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Insight Out Walkthrough solution hints cheatsInsight Out is a new point and click adventure game created by Newtom.

With various riddles and conundrums. "Dead in the end of the first part, the gamer has to resurrect by setting up the senses - step by step, by means of guessing the riddles, elaborated specially for different senses (hearing, sight, taste, spatialization, time) - and get out of the cottage he got trapped in. Useful hints can be found in the letters and notes, hidden in the cottage.
Good Luck!
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Insight Out Walkthrough

1. Setting up the hearing. Gamer has to put the swithces in such positions so that the noises disappear. From the upper right one (clockwise, degrees): 135,180,225,180,45,180
2. Setting up the sense of touch. Gamer has to enter 5 parameters - the hints can be found in a rupture on the screen with palindrome (time - 8040, pressure - 101325, length - 69, temperature - 98, weight - 142).
3. Setting up the logical thinking. Palindrome to enter: “Revered now I live on. O did I do no evil, I wonder ever?”
4. Setting up the taste. Gamer should arrange the ingredients in order given in the recipe that can be found in a rupture on the screen: C2H5OH, C6H8O2, C2H5N1O2, CH3COOH, NACO3, C6H5COONA, C20…, NACL
5. Setting up the sense of time. Gamer should unite the time indicated on the digital clocks and set it on the analog clock (18h. 35min.)
6. Setting up the sight. Gamer should arrange the squares in such a way that the colors indicated on the sides of the big square match the colors of the small squares while the contacting sides of these small squares are of the same color. (0 - black, 5 - blue, 3 - yellow, 7 - violet).
The gamer now is in the vault. Take a mathematician's note from the capsule and go to the right. Up on the wall there is a sequence 0,4,13,29. Click on the left of the treillage (a window will appear) and enter the number from the mathematician's riddle (9152). Take a light and a box with instruments. Go back to the vault, keep straight on to the labyrinth. Gamer should take the corridors in a sequence that is a continuation of the one written on the wall (29, 54, 90, 139, 203, 284, 384, 505, 649, 818).
Gamer is in the backyard of the cottage now. Click on the electricity box and set the resistance parameters in such a way that the voltmeter shows 9V (upper resistance - 3, two lower ones - 1 and 3, right one - 7).
Click on the tanker and turn all the valves except the left ones of the first, second and forth rows.
The end.

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