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Glow Shooter Glow Shooter is a Flash game developed by Belugerin Games and sponsored by BubbleBox. Save the Earth from the Judos invasion with the Vortex X89 defense ship. Battle against endless swarms of alien vessels.

In the year 2102, Earth was invaded by an alien race from the planet Judos. Humans fought back using all of their technology, but they were no match for the galactic vessels and highly advanced weapons of these invaders. Within months, endless waves of alien vessels arrived on Earth as they began to start a colony on the planet, a colony known by most humans survivors at the time as The Judos.

The Judos fleet, roughly estimated to possess the strength of 10 millions battle vessels, was beyond the grasp of human's current technology. Within 1 hour since their arrival, almost every historical building on Earth were wiped out from the surface of the planet, structures and houses were converted into fine pieces of dusts, countless lives were annihilated. If this continues, under less than a day... No, less than half a day, there will be no more Earth to be conquered, humanity shall perish. Earth was lost.

play Glow Shooter Fortunately, during these last moments, a long developed secret project known as The Vortex X89 was entering its completion. The project, lead by Matt the scientist, was one and only of its kind. Conducted inside a secret base far away from humanity grounds, The Vortex project focused on the creation of a hyper vessel with extraordinary power that is theoretically able to travel into the far corners of the galaxy. Equipped with the ability to further enhance its speed, defense, protection and weaponry during critical conditions, Vortex X89 may be the only thing that can stop the Judos.

Glow Shooter game As the Destruction of Earth began to spread further, it was only a matter of time before the secret base was found. Despite the fact that the project wasn't fully completed, Matt, his wife Kelly, and his wingman Tom boarded the Vortex X89 and left Earth in an attempt of survival. Their departure did not go unnoticed as Frexos the Judos war leader realized their presence and sent vessels to pursue them.

Glow Shooter online game Beyond their expectation, a gigantic spaceship almost as large as the planet itself was closing in towards Earth's atmosphere at the time. Endless fleets of alien battle vessels were spawned from within the spaceship, all heading toward Earth for the invasion's final wave. Realizing Earth's destruction upon their eyes, Matt and friends bravely entered the giant spaceship with one objective, to stop the invasion and save the world. With Frexos fleet closely behind and endless swarms of enemy vessels around them, Vortex X89 is dangerously trapped in a zone unknown.

Glow Shooter arcade In an attempt to destroy Vortex X89, Judos mothership activated its orb security System, deploying luminous groups of green colored orbs that can assimilate and strengthen the defense, size as well as the power of any Judos battle vessel it came contact with. Unexpectedly, Vortex X89 also possesses an orb absorption technology of its own that can convert these green orbs into extra ammunition. Forced by the situation, Judos deploys their red colored orbs, capable of weakening Vortex X89 power without affecting any of their alien vessels.

Will Matt and friends be able to escape the swarms of Judos battle vessels? Will Vortex X89 be able to destroy Judos spaceship and put an end to the invasion? Its time for you to take control of the Vortex X89, survive the battle and save both Earth and humanity from extinction, good luck player.

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