Hotel Escape 3 Walkthrough


Hotel Escape 3 is The 3rd and final instalment of the Hotel Escape Trilogy!

Find items and clues in order to escape from this hotel.
Good Luck!

Hotel Escape 3 WalkthroughHotel Escape 3 Walkthrough:

1. Click on play

2. Click on Yes

3. Click on the lift door

4. Click on the open space to Go through

5. Click anywhere on the screen to continue

6. Click on the right bar three times

7. Click on the table

8. Click on the note, and Take note of the numbers and their positions

9. Click on the bottom bar

10. Click on the right bar 5 times

11. Click on the reception table

12. Click on the right bar

13. Pick up the second note and Take note of the numbers and their positions

14. Click left once

15. Click on the bottom bar

16. Click back again

17. Click right twice

18. Click on the first pool table

19. The numbers on the notes correspond to the order of the numbers that are under the pool balls. On the first pool table you will get the first, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth number in the code. Take down the new code.

20. Click back and right to Go to the second pool table

21. Click on the balls to reveal the second and sixth number in your code, complete your code

22. Click back, then left three times to Go to the reception

23. Click on the reception table

24. Click on the left

25. Click on the chair

26. Click on the clocks

27. Using the code you have made, align the clocks in such a way that all the numbers are aligned in a horizontal line across the middle of the clocks. You will notice that the pairs in your code correspond to opposite sides of the clocks

28. Get the key card in the safe

29. Click back then right then back again

30. Click back again then left twice

31. Click on the front door then right

32. Click on the door

33. Click on your inventory then Click on the green card you just Got

34. Enter the room

35. Pick up the ladder

36. Click back then left

37. Click back again then right

38. Click on the bottom of the fountain

39. Take the coin, then Go back

40. Click on your inventory and Click on the ladder

41. Click on the top of the fountain

42. Take the blue key card

43. Go back, then Go left twice

44. Click on the door

45. Click on your inventory and select the blue key card

46. Enter the room

47. Click right, then Click on the leftmost stall (it's the closed one)

48. use the coin in your inventory to open the stall

49. Take the card and Take note of the code on the seat

50. Go back, left, then back out the room

51. Click on the front door then right again to Go to the green key card room

52. Click on the computer screen and Click on the power button

53. Enter the username: lexor1 and the password: 887 (the first, second and forth number of the code you Got in the bathroom, the computer gives you the hint if you get it wrong)

54. Go out of the room

55. Go back to the reception using the navigation you no doubt understand now ;)

56. Click on the white key card room

57. switch on the screen in the same way, Enter the username: lexor1 and the password: towel

58. Get out of the room, and Click on the main door. You're out!

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