Locker Room Escape Walkthrough


Locker Room Escape is a new escape the room game from GamesHandbook.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to find the correct key in order to escape.
Good Luck!

walkthrough Locker Room Escape solutionLocker Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. Click under leftmost locker, get key.
2. Click to the left of screen, get screw from window (bottom right corner)
Use key to open the first locker.
3. Click under third locker, get little brownish/reddish item (near the 3rd leg of the lockers)
Combine with screw.
4. Open the second locker, code: 3510 from medal in first locker.
5. Click the book.
7. Use the screw/brownish item to open the third locker.
8. Get bucket and rope.
Attach the rope to the bucket.
9. Go to the shower, put the bucket under right shower, fill the bucket.
Use it to open the forth locker.
Get plug and knife.
10. Use plug in Tv.
11. Use knife under second locker twice.
12. Get Key and use it to open the rightmost locker.
13. Get all keys.
14. Use the forth key to open de door and escape!!!

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