Codename Concrete Walkthrough


Codename Concrete is a new point and click type puzzle game by klausklapper. Look at objects by hovering over them, interact by clicking.
Good luck!

Codename Concrete Walkthrough:

1-Click on the stone on the bottom of the wall in front of you to release it
2-Click on the released stone (it's a little bit hidden in the middle of the room) to pick it up
3-Focus on the window on the roof. Click on the second bar from the right to throw the stone at it.
4-Click on the released bar to pick it up
5-Click on the metal sheet that's covering the keyhole to release it with the bar
6-Click on the released metal sheet to pick it up
7-Click on the edge of the door, to the right of the lock, to pick the lock with the metal sheet

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