Small Samurai Walkthrough

Small Samurai is a point and click adventure game created by Minoto who is also the creator of A Couple of Milky Way, Fireworks of the Summer and Bon Dance.

Small Samurai WalkthroughSmall Samurai Walkthrough:
1.go right and drag stick to the hammer
2.pick up hammer and go left
3.use hammer on all three moles
4.take shovel and go right.
5.use shovel on patch of dirt
6.go right twice and give dirt to the racoon
7.pick up oar and give it to the monkey
8.take pot and examine it to get a bag of pepper
9.fill pot with water
10.go left and pour water in bowl
11.pick up chopsticks from table and go right to pick up the bowl
12.go left twice and use shovel on dirt
13.go left and fill the hole with dirt (repeat until all the holes are covered)
14.go right and pick up needle
15.go left and use needle on boy bowl in water, give him the chopsticks and click on him on boy to put him in your inventory
18.go left and place boy on plate then give the pink monster the bag of pepper
19.pick up the magic hammer
NOTE: there are three endings
End #1 give magic hammer to the girl in front of the house
End #2 pick up small boy and place him next to the girl in front of house
End #3 pick up small boy and give him the magic hammer

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Monster Basement 2 Walkthrough

Monster Basement 2 is the second chapter of Monster Basement point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape before the monster return.
Good Luck!
Monster Basement 2 WalkthroughMonster Basement 2 Walkthrough:
-Clay pot (outside next to the shed)
-Toolbox key (Inside the clay pot)
-Shed key (Girl gives it to you after you get rid of the leaches)
-Mobile phone (Chair in main room)
-Match box (between the television set and the wall closest to the door to the kitchen)
-Basement key (Found inside the mask)
-Laxative(Left edge of the television)
-Magnet (In the toolbox in the shed)
-Rope (On the roof)
-Scrowl head (Found in the sewers. Combine rope and magnet to grapple item)
-Scrowl hold (Girl loses it in the pond. Use grapple)
-Scrowl Scepter (Combine with Scrowl head and hold)
-Handy man hotline pamphlet (On the wall in the main room)
-Diary (In the drawer under the girls bed)
-Ad DVD (In the DVD player)
-Recorded DVD (Upstairs in the DVD recorder)
-Kitchen salt (In the kitchen)
-Music sheet (In the kitchen)
-Eyedopple's bones (After the butcher drops the kids off at the pool)
-Chainsaw (From the brother)
-Mask (From the brother)

-Grab the pamphlet on the wall. Pamphlet advertises a wrench for sale and a number to dial.
-Grab the mobile phone on the floor.
-Find the match box on the television set.
-Find the laxative remedy behind the 3rd candle on the left side in the stair way. You must light it with the match stick first to see its shadow. Click on that shadow to attain.
-Pour the laxative remedy into the cup in the kitchen. The butcher then rushes to the toilet outside.
-Grab the salt.
-Find the music sheet in the kitchen. Use it in sync when knocking on the door so she lets you in upstairs.
-You see the daughter again, but she teleports, you'll find her on the ground outside the lake covered by leeches. Apply salt to rid of the leeches.
-The Mud vile appears. The acidity of the mud vile forms a pathway down the well into the sewers.
-Find the shed key in bathroom upstairs. You must shake the towel 4 times for it to drop.
-Use the Shed key to unlock the shed
-Use the Toolbox key to unlock the tool box.
-Grab the rope hanging on the windmill. Be patient as it passes by up the top of the house.
-Grab the magnet in the tool box.
-Your friend throws the mud vile and melts the ground, leading down to the sewers.
-Descend to the sewers. Combine the rope and magnet to grapple on the scrowl head.
-Use the magnet in the toilet outside after the butcher has relieved himself. You will find inside the Eyedopple's bones hidden underneath all that poop. Use the magnet to retrieve it.
-Use the sink upstairs to clean the Eyedopple's bones.
-Mobile phone is only receptive upstairs. Call the handy man. But he will say "Pay me".
-Place the Eyedopple's bones inside the letter box. Call the handy man, and he will replace it with the wrench.
-Use the wrench to take out all the bolts from the basement lid.
-Grab the scrowl hold from the girl. However you must trade it for her diary. She is found hiding in her room again.
-Combine the scrowl hold with the scrowl head to make the scrowl scepter. (freezes time)
-Find the monster trap DVD in the girls room.
-Go down stairs and take the Ads DVD out, replace it with the Monster trap DVD in the DVD player and watch the scary movie. (Scary movie showing the painting of the chainsaw dude is real) You hear noises coming from behind you.
-Use the Scrowl scepter to freeze time.
-Take the chainsaw from the enemy and use it against him.
-Take the mask.
-Examine the mask to find the basement key inside.
-Use the basement key to unlock the lid in the basement.
-Enjoy the ending.

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Apple Room Escape Walkthrough

Apple Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
Apple Room Escape WalkthroughApple Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. take the apple 1 on the floor

2. same view, click on the bottom left next to the fridge, take the plier and note the vertical 'BAR' on the wall

3. go left to the sink view. take the apple 2, and then take the green key using the plier.

4. check the sink - take the apple 3 and note the horizontal 'ROM'

5. turn left, check the gap between the kitchen cupboard and the wall. take the apple 4 and note the vertical 'GYM' on the wall.

6. check the left of the grey cabinet, take the broom

7. turn left, click on the right most chair. there's another chair. with the chair on the floor, click on the upper wall corner to see the ceiling

8. click the brown sqaure with the broom. take the blue key

9. take the chair, go back to the grey cabinet. move the rubbish bin and then put the chair next to the cabinet (on the right).

10. check the top of the cabinet. take the hammer and note the horizontal 'BIG'

11. go back to the corner where you get the plier. there's a crack on the wall. hit it with the hammer and get the red key

12. check the gap between the kitchen cupboard and the fridge, get the apple 5

13. now you have 4 words:


check the code pad next to the door, there're 8 circles

so blue(B) on top left corner, red(R) on bottom left corner, green(G) on top right corner

and you will see a white circle in the middle

14. go out with perfect end

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Office Room Escape Walkthrough

Office Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from 123bee.

A stranger is trapped inside an office cabin without possessing an access card, which is mandatory to get out of the cabin. He will have to use the available clues from the objects inside the cabin to make his way out of the cabin.
Good luck!
Office Room Escape WalkthroughOffice Room Escape Walkthrough:
1: Turn of the switches which are to the extreme left.

2: Take the rod and break open the plug board. 2nd plug board frm right.

3: Take the paper cutter and cut the wires.

4: Now connect the wires wrogly. i.e. click on the tip of the lower red wire and drag it to upper green wire. similarly click on the tip of lower blue wire and drag it to upper red wire and click on lower green wire and drag it to upper blue wire.

5: Now turn on the switches on the extrem left wall.

6: Once the switches are ON, go back to the plug board, u can see fire.

7: Now take a paper from the paper tray on the table and lite the fire. Once the paper is on fire, put it below the panel next to the door. Like that lite 3 or 4 papers and put it below the panel.

8: once tht is done, click on the handle of the door, the door will open.

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Forgotten Asylum Walkthrough

SSSG-Forgotten Asylum is a new point and click type escape the room game from Melting-Minz.

You are being sent to Whispering Oaks Asylum to meet with an ex-nurse named Shelly Marser. There are many rumors about the old forgotten asylum that might just be facts. It is said that the asylum was shut down due to being haunted. No one is quite sure though. Many strange happenings went on in the asylum when it was occupied by its residents. It is your job to meet nurse Marser and figure out what happened.
Good Luck!
Forgotten Asylum WalkthroughForgotten Asylum Walkthrough:
1. ROOM 3 (Start)
* Left side, in trees.

Zoom in on car.
* On seatbelt holder.
* Read newspaper.
* Get OLD KEY under steering wheel.
Zoom out, and go north to ROOM 7.

2. ROOM 7
* Left side of railing.
Go east to ROOM 8.

3. ROOM 8
* On left, in broken door.
* Optional: Zoom in on purse, read ID card, and zoom out.
* Pull rope hanging right of gate.
Go west to ROOM 7.

4. ROOM 7
* Examine hole in right side of bricks; get MAP.
* Use KEY on door.
Go north to ROOM 12 (main lobby).

5. ROOM 12
* On floor to left of stairs.
* On floor to right of stairs.
* Top of left column.
* Top of right column.
Go west to ROOM 11.

6. ROOM 11
* Top-left, on wall.
* Ceiling, above window.
Go south to ROOM 6.

7. ROOM 6
* Middle-left, on door.
* Top-right, between windows.
* Middle, on window.
* Get COG 1 from bottom of wheelchair.
Go south to ROOM 2.

8. ROOM 2
* Top-left, on wall.
* Top-right, below window.
* Get AXE from table.
Go west to ROOM 1.

9. ROOM 1
* Lower-right, on floor.
* Get FUSE from floor (top, near drain).
Go north to ROOM 5.

10. ROOM 5
* Left side, on floor.
* Middle, on chair.
* Right side, near back wall.
Go back to ROOM 11, then west to ROOM 10.

11. ROOM 10
* On window (left side).
* On window (upper-right side).
Go west to ROOM 9.

12. ROOM 9
* Left side, under bed.
* Right side, behind desk.
* Top of window.
* Get SCREWDRIVER from desk.
* Zoom in on clock, and make screenshot for later.
Go south to ROOM 4.

13. ROOM 4
* On wall to the right of leftmost door.
* On rear wheel of wheelchair.
* Click leaves, then click diagram under them, and make screenshot for later.
Go back to ROOM 12 (main lobby), then go east to ROOM 13.

14. ROOM 13
* Left wall, above graffiti.
* Right wall, above graffiti.
Go north to ROOM 20.

15. ROOM 20
* On left bathtub.
Go south to ROOM 13, then east to ROOM 14.

16. ROOM 14.
* Right side, in green drawer.
* Take JOURNAL from cabinet; read through it for important clues.
* Open top-left drawer of file cabinet. Read files for two codes:
o Full access: 4578
o Partial access: #3435
Go east to ROOM 15.

17. ROOM 15
* Bottom, on white square.
* Top, in 1st row, 4th column.
* Use FUSE in empty slot, then tighten with SCREWDRIVER. This turns the power on.
Go west to ROOM 14.

18. ROOM 14
* Click the door, and enter the code 4578.
Go north to ROOM 21.

19. ROOM 21
* On mirror.
* On desk.
* Bottom, under desk.
* Get JOURNAL PAGE from desk. Read new page (optional).
* Ignore the bottle, can't do anything with it yet.
Go back to ROOM 12 (main lobby).

20. ROOM 12
* Click the door, and enter the code #3435 (remember the "#").
Go north to ROOM 19.

21. ROOM 19
* Ceiling, above arch.
* Ceiling, further down the hall.
Go north to ROOM 24 (church).

22. ROOM 24
* Left side, below window.
* Right side, on window.
Go east to ROOM 25.

23. ROOM 25
* Top, to left of door.
* Top-right, above right door.
* Bottom-right, left of right door.
Go north to ROOM 31.

24. ROOM 31
* Left side, on wall.
* On right wall, in bright spot.
Go south to ROOM 25, then east to ROOM 26.

25. ROOM 26
* Left side, on blue wall.
* Right side, above sinks.
* Bottom, on fallen lamp.
Go east to ROOM 27.

26. ROOM 27
* Top-left corner of bed springs.
* Wall above door.
* Under checkerboard (get it first).
* Get CHECKERBOARD from floor.
Go north to ROOM 33.

27. ROOM 33
* On bathtub faucet.
* Top of window.
* Sink faucet.
* Get JOURNAL PAGE from floor; read it (optional).
Go south to ROOM 27, then east to ROOM 28.

28. ROOM 28
* Top-left, on wall.
* Middle, green wall under pictures.
Go north to ROOM 34.

29. ROOM 34
* Bottom-left, under bed.
* Middle, on wall.
* Ceiling, on light.
* Zoom in on Christmas carols under bed; make screenshot of "12 Days" song.
Go back to ROOM 26, then go north to ROOM 32.

30. ROOM 32
* Bottom-left, on wall.
* Bottom-right, on wall.
Go north to ROOM 36.

31. ROOM 36
* Top-right, on wall.
* Bottom-right, in rectangular structure.
* Get COG 2 from right rectangular structure.
Go east to ROOM 37.

32. ROOM 37
* Above door.
* Right side, on wall.
* Middle-top, just to right of door.
* Drag lower-right debris away, and get COG 3.
Go west to ROOM 36, then north to ROOM 38.

33. ROOM 38
* Right side, on window.
Go east to ROOM 39.

34. ROOM 39
* Right side, on wall (left of vines).
* Tear off both sections of wallpaper.
* Use AXE on bricks to reveal wall with empty slots.
* Put three COGS in slots, to reveal secret door.
Go north to SECRET ROOM.

* Top of stand to left of chair.
* Middle of stand behind chair.
* Top of stand behind chair.
* Right window.
* Get MIRROR from chair.
* Zoom in on portrait. Flip portrait over and get STAINED GLASS 1.
Go south to ROOM 39, then east to ROOM 40.

36. ROOM 40
* In trees outside right window.
* Get SHOVEL on right.
Go all the way back to ROOM 19, then go west to ROOM 18.

37. ROOM 18
* On open door in background.
* Above same door.
* Ceiling.
Go west to ROOM 17.

38. ROOM 17
* Top of window.
* Left of window.
* Sink faucet.
Go west to ROOM 16.

39. ROOM 16
* Top-left, on left door.
* Zoom in on "true love" paper in stall; make screenshot for later.
* Move dark tile on stall wall, and get STAR KEY.
Go back to ROOM 18, then go north to ROOM 23.

40. ROOM 23
* Top-left, above window.
* Middle, at end of hall.
* Bottom-right, on floor.
Go west to ROOM 22.

41. ROOM 22
* None yet
* Get WOODEN PEG 1 from desk.
Go north to ROOM 29.

42. ROOM 29
* Top-left, on wall.
* On window.
* Bottom-right, on floor.
* Bottom-middle, on white square.
* Click two knobs on left wall, to open trapdoor.
Climb down ladder to TUNNEL 1.

43. TUNNEL 1
* Left side, wall left of stairs.
Go east to TUNNEL 2.

44. TUNNEL 2
* Bottom-right, under table.
* Top-right, on wall.
* Get ROPE from table.
Go north to TUNNEL 3.

45. TUNNEL 3
* Left wall.
* Top-left, on ceiling pipes.
* Get JOURNAL PAGE on left; read it (optional).
Go north to GRAVEYARD.

* Bottom, next to closest grave.
* Right, above third grave.
* Use SHOVEL to dig in front of middle row, 4th grave; get STAINED GLASS 2.
Go back through tunnel to ROOM 29. Then go back to ROOM 23, and north to ROOM 30.

47. ROOM 30
* Left side, on floor.
* Right side, wall above stairs.
* Get RUBBER DUCK from bathtub.
* Zoom in on paper on board.
* Order items correctly (tilde will turn brown when item is correct).
* When all are in correct order, make screenshot for later.
Go north to ROOM 35.

48. ROOM 35
* Lower-left, on floor.
* Top, on wall left of window.
* Zoom in on orange picture. Click SCREWDRIVER on orange stems, to reveal puzzle.
* To solve puzzle:
o Look in JOURNAL for patient who packed orange crates.
o She kept reciting a list of numbers. Notice that these numbers are in 4 pairs, and each pair skips a number. That skipped number must go into the code. For example: First number pair is "27, 29", so the code number is 28.
o Final code: 28, 44, 15, 86.
o After entering code, push black button to get STAINED GLASS 3.
Now we start backtracking and solving puzzles. Go to ROOM 31.

49. ROOM 31
* Solve the infamous ball puzzle, using screenshots of "12 days" Christmas carol and "true love" paper from bathroom.
* Solution is:
o 8: top left
o 7: top right
o 1: middle right
o 2: bottom left
o 5: bottom right
Then use STAR KEY in keyhole, and click key again. Get STAINED GLASS 4.

Go to ROOM 32.

50. ROOM 32
* Solve the symbol puzzle, using the screenshots of the clock and meal schedule you took earlier. Get OLD KEY.
Go to ROOM 38.

51. ROOM 38
* Zoom in on right hole, and use ROPE on object in hole to get HAMMER.
Go to ROOM 17.

52. ROOM 17
* Use HAMMER on broken window. Get WOODEN PEG 2 from floor.
Go to ROOM 20.

53. ROOM 20
Go to ROOM 14.

54. ROOM 14
* Use OLD KEY on file cabinet, 2nd row, 1st drawer. Open drawer and read files. One contains a RAZOR.
Go north to ROOM 21.

55. ROOM 21
* Zoom in on medicine bottle, and use RAZOR to remove label. Then click bottle cap to get WOODEN PEG 3.
Go to ROOM 8.

56. ROOM 8
* Put CHECKERBOARD in slot. Ghost gives you STAINED GLASS 6.
Go to ROOM 22.

57. ROOM 22
* Inside cupboard (after opening it).
* Put 3 PEGS into holes, then pound each one in with HAMMER. Cupboard opens to reveal puzzle.
* Solve puzzle by making pattern match screenshot taken earlier (design found under leaves).
Go to ROOM 24 (church).

58. ROOM 24
* Put completed STAINED GLASS into window. Then put MIRROR on pedestal, and turn it to face right.
Go to ROOM 38.

59. ROOM 38
* Beam of light from mirror reveals GREEN STONE on wall.
Go to ROOM 1.

60. ROOM 1
* Drag tile under lever out of the way, to reveal green space. Put GREEN STONE there.
* Pull lever.
* Drag six other tiles out of the way, to reveal dead body of doctor. Click it.
* Leave the room in any direction.

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Microbe Kombat

In today's world of beefed-up fighting online games with extravagant characters and ridiculously-complex moves, it's nice to see an homage to the simplest, most primitive form of combat there is... Microbe Kombat!

You're a weakly little microorganism in a big world (a Petri dish?) filled with other microbes and bacteria, and it's survival of the fittest in there. Forget about chucking "Hadoken!" fireballs at your opponents or giving them the old "Roundhouse-to-Dragon Uppercut" routine. No, grasshopper—this is Darwinian fighting style at its most primeval. Binding to proteins, self-replication through division and eating other microbes... these are your signature moves.

Microbe Kombat online gameObviously, your goal as a microbe is to grow and survive. But don't let that premise fool you into thinking this is a slow-paced simulation. It's an action game at its core, with a little bit of puzzle/strategy thrown in to make things a bit more interesting. A variation of the classic "big fish eats smaller fish" game mechanic, you begin your microbe life small as can be, "eating" protein (and other microbes) to get larger. Control your microbe with the mouse; it will simply follow your cursor around the screen, consuming protein and microbes it comes in contact with.

You win when you've eaten all enemy microbes in each level. But there's a catch: your rival microbes can eat you if they get big enough, which they'll try to do by gobbling up proteins before you can reach them first. Things get even more competitive when your rival microbes begin dividing; they're small at first, but all it takes is a little time before they get big enough to divide again, exponentially ganging up on you.

Fear not, because you have this ability as well, so you can divide and try to match the enemy's muscle. Your ally microbes will seek out protein on their own while avoiding bigger enemies at the same time. You're not without a few other abilities as well, like temporary boosts of speed, size or dynamically switching control to any of your allies. You even have some neat tricks like sacrificing one of your allies to explode and destroy nearby enemies. All these abilities and power-ups are gained by eating proteins. Up to six of them will stack as icons on the right side of the screen. You can use them by clicking the icons with your mouse, or pushing the corresponding [1] through [6] as hotkeys. I recommend the latter, since your mouse cursor is used to guide your microbe. You can pause the game by pushing [P], and configure the hotkeys in the settings menu.

Microbe Kombat reviewAnalysis: My biggest issue with this game is the sheer difficulty in eating other microbes, from a control mechanic standpoint. You can't just pass over smaller microbes to eat them like you can with proteins. To consume an enemy microbe, you need to be following it from behind, get close enough until your microbe opens its mouth, and hope the enemy didn't move away too quickly before you chomp down. I realize the game probably would have been too easy if you just had to touch a smaller microbe to eat it, but the mechanic as-is needs improvement. Unless the developers fix this, the best technique I can recommend is to give enemy microbes a bit of "lead" when pursuing them. For example, position your cursor ahead of them a bit, trying to mimic their path as your microbe comes up from behind.

Other than this annoying control issue, Microbe Kombat is a nice little top-down game reminiscent of flOw, but only in the aesthetic and conceptual sense. This game has a strategy that's unique and engaging, allowing you to choose between an aggressive "hit-and-run" approach and the more defensive "strength in numbers" tactic. The various abilities at your disposal add even more depth to the game's strategy, as do the infectious (and immune) organisms in later levels. Coupled with the ambient music soundtrack and elegant, minimalistic graphics, it's a fun and stylish little game that almost anyone can enjoy.

Review by Jay is Games

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Old Castle 3 Walkthrough

Old Castle 3 is the latest episode of the Old Castle point and click saga.

This escape the room game is probably the hardest to solve developed so far. You have to explore a castle and escape with an artefact from there.

Old Castle 3 WalkthroughOld Castle 3 Walkthrough:

01. Click the purble diamond on the right corner
02. Pull the diamond from your inventory to the crown
03. Click the crown and the purple diamond

First Room:
01. Take the bucket (1) from the left corner, the key from the shelf and the corkscrew from underneath the barrel
02. Take a heavy object from left or right the table (changes every game)
03. go to the right an take the sword and the barrel
04. put the key in the keyhole and open the cupboard
05. hit the statue with the sword and get the head, also take the collar. DONT FORGET TO TAKE THE KEY WITH YOU AFTER YOU CLOSED THE DOOR!
06. got right 2times and take the bottle on the left side of the cupboard and the shield on the right side
07. go left again and take the moon-shaped thingy from the table
08. now open the bottle with the corkskew and place it in front of the rat passing by
09. a genie will appear, click him and select „walk around the castle“ click the second room

Second Room:
01. Take all the objects (2 buckets (2 and 3), one plant, gold and small barrel)
02. now click above the middle and wait a few seconds. The medals will start to spin and show different zodiac signs. You have to wait until the order of the zodiac signs are in the right order (changes every game) and when they do, you pull the lever (it can take very long until the right combination appears…so be patient!)
03. The picture that appears gives you a hint on how to place items on the round table below. That changes everytime.
04. FIRST: light the small barrel in your inventory with the candle on the left side!
05. Now there are multiple combinations of how to put items on the round table. It’s probably one of these, from left to right
a. ring, shield, head, sword, burning barrel, gold, plant, moon or
b. ring, shield, burning barrel, moon, plant, gold, head, sword
06. After you place the items in the correct order, the table lowers and you can take a liquid out of the middle of the table.
07. pull that liquid to the bottle of the genie on the right, now you’ll be able to access to more rooms when „walking around the castle“

FIRST go into the

Fourth Room:
01. Move one step up the ladder and pull the corkscrew to the sign. After that click on the center of the diamond-shape underneath the sign
02. go up and repeat that three times (every symbol can be changed with the corkscrew and there are 4 floors)
03. When you have done that, climb down and click on the ladder (it will move to middle column) and do the same with each sign and shape
04. Do the same procedure with the third column
05. When you’re finished, take the metal thing on the very left of the screen

Now, click the genie and go to „luck“
01. Click (mark red) the corresponding letters for either „felicitas“ or „fortuna“ and click the center. Take the book, take a short look at it and change to room number 3.

Third Room:
01. Take the bucket (4) on the right side
02. Fill in the following numbers in the math-task: 45203 (twice) and as a result 90406. The board opens and you can take out a mirror.
03. Now turn around and click on the right side of the skeleton’s leg.
04. Place the mirror on the table. Though it will not be able to stand, attach the skeleton’s bone
05. Now put the key in front of the mirror and click the key INSIDE the mirror. Dont forget to take the other key as well.
06. Do the same with the metal thing from the 4th room.
07. When you click on the skeleton’s head, you’ll see his flashing several colors. Click the card with the same color of his eyes ONCE! You’ll quickly notice that there are some colors which dont match the cards. So: red is grey, blue is pink cyan is brown and white is green
08. When you did everything right, the skeleton will release the bottle of ist left hand, take it and pull it to genie’s bottle.
09. The last fifth room is now available. Go there.

Fifth Room.
01. Take the bucket (5) on the very right side
02. Now it’s math-time. When you click on the head of the gay monster, he’ll give you 2 roman numberals (changes every time). Summate them (for example: I + IV = V) and type the answer in the right window. The first stage is not very hard, the second can be more diffecult, so if you are not familar with roman numerals I suggest you take a quick look at wiki or google.
03. When you’ve reached the third stage, take the metal thing from the mirror and pull it to the ring on the bottom rope. Then attach the heavy object from 1st room. Now you got time to solve the equation. When you have the answer just click the fat guy and he’ll move upstairs. You’ll see something sticking out behind the sign he put down (a cross). Take it and go up the ladder
04. Take the bell.

Go to the 1st room again:

01. open both cupboards with the keys
02. Now do the following, the BLUE arrows of the 1st cupboards have to point to: S/SE/N/SE
03. 2nd wardrobe: SW/N/SW/S
04. a door will open, go in there and you’ll notice that your mouse-movements are „mirrored“.
05. Take the bucket (6) on the floor
06. Now you have to set six diferrent numbers according to the corners of each shape (changes every time). Only count the corners and not the ends of the lines!
07. After that you have to attach each six buckets to one of the skeletons who open the door. It doesn’t matter if you you place a bucket on a skeleton twice or more.
08. When you attached all six buckets to a skelton, the last one will stay and you can take his rope and page (take a short look at it)
09. Leave and then go to room 2 again

Room 2:
01. Drag the bell to either the burning barrel or the sword. You’ll get another rope. Combine the ropes and go to room 3 again

Room 3:
01. change to the view of the skeleton and you’ll notice that the card’s colors have changed. Do the game with him again (click his head), but now notive that yellow = red, cyan = yellow and red = cyan, everything else stays the same.
02. When you’ve accomplished that, the skeleton will reveal the rope. Take it.
03. Drag the bell to skeleton’s head and hit it with the rope. You’ll get the bones.
04. Attach the bones to the ropes and turn around
05. Drag the barrel in front of the wall and attach the metal thing to the hole in the wall. Then attach the rope to the metal thing.
To be continued...

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Governor of Poker

Play Texas Hold 'Em against skillful computer opponents in Governor of Poker by Youda Games.

Governor of PokerBuild your reputation and wealth in a dusty western town by winning at poker and buying up property. You start out in the small Texas town of San Saba with money in your pocket and the ambition to climb up in the world. The game directs you to a poker tourney starting at the local saloon. As you win at poker you are able to buy property and increase your reputation. The higher your reputation, the more poker games you get invited to, and so on, until you own the whole town. You even make headlines in the newspaper!

The bulk of the game is spent at the poker table displayed in overhead pov, but those ten-gallon hats have a bunch of personality. Hand and body movements mimic real play, which is a nice touch. The most fascinating thing to me was that the characters had verbal and visual "tells." When he twirled his chips, was he strong or weak? Did the crack in her voice just tell me she raised with pocket Aces? Did the guy staring straight ahead when he made a quiet all-in bet mean he had made his flush? Usually. I called a bunch of hands just to see if I could figure out the code. If you show some bluffs, you might make someone start to steam or go on tilt! You can see the steam coming out of their ears, and they start to play badly.

Free online PokerOnce you build your wealth and own houses, you'll have keys with you at the table in cash games, and you can bet the worth of those houses. But be careful, because other players have keys too, and when the short stack throws in his key, suddenly you'll be calling a much bigger bet than you expected. If at any point you don't have enough money to join a game, you can sell a house, or click on the "next day" button a ton of times and earn rent on your properties until you have enough to play. You can also win a series of 24 medals for various hands and situations, like "Busted A Player," "Won All-In Against Two Players," "Won 1st Place," etc. You can eventually own the town and are offered to play heads-up against the best player to win a horse. Once you win the horse you can mosey on to the next town and take more players to the cleaners all over again. You'll have thirteen towns and cities to conquer with your poker prowess, buying up all the houses and saloons as you go until you run all of Texas!

Computer Poker gamesAnalysis: Simple with few frills, Governor of Poker focuses on gameplay and creates a superb experience as a result. The AI is really pretty satisfying. There are three skill levels to choose from, and a couple of the opponents are quite challenging. It's up to you to figure out who's the bluffer, who's betting true value, and who's betting their house on the nuts.

If you're new to Texas Hold 'Em, you won't find the instructions very helpful. But you can see a hand ranking chart on what beats what. There are lots of onscreen tips which you can turn on or off, and all the people in the town seem to want to give you poker advice every time you talk to them. You'll also get used to how the "blinds" (forced bets) go around the table and learn plenty of poker lingo as you play.

Governor of Poker has a nice feel for a computer poker game, a bit more like playing against people than other casual AI poker games I've played. The graphics and animation are very appealing, and the added goal of buying up property is a strong incentive for playing well. Too bad there isn't a multiplayer version!

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Kaleidoscope Reef

Online Games Kaleidoscope ReefKaleidoscope Reef, from the team that brought us Anika's Odyssey, is a new arcade online game with an environmentally friendly message embedded beneath its gorgeous exterior.

A tropical reef thriving with aquatic life is in danger of being destroyed by pollution. Rebuild the underwater sanctuary one screen at a time by grabbing floating polyps, placing them on rocks, and feeding them until they bloom into lush coral.

After a ship destroys a section of reef, a group of friendly fish decide to help it recover. The narrative in Kaleidoscope Reef is simple but charming and is told via wordless cutscenes between each stage. As the coral begins to fill the stones, fish will start swimming by, later joined by other grinning creatures of the sea. Once you've grown enough coral to fill the meter to the left, our fish friends return and set up the next scene.

But all life is not friendly under the sea. The plankton you grab and feed to the polyps is food for other critters too, and some want to take more than their fair share. Grumpy fish will appear from time to time, ready to chow down. A simple click sends them away. Later levels present you with bubbling toxic waste and other baddies that must similarly be disposed of.

It's a simple game idea, and Kaleidoscope Reef doesn't stray too far from the formula outlined above. Because of this, however, the game dips into the realm of tedium in later levels, and despite the amazing artwork and charming message, you won't be as motivated to play as you were when you first started. Regardless, it's an experience well worth, ahem, diving into.

Thanks to Jay is Games for the review.

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Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough

Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 is the sequel of Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.3 point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough, solution, guide, cheatsTwelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.4 Walkthrough:
2. Click sofa. Collect black Card on right.
3. Click left cushion. Collect ball.
4. Turn Right
5. Click top ornament, click top of ornament. Collect Ball
6. Click middle ornament, click right pole. Collect Ball
7. Click bottom ornament. Collect Tail
8. Click top of left upright. Collect Green Key
9. Return to sofa. Under sofa collect key using tail.
10. Return to shelves, open box. Collect Globe.
11. Turn to door view. Click Statue. Collect Ball on right scale.
12. Click right box. Open. Collect Globe
13. Turn to Wall and Circles view. ‘Check Item’ the globes, match to boxes.
14. Door view, click top box, on wall on left (lightswitch)
15. Wall with Globes view. Collect Globe in Middle. Click Red Button.
16. Click light switch.
17. Add third Globe to remaining box.
18. Click Light switch. Turn to third globe. Click picture, Collect Key.
19. Sofa – far right corner, Collect ball
20. Click Light switch
21. Open Final box with red key. Collect Ball and Card (in lid on left)
22. Turn to wall with the two globes. Insert balls to picture (will only go one way)
23. Go to Door Type in ‘nebula’ press input. Door opens

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T2B Escape 3 Walkthrough

T2B Escape 3 is the third chapter of T2B point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!
T2B Escape 3 Walkthrough, solution, guideT2B Escape 3 Walkthrough:
take red coin from left side of fireplace
take sheep board and stick from right side of fireplace
go right and click left arm of knight
take elephant board from bottom right of screen
go right and click the right flower stand
take zebra board from behind flower stand
click above door and use stick to take hammer and monkey board from lamp
go right. click under drawer and take tree slices and lion board
use hammer on left side of fireplace. take brick and yellow key
use key on top drawer. take cat board from drawer and read book.
take red key from last page of book and notice the animals and shapes in the book
use red key on second drawer. take matches and put animal boards in box:
monkey-music note
take oil and pull off lid
put wood in fireplace and pour oil on wood
open matchbox and use match on wood
take sword. use sword on picture above fireplace and take dragon picture and blue coin
use matches on dragon picture
click on the left side of the knight and put brick on handle
take shield from knight and put sword in his hands
click his head and take key
take sword again
use key on bottom drawer and take blue coin and pill
open bottle and take out pill. put pill in vase below clock and take green key from flower
use key on clock. take red pill and swing pendulum left and right
left: 8:15
right: 9:00
go to the door and put the red coins in the left flowerstand in the 8:15 positions
put blue coins in right flowerstand in the 9:00 positions
open door and fight dragon
use shield on his fangs
use knife on his eyes and wings (turn on sound)
take paling from under dragon

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Escape from the TV Room Walkthrough

Escape from the TV Room is a point and click created by Tesshi-e, who is also the creator of Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from Mr. Y's Room.

Escape from the TV Room Walkthrough, solution, hints, cheats, helpEscape from the TV Room Walkthrough:
First TV code:
Months for each birthstone.
april = diamond = 4th month
july = ruby = 7th month
sept = sapphire = 9th month
may = emerald = 5th month

Code to insert in the TV: 4795

Math problem solution:
It's about hours and minutes:
15:00 + 45 minutes= 15:45
11:58 + 86 minutes= 13:24
18:18 + 120 minutes= 20:18
23:59 + 4= 0.03
10:10 + 74 minutes = 11.24

Insert code 1124 on the TV.

Planets Problem solution:
There are 8 planets:
mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune, so:

venus= 2
jupiter= 5
neptune= 8
earth= 3

Insert code 2583 on the TV

ALL PLUS clue:
You add all 3 codes and you can open doors under TV: 8502

For the color code:
Use the clues you have when you push the right button on each screen.
yellow= 4 If you add military time and the equation is 23:59 + X = 003, you would need to add 4 minutes to get military time 003; therefore, the yellow number is 4 (4 minutes).
green= 3
red= 7

Color code= 1437

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The Other Side of the Door walkthrough

The Other Side of the Door is a japanese Escape the Room game with very nice graphics.

As usual in this kind of point and click online games you're locked in a room and you need to find your way out by finding useful items and solving puzzles.

The Other Side of the Door walkthrough

1 - Go the the left side of the door and get the piece of paper with red markings in the frame.
2 - Find the lighter in the plant, it is in the left side of the frame.
3 - Get the scissors in the pencil holder.
4 - Open the first drawer and get the magnet.
5 - Go to the left and get the plate on the window. There's a white box on the floor, use the scissors to open it.
6 - After you open the box get the piece of paper (it is pretty hard to find but you can press the tab key, we won't tell anyone).
7 - Get the string on the floor.
8 - Combine the magnet and the string to get the key behind the drawer.
9 - After you combine the magnet and the string go again to the drawer.
10 - Click the vase, it will go down to the floor.
11 - Click the brown linings of the drawer (click it to view the back of the drawer).
12 - Use the magnet with string to get the key.
13 - Use the key in the third drawer to open it.
14 - Take the candle.
15 - Combine the plate and the candle.
16 - Light the combined pieces with the lighter.
17 - Click the lighted candle and combine it with the paper with red markings.
18 - You'll see a code written in the paper.
19 - Enter the code to the door (note: enter only the even numbers on the paper). The code is: "2108"
You are out.

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Kongbai2000 Escape Game walkthrough

Kongbai2000 Escape Game is a new chinese point and click room escape game.

As usual in escape games you are trapped in a room and you have to find your way out by solving puzzles and finding items.

There's not much to say about Kongbai2000. It's simple but not that easy to solve.

1 - Open the brown cupboard.
2 - Take the spray bottle and the key.
3 - Click the books.
5 - Click the fifth book.
6 - Click the desk drawers.
7 - The two top drawers contains papers (white on the left and black on the right).
8 - Click the garbage and then click on crumple paper.
9 - Click on cabinet near the bed.
10 - Click on the key and the yellow box.
11 - Go back to the desk drawers and click the black key in your items box now click the bottom right hand drawer key hole and inside there is a black power cord, click it.
12 - Click the blue key in your item box and click the left bottom drawer key hole. Inside there is a purple box, click it.
13 - Go to the TV screen, click the power cord and click the screen, then click the round botton on the right of the TV screen (the TV should turn on).
14 - Click on the black paper in your item box then click the chinese characters on the bottom of your items box, the black paper should appear on the TV screen.
15 - Now click the spray bottle in your items box then click the black paper (the numbers 820804 should appear).
16 - Go back to the brown cabinet on the wall, click it and click the middle section (a gun should appear, click it).
17 - Click on the crumple paper in your items box and click the chinese characters on the bottom of your items box. The crumple paper should appear on the screen, click it. It should open up with a rock on it.
18 - Click the purple box then click the chinese characters but the numbers 820804 in, then click the top of the purple box (it should open and a yellow key should be inside) click it.
19 - Click the yellow key and click the green door keyhole. You'll see a crowbar, click it.
20 - Now go to the bed, click the yellow box and click the chinese character, click the crowbar and then click the yellow box (the box is full of green keys) click them.
21 - Click the brown door keyhole. You are out.

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Z-Rox won't throw you into a mosh pit, but it will test your visualization skills over the course of 100 devilishly simple levels for an online game.

Each one will show you something 2-dimensional—a letter, a number, a shape, a symbol—and your job is simply to name it. But you only get to see a 1-dimensional slice of the picture at a time, as though it were being scanned from top to bottom by a horizontal laser. You must form a complete mental image, based on your view through that 2-pixel-tall moving window. Some answers are a single keyboard character, while others require you to type out a full word.

The first 50 levels basically keep the training wheels on. You might hit a few bumps, but you can probably get past them using the time honored techniques of Walking Away From the Game for a While, and/or Shaking Your Hands Like There's Bugs On Them. It's the second 50 levels (the "extreme" levels, sigh) that will really test your sanity. You may need a pencil and paper, and possibly some Excedrin (or X-Hedr-N, as they say on the extreme streets of Extreme Town). Nevertheless, I encourage you to clear as many levels as you can before asking for help, because the sense of accomplishment for solving this one on your own is tremendous.

Z-Rox walkthroughAnalysis: Yes, yes, the title is nonsense: a clever but totally mangled play on words. "Z-Rox" is what happens when a punk music fanatic invents a startlingly pure and original puzzle game concept, but just can't help topping it off with a creamy dollop of vanilla Xtreme-ness. But as the ducks say when they're feeling indifferent: "Queh." The title can't diminish the greatness of this game. Z-Rox grabs hold of the forgotten corners of your temporal cortex and wrings them out like used nappies. It's about as punk as a frontal lobotomy, but to be fair, frontal lobotomies are not entirely un-punk.

Z-Rox gives you good value, with several unlockable modes of play and an impeccable user interface. The unskippable and lengthy tutorial at the beginning is a little annoying, but you only have to watch it once in your life. Although it's a relatively short loop, the music by Josh Hunsaker does a good job assisting both your focus and your calm.

The big discovery for me is how beautiful letters can be when described in motion this way. Their slopes, their curves—it's like watching a kind of digital calligraphy. You can almost feel the letters being physically sculpted in your mind. It's an unusual sensation. Like I always say, really unique and well-executed games can give you something no other medium can.

Okay, okay, maybe Z-Rox is kind of extreme after all. If you need me, I'll be on my deck. And by "deck", I mean "skateboard". And by "skateboard", I mean "couch".

Thanks to: Jay is Games

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Light Bot walkthrough

Light Bot walkthroughLight Bot is a programming-style puzzle game involving logic for more complex levels that include functions to re-use.

Give commands to your robot to light up the factory. Very soon you will realize though that using the main method on it’s own is not enough and you will have to start creating re-usable functions to achieve the ultimate goal.

Command List:
M=Move: First Command on the List. Moves forward your bot 1 square.
TC=TurnC: Turn Clockwise. Second cmd. Turns Clockwise on same square.
TCC=TurnCC: Turn Counterclokwise. Third Command.
J=Jump: Makes your bot jump on one square up/down and forward.
L=Light: Lights up your Bot. You have to light up all blue squares.
F1: Alternative Function1. Order commands on the Funct.1 Slot.
F2: Alternative Function2. Order commands on the Funct.2 Slot.

Light Bot Level 1 walkthrough
Main Method:
M, M, L.

Light Bot Level 2 walkthrough
Main Method:
TC, M, TCC, M,
M, M, M, TCC,
M, L.

Light Bot Level 3 walkthrough
Main Method:
M, J, J, M,
TCC, L, M, L,
M, L.

Light Bot Level 4 walkthrough
Main Method:
M, J, J, M,
TC, M, M, M,
M, M, L.

Light Bot Level 5 walkthrough
Main Method:
J, F1, F1, J,
J, J, L.

M, M, M, TCC.

Light Bot Level 6 walkthrough
Main Method:
F1, TC, F1, J,
TC, F2, TC, TC,

M, J, J, L.

M, M, M, M,
M, M, L.

Light Bot Level 7 walkthrough
Main Method:
F1, TC, M, TC,

L, M, L, M,
L, M, L, F2.

M, L, M, L,
M, L, M, L.

Light Bot Level 8 walkthrough
Main Method:
J, F1, F1, F1,

M, L, M, M,
L, TC, M.

M, L, TC, M,
M, L.

Light Bot Level 9 walkthrough
Main Method:
J, TCC, J, F1,
F1, F1, F1.

J, L, M, L,
J, L, TC.

Light Bot Level 10 walkthrough
Main Method:
F1, F2, Ligth, TCC,
J, TCC, F1, TC,
J, J, M, L.

M, M, M, J,
TCC, J, J.

TC, J, M, M.

Light Bot Level 11 walkthrough
Main Method:
F1, F1, F2, F1,
F1, F2, F1, F1,

L, M, L, M,
L, M, L, M.

TCC, J, TCC, F1,
F1, TC, J, TC.

Light Bot Level 12 walkthrough
Main Method:
M, J, L, F1,
F1, F1, F1, F2,
F1, F1, F1, L.

J, L, J, L,
J, L, TC.


Stone Masters Closure Escape Chuck Norris Bomboozle Batman Escape

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Truck Escape Walkthrough

Truck Escape is a point and click escape the room game.

"Some bad guys have kidnapped you and are going to bury you in the desert. You have to escape the truck before they get you out to the sand and kill you"
Good luck!

Truck Escape Walkthrough:
1. Click on the nail on the floor SEVERAL TIMES to unlock handcuff
2. Click on the little brown dot next to the left box to receive a hammer
3. Click on the right box to get a radio and a gun (you may ignore this item as you will not be using this in the game)
4. Then use hammer on those 4 nails to unlock the panel on the foor
5. Go down the panel. Use hammer on the lock on that long box undernath the truck to receive a bag and a bar
6. Open green bag and get a map, note the deadend sign
7. Turn on the radio and place it on the stairs
8. Use bar on window by moving it around the driver to get his netvigator and move red dot to that deadend place.
9. Now put the netvigator back to its original place
10. Switch the radio off and go back to the trunk by clicking on the X mark
11. Click on the small box to receive sumo suit.
12. Click on the window inside the trunk and watch the ending.
13. And you are now free

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Thanks to: Escape Games 24
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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Review Episode 2-2

Cameron and Sarah take the initiative to investigate a nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, John loses interest in academics, but becomes more popular at school with a new friend’s help.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Review
John Connor cannot be trusted anymore. That is what Cameron tells him at the beginning of tonight’s episode. He risked too much by trying to save her life, if you can call her alive. She is a terminator robot sent back to protect. Last week, her programming malfunctioned, and she also killed John. All is well this week, but things have changed. John has changed this season, and it is easy to tell. He is becoming a harder character.

This week, we see the four move into a new home. They receive a surprise not long after they moved in, another resistance fighter travels through time to warn them about something that happens in two days at the power plant. His dying breath has one name attached to it, Greenway. This sends Derek, Sarah and Cameron to the power plant for research. John returns to school where he meets Riley, a new friend from one of his classes. We also see Dixon having to come clean to his wife about Sarah and the terminators. He is forced to leave.

Sarah soon learns that the reactor at the power plant is going on within the next two days. Sarah continues to talk up Greenway to find out as much as she can about the man. Cameron and Derek also do their own research. They all learn that Greenway is not well liked. He might stop the reactor going online. Meanwhile, John takes Riley back to his new home. When Sarah and the others return, they give a stormy reception to the girl, but John stands up to his mother and Riley stays. She even ends up staying the night.

Sarah returns to her new job at the power plant, and in her time there she ends up crapped up. This is the term they use for radiation poisoning. However, it turns out she wasn’t. The person in charge of the plant says it was a hiccup. While Sarah continues on at the plant, Derek goes to Greenway’s home. He finds Greenway there dead. The Greenway at the plant when the reactor goes online has to be a terminator.

Terminator Greenway sabotages something at the plant, which sets a series of events with the reactor in motion. It heads toward a meltdown. Cameron goes to fight Greenway, while Derek and Sarah try to figure out how to stop the reactor from overheating. Cameron and Sarah kill the terminator, and the meltdown is averted. In the process, Sarah runs through a radioactive room unprotected. This brings up questions about her pending death of cancer. The events at the plant lead to that plant and several others going automated.

Another good episode for this series. This one was a bit slower paced than the one from last week, but we have a new character in Riley who was introduced, and we had some great action in the scenes in the power plant. I am curious to see where this new attitude of John is taking us. We should see more of this in the week’s to come.

Source: Celebrity Today

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