Hopping at the Avocado Condos walkthrough


Hopping at the Avocado Condos is a quick mix of a stickman death shell with a puzzle. How many ways can you kill the various characters before you get the main character through the level?

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Hopping at the Avocado Condos Walkthrough

- Click the red guy so he goes upstairs.
- Click the green cabinet (the guy in the desk gets up).
- Click the key that’s at the top of the desk on the wall.
- Click the red guy again so he swings to the next level.
- Click the refrigerator (guy walks out of his room).
- Click lights that are on top of the rooms with numbers.
- Click the saxophone guy next to the refrigerator (he gets hit in the head).
- Click the guy that’s now holding the saxophone.
- Click the green car on the right.
- Click the guy who comes out of the car (he falls).
- Click the room #174.
- Click the guy by the power generator.
- Click the guy who’s about to jump off the roof.
- Click the guy that’s knocked out on the table.
- Click the red guy to help.
- Click the red guy again to complete the game.

Source: lillysapphire @ Escape Games 24

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  1. Thank you for helping me to play Hopping at the Avocado Condos which is a death shell and puzzle mixture game. This post has helped me to find ways to kill the various characters. Among the download free games, I like it more.

  2. This was a FUNNY game! I couldn't click on the red guy at the end though cause it wouldn't let me but atleast I finished!


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