Hex Empire


Hex EmpireHex Empire is a strategy game similar to Risk and Dice Wars. Use your armies to capture all the enemy capitals and defend your own.

A turn based strategy online game with simple rules but absorbing gameplay requiring complex strategic thinking.

Your objective is to capture the capital cities of your enemies. The map is littered with smaller cities and coastal ports, and it is a good idea to control as many of these as possible. At the end of each turn, each city in your territory will generate a unit 10 soldiers strong, while ports and the rest of your occupied land add soldiers to your cities randomly.

There is only one unit type, though for easy reference, it changes appearance depending on its strength. Your main restriction is that you can only move five units per turn, though you will quickly find yourself with more than five groups of soldiers. It's up to you whether you spend your five turns consolidating weaker units into more intimidating ones, or pushing the battlefront forward. Though it may seem restrictive, these are the choices that make Hex Empire interesting.

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