Locked Inside Episode 2 walkthrough


Another game walkthrough for our collection. Locked Inside Episode 2 is the second and final installment in the Locked Inside series developed by Marc Baldwin.

“Can you finally find a way to escape, or will you be locked inside forever?”

Locked Inside walkthrough

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Locked Inside Episode 2 walkthrough

1 - Click the silver box with black bars sort of like a vent and pick up the tape holding the crack together.

2 - Click the upper further-most corner of the bed, then the floor beside it and then pick up the key underneath the bed.
Also, if you click downwards when you have a full view of the bed you can take the knife that is underneath the closest side of the bed.

3 - Use the key on the wardrobe and take the screwdriver from the locked compartment. Open the unlocked compartment and take the bar at the top.

4 - Beside the door is a hook; take out the screws with the screwdriver and take the hook.

5 - Using the newfound tool, click the chord hanging from the trap door and it will open. Click on the ladder to pull it down, and click a few more times to head up into the loft.

6 - Take the rope which is to your left, and then go back to the safe. The sequence is:
The innermost semi circle needs to be on the upper half; the flat side facing down and the surved edge upwards.
The black quarter need to go in the spot where the other sequences have missed; the lower right quarter of the second circle.
The third three quarter circle needs to face the same way as the second picture in the sequence on the wall.
The outtermost semi circle needs to be on a slant, with the flat edge facing the upper left corner and the curved edge facing the bottom right corner.

Once the safe is opened, take the gold bar and head back down the ladder.

7 - At the window, click the carpet below and use the knife on the ripped part of the carpet. Then use the rope on the beams beneath the carpet.

8 - Go back to the window and break it with the gold bar. Clear the sharp edges on the bottom edge of the window using the gold bar again. Then click the rope, which will go out through the window, and you can now escape.

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