Pandemic American Swine walkthrough


Swine Flu PandemicPandemic American Swine, developed by Dark Realm Studios and sponsored by Kongregate, is the latest chapter in the Pandemic strategy game series.

Pandemic American Swine (aka Pandemic Swine Flu) is set within the United States of America in the year 2010. The Swine Flu continues thrive and threaten the lives of American citizens. Public panic has begun to rise dramatically as the media continues to publish sensationalist reports. You have been recruited to take control of the situation and exterminate the Swine Flu once and for all.

All of the country's resources have been made available to you. You will be required to carefully manage public panic and finances while you combat the Swine Flu. Only by remaining calm under pressure, making intelligent decisions and being vigilant can you hope to succeed in your mission to save the United States.

Pandemic American Swine walkthrough

- Day 1 Step 1
Despite whatever government transparency or difficulty settings you have selected, you will still need to limit your exposure to the disease. Immediately close all domestic traffic in airports and seaports that reside within infected states.

- Day 1 Step 2
Since you should still be in day one, you will not have many options available to you. You can deploy a road block between California and Oregon and start handing out masks in New Mexico, or you can hand out masks in both New Mexico and Nevada.

- Day 2 Step 1
As soon as you enter day two, you should censor the media if possible if no positive reports have been released. Always keep an eye on your panic and be ready to censor the media before you start to get in trouble.

- Day 2 Step 2
With your remaining money it might be a good idea to deploy or a road block between Texas and Louisiana. Use the remainder of your available funds to hand out masks and enforce curfews in as many states as possible. If you are playing with a government using open transparency, it is never too early to start an info campaign operation.

- Days 3 - 6
Until you have completed research on the Swine Flu vaccine, you will want to keep the disease as confined as possible. Road blocks between New Mexico and Colorado or Florida and Georgia are never a bad idea. Wherever possible, hand out masks and create curfews. If curfews are no longer generating any positive news, stop the operations. Always keep an eye on the possibility of being infected from other countries.

- Day 7 and on
By now you should be close to finishing research on the Swine Flu vaccine. As soon as research is completed you will want to focus on states that have the largest healthy populations in the game. This usually means New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois for starters. States that have open hospitals will be automatically vaccinated. You will want to keep pressure on the disease while are disbursing the vaccine. Rarely should you devote all of your time and money into vaccinations.

If all is going well you should achieve victory by vaccination by day 30 (depending upon difficulty). And remember, this walkthrough is just one strategy you can use to beat the game. Don't be afraid to experiment.

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  2. Ironicly, my stratgey worked really well, do nothing for the first thee or four days and release a panic inducing study, the more scared people are, the more they'll pay. While this doesnt really help in the long run, it does give you about 150-200 thousand (most ive ever made was 347 000 this way) Major reprocussions usually followed with me quarantining the healthy part of the country from the sick, protect states that generate the most revenue. The western sea board is always the first to fall victim, just remember that road blocks rarely stop all infection, and more or less just funnel it unless you have the money to keep entire states sealed off until the majority passes on, if a state is orange forget about it, if a major city within a high money making state is clean and the state isnt, and it can provide enough money to keep it quarantined it is easy to preserve what we hold dear, the fabled cities of LA Seattle and so on, now back to the pandemic


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