Sift Heads 5


Sift Heads 5Sift Heads 5 is another chapter in the Sift Heads series sponsored by and produced by Chriss Martin.

Vinnie is back in town sifting heads. While on vacation the Grey Mafia has been regrouping, which should not bother Vinnie that much. Taking out members of this clan was never that difficult for him... but now a deadly assassin is about to cross his path with a mission to kill him, fuelled by revenge!

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  1. Hi,

    Dropping by to check out what is new over at your site :) Hope things are well and that you are stress free :) Stay healthy and safe always :) xoxo

  2. This game sucks HARD!!! Shift Heads 3,4 was better than this. There is a quest to kill the guy from the slum building, and when you kill him, you get your money, and then he is alive again, so you can kill him many time, and still get you cash reward for every kill. And there only way to stop killing him and go to your car is to kill somebody else, and after you fail this mission you can go. It is HORRIBLE!!! And when you got to kill the snipers on the factory. There is only 5 snipers, and one walking man. After you kill them all, you still there, and you can't go back!!!! SO there is only way to get out of there is to kill walking man or go to main menu!!! Super Mario brothers got less bags than this piece of sh...t. I better play pac-man then this. When I start all over again to make sure that this bags is not on my computer, when i start speaking with man in first floor of hotel. And ad is appears. I close the ad and I wan not on the hotel, but in the last mission!!! HOW??? What the hell is going on here??? Des they even test it?

  3. there is 6 snipers
    shoot the bottom-right window of the building farthest to the right but it still isn't saying game completed so i think there must be a 7th sniper

  4. yo dudes. i think u all (incluiding those who are reading this) dont know where to find the last dam asshole sniper. the dam coward is hiding in a window down to the bottom right building. you have to look carefully for the coward's blur outline in the window.
    BUT maybe it varies to individuals

  5. i have killed 6 total including the punk in bottom right window. it doesnt make a diff ur still stuck as if there is another freakin sniper....


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