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Insantatarium walkthrough:

Find a small grey triangular thing in front of Santa. Get it. Click betweeen Santa's knees, on his chest and mouth, so he can cut his ropes and set himself free.

At the right of the screen, behind Santa there's a cigarette go get it. Get the lighter, which is on some kind of ventilation on the left wall. Between the opposite wall and the floor, ther is a similar ventilation hole click on it, and Santa will blow the cigarette's smoke in it, and see the infrared lights.

Click in the hole when the infrareds allow Santa to put his hand, and go quickly and try opening the door. The room will flood. Click on a pipe in the left wall, so Santa can go there and breathe.

There are two key panels, one near the pipe the other right in front of the first on the oppossite wall. Under Santa's chair, there is a light, the colorof that light will tell you which color is the correct for the LEFT panel, so press first on the left, then on the right, you'll have to try collors until it is the right one. Be careful, don't let Santa drown!! When you're done, the water will be pumped out of the room. When the water is completely gone, you'll find a key in front of Santa. Pick it up, and open the door.Click on the second metal bar, then on Santa's right pocket (at your left), click on the fuse box at your right, turn off the lights, and click on the third metal bar on the door... and you're out!!

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