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Elevator Escape is a new escape the room game from 123Bee.
In this escape game, you are locked in a elevator and you need to find object and clues in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Elevator Escape solution hints guide cheats codeElevator Escape Walkthrough:
1.Get the phone from the right side of the elevator door.

2.Get the tape behind the box on the floor.

3.Click on the ceiling and take of the cover of the fan.

4.Get the knife from the middle of the fan.
Ther's another cover at the right side of the ceiling.

5.Take off the screws of the cover with the knife one by one. Go up.

6. Cut the red wire of the fan cover, with the knife.
Take the battery from the left corner. Go down.

7.Click on the phone and turn its back.

8.Insert the battery in the phone and use tape to close the cover of the phone.

9. Go left once and click on the cover on the floor.

10.Cut the green wire with the key.

11.You can see the numbers 911 on the lamp on the ceiling now.

12.Come closer to the panel near the door and use telephone.

13.Call 911 and see the numbers 5656

14.Enter 5656 on the panel and use phone again.

15.Call 911 once and see the symbols “stop <>”

16.Enter these symbols on the panel.

17.Call 911 once and see the warning “electrical problem”

18.Go back to the wires on the floor.

19.Take a closer look to the wires and tie the red wire to the pink wire.

20.Go back to the panel and call 911 for the last time and see the symbols “stop <>” again.

21.Click on the symbols at the panel for the last time and escape.

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  1. How do you get the cover from the fan please?

  2. hi ow do u get the cover of the fan off?

  3. The fan has to be off. There's a switch on the elevator control panel, where you got the phone. It should be up, I think. Then you can just click on the cover and it comes off. The knife is in the center of the fan.


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