Juego de escape No 1 - Lab Complex Walkthrough


Juego de escape n°1 - Lab Complex is a new escape the room game from JuegosDeEscape.net and CafeCafeGames.com.

In this escape, you are trapped in a Lab Complex and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

walkthrough, hints, help, cheats, codesJuego de escape n°1 - Lab Complex Walkthrough

Chemistry lab - Work HeLiO out

Botanic - Think of botanic's father.

above of one of the doors
inside one of the cabinets in botanic lab
the order of numbers is written on the test tubes of the chemistry lab.

Astronomy lab
meteor code: look at the name of the moons
cabinet code: Copernico +solar system
its 7 words, separated by space, and they begin in capitals.

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