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CafeCafe Games is a gaming portal with tons of online addicting games for you to enjoy. The site has a special focus in the point and click style known as Escape the Room games.

The Great Attic Escape gameGame: The Great Attic Escape
Game description: New point and click type escape the room game from Pastel Games which is also creator of The Great Kitchen Escape, The Great Living Room Escape and many more online games. In this escape game, you are locked in the attic. Look around, search for items and escape from the attic!

Paradoxon gameGame: Paradoxon

Game description: Solve the riddles to get the password for the computer, after that you can test your game and upload it. In this game you need to use your brain to solve 12 riddles. We even made a walkthrough, but only use it if you are really stuck. Remember, all the riddles have a solution, so don’t give up too early.

Chemistry Lab Escape 2 gameGame: Chemistry Lab Escape 2

Game description: You are trapped in a chemistry lab, where the hazardous chemical bottle breaks, and starts to reduce the oxygen level in air. You will have to escape from the lab before thirty minutes elapses, as otherwise the hazardous chemical will completely destroy you, or else, find out another way to escape from the lab! Sequel to Chemistry Lab Escape.

Thanks to Claudia and Juegos de Escape.

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