Another Halloween Escape


Another Halloween Escape is a new point and click escape the room Flash game developed by Claudia Duran and sponsored by CafeCafe Games.

Is Halloween night and a spirit has trapped you in your own house. Point and click around the room in order to find objects and clues to free the spirit and escape the room.

Another Halloween Escape walkthrough

Another Halloween Escape walkthrough

- Click the left door of the closet and take the knife.
- Click under the left drawer to see it from below and take the blue key.
- Use the blue key to open the left drawer and take the matchbox.
- Click left of the smaller closet. Take the yellow candle.
- Go right 2 times.
- Click the broom and take the silver key.
- Click right of the cabinet, take the broom.
- Click on top of the closet and take the blue candle.
- Click the bottom of the screen to see the binary clock and decipher the time.
From top to bottom:
Each ball of the first line means 6 hours.
Each ball of the second line means 2 hours.
Each ball of the third line means 30 minutes.
Each ball of the forth line means 6 minutes.
Each ball of the fifth line means 1 minute.
Considering the red balls we know the time is 14:55
- Go back and insert code 1455 in the closet. Take the candy and the green candle.
- Go right 2 times.
- Use the broom to recover the match from the spider web
- Use the silver key in right door of the closet and take the pink candle.
- Zoom the matchbox and light the match.
- Light the four candles.
- Go right and use the knife to carve the pumpkins.
The order of the candles is:
Yellow = Hint when you zoom the candle
Pink = Hint when you zoom the candle
Blue = Hint in the window
Green = No hint for the last one
- Give your candy to the ghost
- Take the paper
- Zoom the paper for instructions. The correct answer is: Spider, Dracula, Death.
- Go to the coffin and insert the combination.
- Click the coffin to open it, click again to see it from the top. Take the golden key.
- Go right, use the golden key in the door and click to go out.

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  1. just to let you know, zoom does not work and the candles cannot be lit

  2. Works fine for me, thanks for this walkthrough

  3. yeah i cant light the candles?

  4. zoom in on the candles then use the match right below the wick

  5. I can't grab the broom

  6. Biggest complaint is the awkwardly specific areas you have to click. Might ruin some of the mystery, but having clickable areas light up when you hover over them would make it a lot clearer when to click and when not to.

  7. I have everything but this stupid broom that I cant pick up!???

  8. can't pick up the broom either :-(

  9. ow, clicked right to the cabinet about a thousand times....finally got a zoom-screen behind closet...there was a different broom..that's the one you CAN pick up.....

  10. how do u light the match?

  11. This will be a hang over Halloween presentation and the yuletide season are coming up.

  12. how can I get the match stick


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