Pillage the Village, Artillery Live and Neon Layers


Pillage the Village online gameGame: Pillage the Village
Category: Action games

Game description: Pillage the Village is not for the faint of heart. The villagers are full of money and if you shake them hard enough that money will be yours. Toss, smash, bash and plunder in this unique ‘hand of god’ game. Use the money you pillage to buy spells. Choose to be a pacifist, antagonist or neutral god. Great graphics and a very compelling physics engine in this online game.

Neon Layers online gameGame: Neon Layers
Category: Puzzle games

Game description: Neon Layers is a simple but challenging puzzle game in which you must guide a silver ball from top to bottom and out through the exit. You control the neon lights and by turning them to red or green you are able to drop the ball through the layers. This Flash game requires concentration and a little bit of trial and error to get it right.

Artillery Live multiplayer gameGame: Artillery Live
Category: Multiplayer games

Game description: This is a hugely popular multiplayer tank artillery game, reimagined from its classic predecessors that still stands out on its own. You can choose between single and multiplayer modes and battle it out against two opponents. Each round you adjust the trajectory and velocity of your attack, take into account the wind direction and open fire. Each tank has 3 layers of defense. Great game!

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