth paper with the symbol and number 2.
Go 1 time on the right. Select the nail. Click on the cap of one of two bottles. Take the cap. Zoom on the stopper. Click the cap. Take another paper with symbol and number 3. Go to the door.
Click the box next to the door. Enter the code: 48135. Click Ok.

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Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2From Hero Interactive (Starshine, Light Sprites, Storm Winds) comes Bubble Tanks 2, the long-awaited followup to the original Bubble Tanks.

Using the [WASD] keys to move your tank and the mouse to aim, destroy enemy tanks and collect bubbles to upgrade your ship. Guide your evolution along either the fighter, heavy, or balanced paths and take on massive enemies.

Fire up Normal Mode to jump from bubble to bubble, taking down enemies, or launch Arena Mode to test your skills against a horde of your choice. The Bubble-o-Pedia lets you view your conquests and learn the names of your vanquished foes.

The weapons at your disposal have increased drastically since last time. While old favorites like the small red bullet and the big shot are still around, new weapons like the spread shot, the sniper shot, and mines add to the variety. A new secondary weapon system offers abilities like a mega cannon, teleportation, a shield, and more, all activated with the space bar.

To keep pace with your new abilities, your enemies have been overhauled. The tanks are bigger and the weapons crazier, ranging from swarms of smaller ships to a goo that slows your ship drastically. Part of the fun is recognizing and responding to the new foes ahead of you.

As a bubble tank, you trade in bubbles. They are experience, currency, and life points wrapped all into one. Destroy enemy tanks to earn bubbles. Collect enough bubbles to earn an upgrade. If an enemy bullet hits you, you lose some bubbles. Your ship can downgrade if you lose too many, and if you lose all of them, you'll be ejected to the nearest safe bubble. This isn't necessarily game over; during testing, I lost an early struggle and was tossed out to safety, where about a dozen non-firing enemies awaited me, including a "life carrier" that gave me fifty bubbles. It's a nice little touch.

Indeed, there are many nice little touches improved upon from the original. The developers read over comments posted to the first game and improved mechanics in this update. Your cannon is now on automatic fire; no more frantic clicking all over the screen. A meter shows how many bubbles remain to the next upgrade, but stays out of the way in the heat of battle. When the last enemy dies, all bubbles are magnetically attracted to your ship, and for those obsessed with total victory, a map system aids navigation around the massive arena.

Analysis: I am not ashamed to admit that I burned a full night playing the first Bubble Tanks. I am slightly ashamed to admit that, in the process, I may or may not have bobbled my calc homework. I blame the ensuing B on the Hero Interactive team. Fortunately, they had the good sense to release this over summer break, preserving my academic integrity. Good show!

Bubble Tanks 2 proved to be just as addictive. On three separate occasions, I attempted to set up a screenshot of a standard battle for the picture in this review, only to get caught up in the battling and forget everything. It's almost impossible to resist this game once you get rolling.

In comparison with its predecessor, BT2 runs significantly smoother. Even with massive amounts of enemies on my screen, there was little to no slowdown. This was actually a bit tricky at first: the fast-running game combined with the rapid increase in difficulty as you branch out made early levels rather difficult. If you're not an experienced bullet dodger, you might want to spiral around the starting circle for a while, where the enemies are easier. The map will help you here, allowing you to set a path on the fly.

The variety of weapons and tanks is a pleasure. Experiment a bit in early games and figure out what style works for you. I personally settled into a blend of the fighter-balanced upgrades, but there's something to be said for massive firepower.

My one complaint is the lack of a save system. I understand that a lot of the game is the buildup of your tank and exploration from the center point, but it would still be nice to have the option of continuous conquest over several segments.

But that's it. That's the only complaint I have. This game is just sheer fun. There's enough to do here to keep you busy for a long while, and you'll love every minute of it.

Source: Jay is Games

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Back to School 40% Off ALL Games

To celebrate sending the kids back to school, take 40% off all regularly priced games purchased at Big Fish Games. Hurry! Offer expires September 3rd.

Back to School saleTake your pick. The whole inventory is on sale! Be sure to use the coupon code above when ordering to receive your discount.

Big Fish sites participating in this sale:

* Big Fish Games - Use Code BACKTOSCHOOL
* Big Fish Games en Fran├žais - Use Code RENTREE

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Nezumi 2 Walkthrough

Nezumi 2 - Visited Mouse is a new chapter of Nezumi a point and click type escape the room game from Coo's House.
You are trapped in a house and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Nezumi 2 WalkthroughNezumi 2 Walkthrough:
1. Get the shrink ray and the mirror from top drawer of the desk
2. Click on the top of the desk to zoom in and put the mirror
3. Beam the shrink ray to the mirror and you will be reduced to mouse size
4. Move left to the bed view and click on the right side of the bed to view mouse hole
5. Enter the mouse hole
6. Close the pink door and click on the light switch to turn on the light in the stairway
(if you don't do this, you will end up with the ending where the mouse is holding the shrinking ray)
7. Open the pink door again and enter the stairway through the door
8. Once you are in the second room, you will automatically return to your normal size
9. Move the black cat to get the grey key
10. Use the grey key to open the wine cooler
11. Get a bottle of wine from the cooler
12. Zoom in to the bottle and uncork the bottle (you will get the cork)
13. Pour out the wine into the plant and you will get a yellow key
14. Use the yellow key on the mouse case to release the pink mouse
15. Zoom in to the cork and you will see 1996 with a red line on top of it
(that means the correct number is inverted: 9661)
16. If you use the code on the door panel and open the door, you will end up with the ending where the mouse is searching for something in front of the book shelf.
17. Use the shrinking ray on the mirror (between the plant and the clock) to become small again
18. Move to the right (to the wine cooler view) and get the silver/grey ring under the shelf
19. Move to the left twice (to the box view) and click on the right of the box to view the mouse hole
20. If you go all the way back to the first room, you will become large again and the shrinking ray will not work anymore.
You will end up getting out from first room which will give you an end with a sad mouse facing the wall
21. Once you are in stairway view, turn back to the view right before you get out from the mouse hole (this will be the small room with pink wall and blue floor and no stair)
22. Click on the right wall which will bring you to a pink door
23. Knock on the door and the mouse will open the door.
24. Give the ring to the mouse and he will be really happy
25. If you get back to the second room now and get out using the code from the cork, you will end up with an wedding end where the mouse get married (so cute)
26. Zoom in to the cork again and click on the left edge of the cork to turn the view to its top (and you will notice a circle marking on the cork)
27. Give the cork to the mouse and he will give back a note
28. Read the note (which says something about DATA = 3282) and go back to the second room
29. Once you're big again, look at the red collar of the brown dog and count the number of triangles (Dog's delta = 4)
30. Go to the panel next to the door and enter the code from the cork: 9661 (you will get "OK")
31. Then enter the code from the note: 3282 and you will get "CHANGE"
32. Now read the warning sign above the keypad. Click it once to change the note to a new one.
33. Now take a look at the painting on the wall and click on the top frame to expose a screwdriver (also notice the number of "Elephant's Egg" = 1)
34. Now go to the clock and click on the right side of the clock to get the cover
35. Put the clock's cover and you will notice a number on the clock (Clock's cover = 5)
36. Go to the wine cooler view and count the number of Olive oil boxes on the shelf (the green ones on the bottom shelf), Olive oil = 3
37. Go back to the door and enter the CODE (Clock's cover, Olive oil, Dog's delta, Elephant's egg) = 5341
38. Exit the door and you will end up with the ending with tea ceremony.

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Alice's Escape from Wonderland Walkthrough

Alice's Escape from Wonderland is a new point and click escape the room game from Twinkle.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Alice's Escape from Wonderland WalkthroughAlice's Escape from Wonderland Walkthrough:
-Click the right side of the brown door repeatedly until it falls down. Get the yellow door key.
-Open the yellow door and get the tulip.
-Leave the room and open the pink door. Click the bear’s right eye until it comes off. Notice that there is a screw on the end and it can be used as a doorknob.
-Leave the room and use the doorknob on the blue door. Give the mermaid the tulip. Get the purple gem.
-Go back to the yellow door and place the purple gem in the Sphinx. Get the drink me bottle.
-Back to the corridor and use the drink me bottle on the glass. Drink it and shrink.
-Go through the small door and pick up the matchbox. Click it open and get the rabbit key.
-Go right and get the blank paper.
-Right again and get the matchstick from under the door.
-Use the matchstick on the matchbox. Now use the flame on the blank paper. Notice it says RRLLLR.
-Right again and click the arrow to go forward. Now using the code from the blank paper, R=Right and L=Left, go through the forest.
-Move forward until you reach the rabbit’s house. Use the rabbit key to open.
-Open the lower drawer and get the magnet.
-Turn right and get the rope over the window. Combine it with the magnet for the magnet/rope combo.
-Right again and use the magnet/rope on the purple urn. Get the drawer key.
-Turn off the light and go left.
au-autumn su-summer
sp-spring wi-winter
-Go left and notice the numbers that correspond with the “seasonal” pictures. Left again to see the remaining 2 seasons. Now you know that:
au-3 su-2
sp-8 wi-9
-Turn the light back on and use the drawer key on the top drawer. Get out the lockbox and use the code. Get the eat me cookie.
-Eat the cookie. You’re a giant and have busted through the house!
-Follow the tracks to the top of the screen.
-Go left and play with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Five differences: top of hat, right eye, white collar, right yellow button, above leg area. Get a badge.
-Left again and play with the Cheshire Cat.
1. ID tag (top middle)
2. Nose (left bottom)
3. Eyes (right bottom)
4. Whisker (2nd row, left)
5. Tail (top row, 2nd from left)

-Get the badge.
-Left again and pick up the paper from the left side.
-Go left twice and pick up a 2nd piece of paper from behind the blue paint can.
-Combine the two pieces of paper and note the pattern.
-Now go right and click on Humpty Dumpty. Play the concentration game and get a badge.
-Now click inside the gates and go inside. Place the teacups in the correct order according to the 2 pieces of paper you combined. Clockwise from the top it is: blue, white, yellow, green, pink. Get the paintbrush.
-Leave the teaparty and go left until you see the rosebushes.
The End – Paint the roses different colors
Queen End – Paint the roses red
King End – Paint the roses blue
Rabbit End – Use the paintbrush in the red paint, then the blue paint for purple paint. Then paint the roses purple.

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RagDoll Cannon 2

RagDoll Cannon 2Ragdoll Cannon 2 is, rather logically, the sequel to Ragdoll Cannon (as teased by the release of Ragdoll Cannon 1.5). That's some no-nonsense naming, there. What designer Johnny_K might lack in titling, however, he more than compensates for in gameplay.

The core concept is familiar to fans of the prior offerings: using high-powered artillery, fire a hapless stickman across an obstacle-ridden course and strike a small target. It's like a three-ring circus combined with an archery range.

This time around, the "HERE!" block has been replaced by a much clearer bullseye target, and the cannon has been given a visual upgrade; in fact, everything's a bit more shiny. Johnny_K has abandoned his prior blueprint style in favor of three different themes: matchsticks, pastels, and skeletons. Each theme takes hold for twenty levels before yielding to the next, and converging together for the final ten.

For those of you who could never work out that it's pi r squared, not pie are delicious, that's seventy levels available to you in this go-around. You'll start off with simple shots, but things'll quickly ramp up, and you'll find yourself trying to work out complicated trajectories in your head.

Adding to the complications are specialized blocks. Now, there's no term given in-game for these blocks, so I shall coin one: "burn bricks." Ooh, or "murder mortars." OH! No, wait, "stick snapping stones!" I like that; very descriptive.

These stick snapping stones are marked with an X (crossed matchsticks, a skull and bones, or crossed bones). If your stickman touches one of these, the part that connected with the brick gets "burned" and falls off the main stickman. Only live stickman parts can touch the target to advance, so these blocks will be your enemy at times (although, interestingly, a puzzle will occasionally rely upon using these blocks effectively).

RagDoll Cannon 2"That's all well and good," I hear you saying, "but all this is going over my head! All I know about physics is that Coldplay invented the speed of sound!" Well, you strugglers of the sciences, take heart: the game is somewhat forgiving. The golf-style scoring encourages conservation, but allows as many shots as you need to succeed. A reset button allows you to start each level over without penalty to your score. By the tenth level, you'll have snagged the general idea (or gone crazy trying).

Analysis: If you liked the first game, you'll love this. Well, love's a strong word. Let's not charge into this. How about we go on a few more dates with Ragdoll Cannon 2 and see how it goes, yeah?

Look, the extra levels are more than welcome, but some of them are excruciatingly difficult. A small yet non-zero handful of levels tend to devolve into pixel hunting. If you like pixel hunting, you're set (and also a little strange), but for the rest of us, it's a bit frustrating. These levels are few and far between, thankfully.

And if you loved the original blueprint style like I did... well, the new graphics are disappointing. The graph paper of the original reminded me of my AP Calculus days, doodling in the margins while waiting for the next differential. The new style makes it more in line with your standard casual game's scheme: colorful, but not very distinctive. The new themes aren't bad, but they're just not as good. (Although the mish-mash of visual styles in the last ten levels? Bleh.)

If you can get past the occasional level and the disappointing graphics, you've got a lot of good stuff here. This game will test your mind and your skill. With cannons. And let's face it, that's awesome.

Source: Jay is Games

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Grape Room Escape Walkthrough

Grape Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Grape Room Escape WalkthroughGrape Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. Go right. Look under couch..
2. get sunglasses. Go back
3. Look beside red cushion. Get key. Go back.
4. Look to the right of the couch between the lamp and couch on floor. Notice the candle holder. Go back.
5. Look at the bottom of the fan. Notice code input and also small symbol. Its too small to read. Go back.
6. Look at fan blades. Notice the tiny needle at the top left. Take it. Go back.
7. Go right.
8. Look at clock. Notice the that 12 has been replaced by a 0. Go back.
9. Click on left side of the cabinet near the top. Notice the small whole on top right. Use your needle to unlock the draw. Go back
10. Open top draw. Take candle. Open bottom draw. Look at the underside of the shelf. Take the paper.
11. Look at the bin. It moves.....its nothing...ignore it!
12. Go right again.
13. (desk scene) Look at the small shelf just above the chair. Take the green star thing. Go back
14. Open the locked box with the key. Take the box of matches.
15. Open book on top shelf. Its blank. Use your fancy red sunnies to read the page. Notice CAFE=circle, up-triangle, down-triangle, square. Go back.
16. Go left. Use your green star to open box ontop of cabinet. Take the magnifying glass.
17. Go left again. Go back to bottom of fan. Use the magnifying glass to read the tiny print. Notice that its a clock with the word NEWS in it. Think like a compass. North, East, West, South. Think back the clock. 0396 is the code.
18. Take the coin.
19. Go back.
20. return to the candle stick holder. Place the candle and light it with the matches. Hold your paper to it to make symbols appear.
21. Using code from book and the totally obvious face on the door to see that the code to the door is FACE. Exit for perfect end.

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RagDoll Cannon

RagDoll CannonCannons have a unique place in human history. Throughout the ages, they have served as an offensive weapon to knock down fortifications, an accentuation in pieces of classical music, and a rudimentary yet entertaining transport for clowns. Continuing in this rich tradition, let's launch stickmen at bricks to dignified tunes!

RagDoll Cannon, from Johnny_K (Poiser, Domino-P), places you in command of semi-automatic artillery ripped straight out of the center ring. Use your mouse to choose the right angle and just enough force to hit the "HERE!" pad.

Through your stick-slinging adventures, you'll encounter obstacles that stand in your way. Sometimes you'll have to spend a stickman to clear an object out of your way, or set up a chain reaction. You can have up to five stickmen on your screen at once, and each shot earns one point. The game's golf-style scoring values low scores, so only masters of mortars will rack up a perfect score of 21 points over 20 levels.

Analysis: RagDoll Cannon is a charming projectile game created in JohnnyK's signature blueprint style familiar to fans of his other work. The game itself feels polished, with the physics consistent and reasonable. The music seems like a nice touch at first, but can subtly grab your nerve endings and drag them along a cheese grater; thankfully, it can be disabled, but the button rather strangely fires a stickman when pressed. It seems like something that should've been caught before production, but it won't impact your score, thanks to the "reset level" button (which, incidentally, you will make heavy usage of if you're shooting for a perfect score).

The usage of stickmen as cannon fodder leads to some interesting problems and equally interesting solutions; whilst on one level, it may spin the wrong way and block the path to victory, another level may hinge upon impaling it along a platform and sliding it to victory. Adding to potential frustration is the occasional pixelhunt to find just the right range of values that will work. But once you get going in this Howitzer hoedown, you'll have trouble extinguishing your fuse.

Thanks to Jay is Games for the review.

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The Barbarian Returns in Diablo III

One of the most anticipated PC games is Diablo 3. When Blizzard announced this, millions of gamers around the world nearly tore their hair out when they found out that their Diablo career will continue.

Blizzard initially released information on 2 job classes, the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor. There are supposedly a total of 5 playable job classes - which leaves us with 3 more. There has been a lot of speculation on what the remaining job classes are but it looks like we won’t get to see the Amazon, Paladin, or even the Necromancer anymore. In a recent game conference in Germany, Blizzard confirmed that the Barbarian is the only original class that will be coming back in Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 Barbarian
Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson says the reason is simple. The Barbarian in Diablo II could’ve been better. He was a bit more diplomatic in his dissing, saying that the brute force attack class had “room for improvement.”

There’s one class that definitely won’t be coming back for another appearance in Diablo III. And Wilson says that it was because that class was just shy of perfectly designed.

The Necromancer, he said, was simply a victim of his own success. He was just too well crafted as a character, something that Wilson’s Blizzard design cohorts, current and former, likely don’t mind hearing. Necro fans on the other hand, probably won’t be too thrilled to learn of his disappearance, despite the Witch Doctor class’s similarities.

Wilson says that there are absolutely no plans to bring back any other classes, but, given that Blizzard wasn’t breaking any news at Games Convention, wouldn’t dish any details on what the remaining three classes will be.

Source: Waukster Online

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Lost Memory Walkthrough

Lost Memory is a point and click type escape the room game.
"You wake up in a room unfamiliar to you. The door is locked and the light is out. Use the items in the room to figure out how to escape."
Good Luck!
Lost Memory WalkthroughLost Memory Walkthrough:
First off, check trashcan, get watch. Then, click around motherboard, get battery. Apply to watch. Now, you can see better.

Check bottom drawer, get phone list (and number 2).

Look left to window, click slightly above top of window, get pliers.

Check the books to right of window, get punchcard/grey plastic.

Below window, check behind empty plant pot for keys.

Go right a few screens, check phone to get your phone number (check against phone list to see that you are in room 4), check keypad to the right one screen to see that you are on floor 2, and get SatNav out of coat.

Scroll a few screens in either direction, find a shelf and check the boxes to the right of the shelf for a telescope.

Number locations:
1: Behind beer bottle on top of shelf
2: Bottom drawer of computer desk
3: On top of clock
4: Under computer desk, under drawers (might have to click from a few different angles)
5: Click under center of computer desk, then click around left edge to find it behind the drawers
6: Behind right underside of chair
7: Under right side of computer desk, on shelf
8: Use pliers on air vent to pull number 8 out

Now that you have the numbers, go to the window, and lower and flip the blinds. Click on the bottom right corner. You get the number 25813746. These are the order the numbers will go into the box in the bottom of the shelf.

Now, use the telescope with the blinds up to notice the constellation Orion.

Head over to the shelf and input the numbers (25813746 in case you forgot) into the box on the bottom. Use your keys to unlock the box. The right side opens and you can pick up a document that gives clues to the username.

Computer username
Part 1: Orange
Party 2: Part of the Fibonacci sequence, add the last two together to get 55
Part 3: Orion (as you found out earlier)
Part 4: Use the grey plastic with a hole cut out to get the word "signs"
So... orange55orionsigns is the username.

Head to computer and flip switch on bottom of monitor. Input username orange55orionsigns. Check SatNav (given hint Mum'sPostCode) to get BH232LP as the password. Log in and remember that we are on floor 2, in room 4. The door code for our room is 4793.

Head back to door and input 4793 in keypad, press button on bottom. The door is now unlocked, and you know what to do.

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The Basic Escape Game Walkthrough

The Basic Escape Game is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
The Basic Escape Game WalkthroughThe Basic Escape Game Walkthrough:
1. Go 1 time on the right.
2. Take the sheet on the ground left.
3. Click on the right of belief. - There is a roman numerals: VII. - There is also a lair.
4. Go 1 time on the right.
5. Click on the black dot on the right.
6. Take the currency.
7. Go 1 time on the right.
8. Mark the symbol in the wall. - Click inside the box. Take the cutter.
9. 2 Go to the right.
10. Drag the cutter on the glass. - Take the colored threads.
11. Go 1 time on the right.
12. Drag the wires at the centre of coloured threads blacks.
13. Enter the code in box: 2401. - Click on "Enter".
14. Take the blue gem.
15. Go 1 time on the right.
16. Take the second blue gemstone.
17. 2 Go to the right.
18. Take the third gem blue.
19. Go 1 time left.
20. Putting 3 blue gems left of the door, in the appropriate spaces. - Go 1 time on the right.
21. Click on the right of belief. - Take the key.
22. Go 1 time left.
23. Drag the key on the door.
24. Exit.
25. Insert the coin in the space left the door black.
26. Exit.

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Room Bath Walkthrough

Room Bath is a new Japanese point and click escape the room game from the creator of Room Fake.

You are trapped in a bathroom and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Room Bath Walkthrough, solution, hintRoom Bath Walkthrough:
1, open the curtain and take the wire underneath the bath.
2, conect it to the washingmaschine on the left side bottom corner.
turn the metalpiece and take the key
3, look at the toilet and notice the red gem take it
4, look at the toilet paper holder and take the stone nr. 1
5, look in the sink and take the plug out take the scisors from sink
6, wash it at the toilets top pipe
7, cut the wire under the sin take the powder and a paper hint
8, on the top of washing maschine pusche the toewl aside an take the dirty paper
9, face the loker near the washingmaschine on the left side take stone nr. 3
on the right side at the bath leg take yellow gem
10, use the key on the top cabinet take the balloon and the mesure
in the midle cabinet take the blank sheet
11, open the small doors on the washing maschine take stone nr.5
and ad 3x powder take blue gem left in the powder box
12, put the dirty sheet in the mashine and wash it
13, read the number upside down (4614) take the stone nr.6 and the key
14, open the locker over the bath and take stool
15, at the sink put the stool on the mark on the ground
16, in the cupboard take the handle and on the top of it the crowbar
17, now use the crowbar on the brown desk to reveal a color-pipe-type machine : )
in the sink take the violet gem
18, go to the cabinet near the maschine and use the crowbar on the right botom side
take the nail and open the cabinet and take the valve
19, fill the bath take blue shogun and bowl
20, now take the stool pull the mat in front of the bath aside and put the stool down
21, at the top take the dark blue gem a story book from the cealing and stone nr.2
near the camera
22, use the handle under the golden lion and open the upper locker to pull it up
23, place the shogun beside the red devil pull the shogun´s head to reveal a key
24, use the key on the cupboard above the sink near the white shaped lion
take glue and stone nr.4
25, use the nail on the balloon orange gem
26, look at the top of the nail and use glue on it give it to the shogun
27, fill the bowl with water and give it to the white lion
28, back to shogun the devil is dead take him and turn him round take the valve
29, us the valve on the sink to wash the mud away
30, turn it of to see the color patern with symbols each represents a different type of
water in the room . ( toilet hub, bath, toilet , sink) the X is a mix of two types of water
you combine in the color-pipe-type machine.
31, make the mix first , take any kind of water you want and ad it to the pipes put the bowl
under and fill it with the violet liquid.
32, fill the middle pipe with the violet liquid an the others acording to the patern in the sink
33, you should get a yellow liquid give it to the white lion it turns and reveals the spot to put the gems in.
34, now you see a puzzle over the bath where the stones should fit.
35, sink the blank paper with the symbol in lower right corner in the bath to reveal a code
36, apply this code to the toiletholder (notice the shape underneath the numbers)
37, look at and open the cabinet near the washingmaschine to see the stone pattern
38, apply the patern to the board over the bath and press the nod in the left botom corner
39, it turns now open the upper locker and pul the handle up to reveal a green gem
40, now go to the spot near the toilet and fit the gems inside acordin to the colours in the story
book. ( from bottom : green, orange, dark blue, yellow, violet, red, blue)

41, see the tunnel go out = FAKE END
42, press the chinese symbols to go back to the room
43, go back and face the sink see a hidden panell in the tunnel´s right upper corner
44, open it and pull the switch
45, take a closer look at the camera and press the small button
46, look at the gems near the toilet to see a light and a pattern , famyliar?
47, these represent a new water mix patern.
48, go to the white lion and take the bowl with yellow liquid to fill the midle pipe
49, fill the others ( toilet, bath, toliet hub, sink)
50, a safe opens take the shogun girl and place it beside the shogun
51, go away and back and take the hearth to reveal a stick in it
52, use the bowl on white lion and stick the stick to the lover right corner
53, go to the bath and press the puzzle button to tur it shoul stuck in the midle
54, go back to the white lion an take the white gem
55, now back to the bath the puzzle should restore
56, back to the white lion to take out the stick
57, oh gosh back to the bath run the puzzle and fill the white gem in the golden lions right

58, back of and pull the curtain back
59, a patern reveals a new number to put to the toilet (4263)
60, go to the washingmaschine and open it

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The Ballad of Ketinetto - part 2 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 WalkthroughThe Ballad of Ketinetto 2 is the second chapter of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku.

"The new and better features are: - Character perspective - Objects names - bugs fixed - Inventory fully functionally, and more."
Good Luck!

Play The Ballad of Ketinetto 2

The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 Walkthrough:
Get loose wood from left.
Take bottles until you find one that is not broken.
Go right to the alley and talk to the old man (he need some drink). Exit.
Click on loose tiles until you find a worm.
Go into the right door, get jar and card.
Read note on the wall.
Use card on stool to get sediments.
Use jar on faucet to get rum.
Go to the beach.
Get stick and rope.
Use bottle on sea water.
Click the + sign, click one stick and click the other. Now you have both of them as one item, use the rope with sticks to combine them.
Use the joined sticks on wooden duck.
Put the worm, the sediments and the water into de jar with rum.
Go to the alley and give the jar to the old man, take flag.
Go to the beach.
Put the sticks in the duck's hole, now put the flag in the mast and..."to be continued"

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Square Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough

Square Rooms Nightmare is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game.
You are trapped in a house and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Square Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough, solution, help, cheatsSquare Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough:
Click red button.
Go right.
Click left side of trash bin, take broken knife.
Click inside trash bin, get green key.
Use Key in "W" door. Enter the door.
Go right, click on picture, get nail from "R"
Take wrench from drawers.
Get pliers on top of cupboard.
Go right, get crowbar from behind W door.
Go right, click hole in the wall, Use the broken knife to get the cloth.
Go right, click on blood, use cloth and get grey key.
Use Key to open "E" door.
Use crowbar in the planks of wood.
Click on planks, use pliers on wire, get wire.
Go right twice, there is a mouse hole on the left side of S door, use the nail and the wire in the mouse hole, take Key.
Go right, get hammer.
Go right, click on safe (bottom of screen) and use the key to open safe, get yellow key.
Use yellow key to open "N" door.
Click on blood, use cloth to get weapon and bullets.
Go left, use wrench in the wall panel, use nail to get key.
Go right twice, use key on panel.
Go to the room with cupboard, go to the door with a red dot and put the code 409, get red key.
Use red key on "Exit door" note the code: 3265
Go to "X" door, put the code 3265. Click weapon and use it on the door.
Get bunny, click arrows, a lot of Japanese text and "to be continued"

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Storage Escape Walkthrough

Storage Escape is a point and click escape the room from the creator of Hot and Cold.
In this game, you are trapped in a storage and you need to find items in order to escape.
Good Luck!
Storage Escape WalkthroughStorage Escape Walkthrough:
1. Get the PAPER under the table (behind far leg).
2. Get the PENCIL into the air conditioned.
3. Get the SCREWDRIVER under the chair.
4. Put the paper over the table (left-botton corner, into scratch - not zoon it).
5. Use the pencil into the paper and note the code (4937).
6. Use the code into the closet lock and get the ACID (HCl).
7. Use the acid in the box and get the 1st key.
8. Use the screwdriver into the white panel between the door and bin and get the 2nd key.
9. Use the keys in the panel at wall and get the HAMMER.
10. Use the hammer on door's lock.

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Escape Bathroom Walkthrough

Escape Bathroom is a point and click escape the room game.
This time, you are locked in a bathroom and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Escape Bathroom WalkthroughEscape Bathroom Walkthrough:
1. grab red ball on right side of tub
2. turn right, click left side of small box and press button
3. back out, open box, get yellow ball
4. turn right twice, move painting until the battery falls
5. open top and bottom drawers to get the flashlight and the other battery
6. combine the light with the two batteries
7. click the left side (lower down) of the dresser to get the blue ball
8. lift the front right corner of rug and get cane
9. turn right, let water out of the tub using the cane on the chain
10. get key out of tub
turn left, open remaining drawer, get magnifying glass
11. look in crack near cat (using flashlight), get screwdriver
12. zoom out, using the magnifying glass look at the long crack going up to get a 3 digit number
13. turn right, open the screws and enter the code to get the final ball
14. turn left (or right) twice and using the magnifying glass, read the small writing in the top right corner
15. left (or right) twice and put the balls in the rectangle according to code
16. for perfect end, click to let the cat out (for normal end, just leave )

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Enter the Safe Room Walkthrough

Enter the Safe Room is a point and click escape the room game.
"Enter the Safe Room is a nice game in the "Escape the room" style. The little different is, that you have to break in a room. The safe of course. Find usefull items and use them to crack the safe. Use your mouse to click on different things and look what is happening. "
Good Luck!
Enter the Safe Room solucion, guiaEnter the Safe Room Walkthrough:
go right twice, get key from knocked-out guard
Go right, get hammer from red box, clippers left of box, screwdriver from mousehole, not Bank-ID on note.
Got right, open fusebox with key
Hit crack with hammer, get code for computer (which has no power yet!)
Right twice, use screwdriver on picture (not room number)
Use hammer on lamp, cut out blue wire with clippers
Go up, use hammer on neon light, use clipper to ge green wire. Poke grey thing with screwdriver, something happens.
Go down, pick up red key
Face fusebox, use wire to fix it.
Face computer, switch on computer, enter password, note code for safe.
Add all the numbers you got.
Face safe, use red key
Face keypad, enter 4 digit code.
Open safe, you're out!

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Watermelon Room Escape Walkthrough

Watermelon Room Escape is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Watermelon Room Escape WalkthroughWatermelon Room Escape Walkthrough:
Look at the plant on the left of door and note square=x
Look at the lamp on the right of door, click above it and note the numbers
Turn right and take pliers on the left of closet
Turn right and take broom and white can
Use pliers on can and take red star
Click on the right of bed and take green square
Click on the left of bed and take watermelon
Turn left click the upper right side of the closet and use broom to take the blue star
Turn right twice, look on the right side of the low cabinet, clcick the button and note the sequence of the colours
Turn right and click on the bottom part of the door until a panel opens and shows 4 red circles and 3 green square
That's the hint for the code for the red box on the table
You have to multiply the numbers you got from the lamp (9x8x3x2=432)
Open the red box and take the hammer
Go to the low cabinet on the rigth of bed, click the middle upper part of it and use the hammer to take away the nails
Take the yellow square thing and click the little circle on it, you'll get a knife
Use the knife on the green square and you'll get green star
Put back the knife and take the yellow star
Now go to the lamp and put the stars in the order you get from the cabinet (red, blue, yellow, green)
Click the grey button and it turns white
Now click the door and you're out with perfect end!

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Batman Arkham Asylum for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Eidos and Rocksteady Games have announced the development of Batman Arkham Asylum for the PC. The game will also be released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 has a tentative 2009 launch date.

The initial screenshots for Arkham Asylum look promising. Note that the Joker has the Heath Ledger “look”. Meanhwile, the game runs on the Unreal Engine 3. 1Up has reported that it is played “from a third-person, over-the-shoulder view, with emphasis both on combat and detective work.”

Check out the screenshots.

Batman Arkham AsylumBatman Arkham AsylumBatman Arkham AsylumBatman Arkham Asylum
Lastly, the game’ fighting system works “with just three buttons — attack, stun, and throw. There will also be stealth (or as the developers call it, “predatory”) elements to the action, and some boss fights will even incorporate Zelda-like puzzle solving, with Batman needing to use his gadgets in certain ways to take down foes. The detective elements will also focus on puzzle solving, with gameplay features similar to Metroid Prime’s scanner visor — Batman will use a visor that’ll highlight “points of interest,” as well as forensic devices that, as one example, will allow him to detect and follow trails of fingerprints.”

Source: gmtristan

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